17 November 2011

Hectic days are coming.

Assalam people .

The hectic days are eventually here.

I am so sad for several things that happened these days. yeah , we plan , He decides . I know that. I am trying to see the silver lining . InsyaAllah . So im gonna lists them ;

Before :
Wednesday : Exam Microbe 2pm- 3,30pm
                    presentation Bm . 8pm - 10pm

Friday : Exam ungs .8pm-9pm.
            Go to Uia Gombak for Pingpong interkuliyyah Untill Sunday .

Tuesday nextweek : BioMalaysia 2011 at Pwtc, balek umah terus
Wednesday nextweek : Ayah Umi HOME !

p/s : I will miss Interbatch On Sunday .

But some adjustments have been done , that many of them have to be cancelled out .haha . Somes due to the cancellation of classes and addition .

After :
 Wed : Exam microbe , No PRESENTATION
Friday : Exam Ungs , NO UIA GOMBAK (because)
Sat :  Lecture for study circle (morning ) Presentation BM (night) 
Sun : Interbatch (YEY ! )
Tues : Chem Quiz , NO BIOMALAYSIA T.T

So , Wed , no HOME T__________T

Need to inform Yuni , Bro remy , Kak Min bout my Unprivilge to Uia Gombak :'(

I am feeling kinda upsett right now  But what to do, we cant expect to have everything , All we need to do , is prior the priority . But some people just dont get it , and like to make other people SUSAH !

So , now I am very worried bout my presentation . Takdak idea , Keringggg T,T

Fuzaaaaaaa Unaaaaaaaaaaa Imaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ! T____T

 Now , i have to go prepare for my class on 11am , warghhh.
Wish me luck to survive then ! ;)

10 November 2011

Yunie gave me this

When will we be like this ?

09 November 2011

Just a week .

Assalam ,

Just a week , and thats all i ever need ; maybe . teehee .

But , i have to admit . Im not emotionally stable right now . So , im not in the mood to reveal myself in public . Instead i would rather stay inside . Be an introvert .Just going out when its necessary . With crowd of people. Yeah  soo-doesnt-sound-like Maslin isnt it ? . You need to know . Everyone have this side within themselves .

"Be careful who you open up to. Only a few people actually care, the rest are just curious"

I rather not say anything about what happened. But it actually  affected me . Emotionally . This is the time where My mind have to battle with  my emotion - the innate enemy . Why ? Because if i dont fight it , Im doom . Im having 2 more exams nextweek , plus presentation that gonna brings lotsa marks . and IM DEPENDING ON ITTTT. Id screwed up in my exams  , so ineed this to gain back my energyyyy *ngarotapakauu*haha. This is my chance anyhow . Pfffft .

Okey . Well . My simptoms are , I CANT READ THAT DAYMM MICROBE BOOOOOOk @.@". SUSA GILAAAA utk aku bertahan . Satu jam adalah pencapaian . Series . Lebih sikit dari itu , aku ngantuk . HAHAHA . =.=" Aku tak pernah alami situasi ini . Series . Paling teruk , aku akan tido sepanjang hari . Tapi pastu bukak buku , semangat macam lori . Mesti . Blerghh.

The person i would like to apologize is my sister Alonk . She has to put up with my annoying attitude since birth. Im totally a jerk. Iknow. Thing is . She did think like that because she was expecting something else from me . Ahh cut the crap Maslin , you need to be low-lahhh -,-. #selftalking. Haha , Yeah , back to the point . I dontknow why . But yeah , im a jerk. Enough said . Sorry Alonk . Dont expect too much from me , *iknowYOUWILLreadthis. 

She might think im the most loser sister she ever had . Believe me , i myself think like that . *Gile . Just maybe because im a little different . I dont go along with harshness. and there are things i thought are simple , should be done in simple way . I dont work at best with yelling -my defintion of harshness.. Especially when i already KNOWWW it . One thing you should know alonk , i have my own version to carry out my responsbility. And yeah , iknow u didnst see that . However , believe it or not , i am trying to understand your role as the first daughter . Our caretaker after mom and dad . Yes , indeed . I am giving my coorperation . You have to see that . 

