06 August 2011

Moving on . Day 5


"We are jealous not because we want you back. Its because we WERE ''that" person . Thats all :|

Today , our topic is moving on :D . So , why cant we move on after years ? emmm *thinking* Maybe the reason is the same as up here .or Maybe because we didnt meet another person who can make us special again . Yes , theres so much 'maybe's. Whatever it is , this ''moving on" thinggy would never be easy . Not easy to people like me . Its not puppy love i can assure you . Infatuation , maybe yes . But i am not that obsessed to be dragged down . No no no . I knowww my limit . and because of this limit too , i think i was too holding myself back . and now , i am thinking that im not working hard yet . Im always wondering, What if 'we' happens ? Maybe i can be happier . but then , who knows ? You dont know that . What if things get worse ? hahaha. Yes , long distance relationship is HARD but not impossible . but it isss hard . i dont think i can deal with HArdness in this time being.Maybe thats why i need something to cheer me up . Yeah , lets just go with the flow , and see what happen . and when it is time , it will happen eventually :) O Allah , strengthen me up please !

Okey , enough , Geli much ? ;) hihi

Day 5- What makes you different from anyone else ?

 okey . emmm, alaaa ,malasnye nak cite pasal diri sendiri =.=" .

Well , enthusiastic . Lagi2 dalam sport or any event . If i have to make it great , i will do it . hihi. Tapi aku ni suke pikir pendek sikit . Kalau nak cakap tu , kureeeeng perasaan . ho ho .

Suka kan kedamaian mungkin . Kadang2 ad bende yg aku rase , ah , xyah byk bunyik la bnde ni , kecik je kooooot . hehe. Nak gadoh2 ni , adooooi buat sesak otak jo . tapi ade bad side kalau nak aman sgt ni , dat is , sedikit peratus tuk cakap  perkara betul , semata2 tanak hangatkan suasana =.="

Talk back  ataw dlm bhs melayu nye , melawan. :D suke nyeeeeee nak melawan. HAHAHAHA. okeybye.

Kawan aku penah kata aku ni perfectionist dan complicated and pelek (?) em em em . Tapi rasenye now i dah loosen up a lil bit sikit ;)

I like to watch dancing programme a loooooot ! Aku rase kalau ade contest sape tgok paling byk , memang aku boleh menang wehhhh. hihihi.

Saya cepat gelabah. So , saya harap pemilik rusuk kiri saya seorang yang tenaaang . hehehe :).

okey tu je bye .

Jaa ! :)


sweetcherrypie said...

i like that last part
"saya harap pemilik rusuk kiri saya seorang yang tenaaang"
who's he btw??haha.. =)

max*bubble said...

tak ade lagi una,
itu harapan je tu , kikiki ,
boleh jadi kenyataan x agak2 ? :)