27 November 2012

Lil Bro :')

bear in mind bhw bila kita pegang tnggjwb ni, org sekeliling akn pandang.kwn2 akan lihat kita.

classmates akan tgk kita,roomate akan pndg kita,umi n ayah akan nilai kita.

sbb tu,kena sntiasa prepare n persiapkn diri kita.

 Esp in studies dmana semua org akan pndg n nilai. 

So,my advice; if you believe you're up to it,then take the challenge. 

But untill then,build the strength NOW.

 Blaja arrange masa n keje,blaja handle pressure,n blaja mcm mna nk blaja .

bak kata presiden morsi, kena lah ad mindset nk jadi 'khadam kpd rakyat'. hhu

just tanam niat nk bantu org, n esp tanam niat supaya bila ada jwtn ni, boleh bawa org kpd Allah. baru osemness.

stuff lain; pupuk leadership skills.

 basically pemimpin yg baik secara average adalah yg mahir buat susun atur n arrangements. 

kena mula peka dgn isu2 yg brlaku dlm masyarkt n mula atur gerak kerja utk settlekan masalah, ATAU menambah baik keadaan.

25 November 2012


Homework :

1) EAW : findings and results
2) Genetics Video 

For the take home quiz, it’s up to you, whether to be typed or hand-written. If you choose to hand-write, please make sure that the writings are readable. You’ll need to collect data during the next lab to answer Question 5 and 6, and submit the quiz by the end of the lab.

The due date for video is 1 week after the last lab. Since some groups didn’t take pictures/ video for the Drosophila lab, we will OMIT this from the lab video.

The questions for Practical 1 is related to the experiment. Please include this as part of your video. Thanks!

4)  Revise Bioprocess !
5 ) Intro BP
6) Nextweek PTC 

23 November 2012

Picnic with dearest Excos :')

20 November 2012

Interbatch Games 2012

Alhamdulillah , my laaast programme as Sciencess Exco of SnR has ended successfully :') With the great commitees line-up , i honestly feel proud of them . Eventho there are one or two of them that still need to learn ,but i think i would just cut them some slack . Well , some people do need time right ? :)

So i guess , finally i feel soooo satisfied because this time , i know every flow that happened compared to Ukhuwwah Day where i was just a supervisor . By being a PC , i learnt and acknowledge things that i like to ignore before like the budget as stuffs . Never before in my life i will let myself to get through hardships thinking on money matters and budgets . But , this PC thinggy had made me one . Alhamdulillah for that . AT LAST . i always knew that was my weakness . Now , Not anymore :) . im able to understand whenever the FC present bout the budget :D

I feel glad that i picked them as my commitees .With the PM , Thaqif Othman and APM , Amira Yusoff , plus PC : Ghafar, Shafiq and Kak Hazi , nothing can explain how blessed i feel right now . The most amazing beaureau is Pubpro , Idlan and Paim :) I was so impressed on how they were so cekap doing their work besides the awesome poster design made by Idlan :)) . Sometimes , i just feel grateful with my character who  dare to take risk and like to try new things and get to know new people . This , had get me to explore the beauty of people around me , and the other way around as well . Anyhow , i was always excited to meet new character :D . I feel so touched looking at Hazwan doing his work diligently inspite he is now in senior year same with Ghafar . I mean,being a supersenior doenst mean he can bully his junior , and he doesnt take that for granted . i am moved . :') . The Welfare team , Anis Syazana's who is willing to learn more about FirstAidKit skill just for the sake of Emergency cases that ought to happen . Ohmyyy :') Yeah , ofcourse The commited Kak Ety and the Prep tech team who is there to bare with our requests . Thankyou thankyou thankyou all of you . I myself cant say how thankful and  proud i am to see  new faces and being able to work with you guys as a commitee :') I also see this as a way to get to know my already closed friend more deeply than before , like kak mira and also Paim , my junior teammates .

Well , the moment this event had finished , theres a feeling flowing inside of me . A sadness . A mourn . A taste of gloominess . I dont know . Maybe because Me and Ghafar is going to step down in just few days :'( . Ohhhh my . I dont know how to explain this either . Just .... Sad ._. .