Okey . I watched a movie . He said " U really  think u need to act tough in your own home ?" . That struck me .Deeply . It means that , home is where your another side that you hide from other people-ur fren, colleagues , strangers- being shown , revealed , Your true self . Then imma jerk ? Oh whatsoever . I just wanna say that , it might be a badside of mine , that rarely people seen it . and you people of my family have the honor to be able to see it . Hahah a. Aku cakap belit2 -,-. No , i mean , me myself at home is me . The temper me , the talkback me . The know-everything me . Its not that im two-faces. It was something i would call , "The other me" .

So , people , if you are the one who encounter that "other me ". Be surprise not . Rather think you might mean something to me . Eventhough i might have the risk that people will "omg she's like this senanyeee ". Ahh , screw them. Thats the only way to know who can accept my "hot and cold " mood . Who's the real people in my life . Well , No one is perfect , aite ? ;)

04 November 2011

2 months already .

its almost 2months already , and finally , it is the red day. Think gonna check up what is wrong with me . Im sorta throwing tanrums on how late it was and how weird is the cycle . but when i come to think of it . Theres a blessing in disguise in it . Yeah , God' plan is the best .

This swinging and banging mood is all over me right now . Thought if my condition is  like this few weeks ago , im a dead meat . I am too busy to even care those unnecessary feelings/things . We are all living in a hectic world , rushing all the time . Not gonna leave a piece of ourselves . Sidetracked ? SLASHHHH ! You are out like the slashed fruit in fruitninja game . 

Lots of things happened around here, since the last time i updated about iman and my parents . Emm , a friendship test, a dad of a fellow died ( May Allah bless his soul) , New phone , jerseys , SAP , assignments , classes ,exams ! (ofcourse) . and the reason i didnt go back home untill now for eidul adha , is because we all have to stay at nenek's house which is only 5 minutes from home , in the same kampung . He he . Not that i hate that house or whatsoever , but the fact that it is NOT our own house somehow gives me a messy-signal of the messed up people- me .

So now im here , nothing more i could say than i just  have to "live with it " . For a week . God please save me .

I didnt sleep the whole night . Okay i lied . I slept for minutes before 7.20AM i guess , that madam have to wake me up thru calls . Dayyummm ! Serabut ayam . i jumped off the bed . Not literally . I really jumped ;)  Packed several things up that i thought i gonna use it to bersiap2, thats why they are still unpack. Seems , not gonna use it . he he he . Bus at 8. Gotte be hurry .

Single seat .At the middle . First time . Haha . Yes , sleep in the bus is a leisure sometimes. Nothing much to do .So i think i should give back my eyes their right . He he. Silau . Take out a shade from my back . YEahh , i have been dying to do that since birth . 8) kekeke. Arrived at pekeliling at 11.30. Took a cab. And luckily , he is an Indian ! Fuhh , no more worries about abandoning JUmaah prayer . Hihi .

He is a peramah guy . The ceiling of his taxi , is full of foreign money . Perghhh . and thats somehow increasing his confidence level . He started to tell stories bout his home which located back of Taman Wahyu Lrt . How he have donated his blood for 8 times , and his mission is to go for 50 times :O ( even i didnt donate blood myself) , How he met many celebs who interested with his taxi because of the ceiling . hihi .

He oozes a positive aura .Which is rarely found . and i glad to met that kind of person early in the morning . hihi . And at rumah nenek , i safely arrived :')

This post has no point. But will have a point which if and only if you want to see it with a point , Kbye .


So , hear me noww , Come homeeee come homeee . Ive been waiting for you so looong , so looong :)

p/s: maut gile taruk peta umah dlm blog . HAHAHAHAHA =.=.

pp/s : terpkse delete alonk marah >.<