There were so much memories in this . And i really love each one of them . And yes , Bro Remy , the ex -exco SnR came on Sunday . I felt appreciated :') .and he said congrats , because this event is much more merrier than IKG . Alhamdulillahhh  Thankyou Abg Remy :') I really hope all Sciencess Students enjoyed this so much :3

The shortcomings , Should i tell this here too  ? Okey , maybe a lil bit .

1) Theres a lateness in briefing the PC and Refs , so theres a lil miscommunication .
2) I always late . Need to change this :(
3) The attitude . I always believed , that real sportmanship means playing fair and square , and whatever happened in the court , stays in there . Yeah .

Thats enough  i think . Hehe

Now , next issue : Election .

Should i compete for the next tenure ? Should i should i  should i ?

Im actually having Post - event depression HAHAHAHA . Rindu Ibg !!! :'(

And now , i feel so numb . DOnt know what to do . Macam dah tade arah tuju , MasyaAllah Maslin . Wake up ! Get your feet back to realityyyyyyyyyyyyy .

Well , that has always been my problem . Typical me .

10 November 2012



So, this sem we take EAW subject that requires us to do research and survey and questionnaires yadayadayada homaaaai lecehh ! Hhehehe

My topic was about sports ( Oh yeahhhh typical me !) but one day i read Zie's questionnaires and her topic was the same with moi ! Then i was influenced by it and i felt my creativity is fading . THIS .IS . NOT. GOOD. So i decided to change my topic to Reading Habit and thats the best decision iv ever made. 

I mean , i like reading . Eventho i looked like someone who doesnt read much as i always involved in pysical activities  . Not many knows that i enjoy reading books as much as i enjoy sleeping :) . Especially books that have high  complexity of texts . The moment i understood what have being said , it felt sooooo satisfying , and ironically , soothing and calming :') . I always have this some kind of tranquility whenever i read a masterpiece with great literacy ( sastera ) :D . 

Thing is , i always lack of time to have my own moment to read . I even read a book that acquird  me 12 months to be finished ! Just because i was so busy . But i have this problem sorted out :D

Okay , so i made a research . The feeling is soo good . I just found out that statistics bout reading . 

Malaysian reads 2 books per year , While USA 5 , Japan 10 and Canada 17 books per year ! 

and many interesting arguments and quotes . Actually , doing something that deviate us alilbit from Science streams is fun eventho sometimes it is soo lecehh.. It satisfies our creative spots . Hehehhe .

"Reading can be learned only because of the brain’s plastic design,"...and when reading takes place, that individual brain is forever changed, both physiologically and intellectually" - Proust and Squid

Reading requires learning.In other words, reading takes effort. It is hard work. But it builds our brain muscles. The effort to inculcate a reading habit pays off handsomely, either directly or indirectly, in our lives.:)

Complex text:Its a text that go beyond a few words n text that contain more complex ideas that require a little more thought n comprehension

"Reading is to mind what exercise is to body".

It adds new sight to eyes and new wisdom to mind "A dumb person becomes a communicator n a lame climbs mountains of knowledge through reading

Book fair organiser Datuk Ivan Hoe was once quoted as saying "they forget that books are intellectual food".

Words can do things which images and sound can’t: 

they can take us deep into a character’s mind, delight us with cunning wordplay, and deliver a much deeper, richer story than is possible in an hour-long episode of your favourite show :)

In conclusion , i suggest to those who is going to take EAW to pick a topic that feels close to you as a person .Then , you can enjoy doing it :) eventho  I am a sportman . But i have my soft side too . Plus , i actually want people to see me not as somebody in sports only , but also in other field . Despite iknow , sports is my biggest strength :). Well then , Goodluck my friends and all the best to me too ! 

P/s : Una did Community service while Fuza did GMO , kot (?) Hehehe . Well then , this week is time to rest and restabilize ourselfff ! \O/

09 November 2012

MasyaAllah .

At the most perfect time . Just when i needed it . Thankyou Allah , thankyou Kka Shidah :')


 DO I LOOK THINNER ? ! @____@