28 August 2012

Tell me if this is normal .

Alhamdulillahhh , alonk is now the wife of Zaim Zainal Abidin ! Hye Abang longg ! Welcome to the family ! :)

Okey this is what happened . I was crying like hell even before the akad being read . Amagaaaaddd T_T , Alonk herself didnt cry yet . I knew this would happened to me . Well , like i told you at the previous post , the thought of Alonk's relationship with us as siblings wont be the same again what makes me cried :'( . aaaaaa i was being too clingy i guess , ottoke ? She is my sister ! ahaha .

Then the ceremony ended , And they are at home for 2 days .

So heres the thing : Is it normal to feel awkward having someone that u used to see them as stranger then , now they are living in the same house with youu @.@ . AWKWARDDDDD .

HAHAHAAHA , yang paling taleh blah , when alonk is in the house but i feel like its hard to reach her T_T . Ottoke ? Aigoooo . Apalahh aku ni .Ofcourseeee , mestilah she will be with her hubby alllthetimee. Omaigod i sounds so creepy ! :O .

So is this normal ? heheh . Maybe i need time to adapt to this .I guess .

These days i feel like crying but i couldnt  . I feel the need to talk to somebody . and suddenly , KA called . Ya Allahh :') , I felt so loved <3 br="br" nbsp="nbsp">

"Cry as much as you can when making du'aa, pour your heart out. 
When you'll get up, you'll feel as if your anxiety left you with the flowing tears.
A believer is stronger after making du'aa "

I think , now i can get back up again. For now i feel so hungrayhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ! Ya Allahhhhh :/

p/s : Oda ng Fayadh gave a great news just now . They are getting married ! Alhamdulillahh :') . The first couple from our batch ! Weeeee . May Allah ease everything , ameeennnnn :)

23 August 2012

Of Eid Mubarak .

Selamat Hari Raya to all !

Wahhh  it has been 4 days but i wished you guys just now! Fewhh , it is due to my busy-ness with alonk's wedding . Speaking of that , we just had this year's raya ala kadar and our family potret still not been taken yet ! -.- . And we were not balik kampung or going to visit other relatives JUST YET . I guess after the weding we are free to go RAyaaa!~ After all , they said , darah pengantin itu darah manis . Sooo , prevention is better than cure . You know what i mean :)

Le cuzzies. The only family photo for now -.-"

Okey , so , we have this Cleaning Day , where we have to kemas2 rumah ,. I mean THE WHOLE HOUSE . Big changes are bound to happen ! Our 24-years-old desk is being remove to make space for the room :( .And so many ! Wahh . I cant belive this moment is actually happen to me nowwwww ._. .

the things i found that once my childhood;s hobbies :')

Have i ever told you that , ever since i heard that alonk is gonna marry this year , it gives me all-shiver ? Hahaha , yeah yeah , macam aku yang nak kawen kan ? But what i meant is , because it just feels like im losing herrrrr . Somebody is taking her fromm usssss . Soo saaaddd T__T. Or maybe i feel this way because we are all like hanging and clinging to her , especially me . Because i am the second child , and next to her is me so ill feel the greatest burden when she's not here . And im honestly not ready yett T_T . Actually this kind of thinking that make me so hype up to cook and all before Ramadhan . Remember the time when i have Masum training n i still come back home to do the chores ? Yes , THIS is the reason. To prepare myself.  Ahaaa . Surprise much ? But after masum ended and during Ramadhan , i became the person i was before - all cluless and unreliable :'( . Waahahah , i dont know how to put this . Im just worried of how im going to face the future because if Alonk is here, she will put up with major responsbilities and shes the one whos gonna listen my craps if i had fight with mummy . Whos gonna calm me down after this ? Whos gonnaa give me thoughts on what to think and behave ? I know she still can do all those things i mention above , but now she has a new responsbility ! Kirenya my problem will be just as tiny as ants , and the range would be 1-4 . It should be 8 or higher bro (HIMYM) ,. Hahahahaha -.-". 

me and Alonk

So , i have this some kind of pressure right now . Even before the wedding ! Gosh ! Am i being too hard with myself ? Am i overthinking ? Zzzzz. One thing for sure , the Most pressurized me in the wholee universe is when they will compare me with Alonk in many terms , especially the cooking part ! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !  I CANNOT LIVE LIKE THIS ! I HATE BEING COMPAREDDD ! WHY DONT YOU JUST LET ME DO MY OWN WAYYYY ?! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA ! * Gasp*

Ottoke ? Sumpah gila emo aku . Sorryy ;_;

Orang mesti engat aku gila or Saiko or pathetic or ' eleh pahal kau dramatik sangat ni ?' Tapiii itulahh, you wont get me. You wont understand what i feel .n I dont expect you to do that . HAishhh  . Nahh , amekkaw.

Maknanya apa ? Emmmmmm . Stress pulak pikir apa nak jadi hahaha -.-. Aigooo. Tanggungjawab dalam rumah lebih besar la lepas ni . Kene more acknowledge everything thats going on . Kene rajenkan diri selalu. Takbole lek2 sangat , Aigooo. Well , who knows , maybeeee ,juuust maybe , this is the turning point for me to break my coccoon and evolve to be someone better right ? Okeylahh , i will try to see this from the Brightside . If it doesnt challenge me , it wont change me remember ? :)

After all , If Allah brings you to it , HE will bring you THROUGH it . So  keep calm and Chin up ! You can do it MAslinn ! Yeahhhh !! :D

Oh Btw , Dont get me wrong .Ofcourseee i am happy for you my sister ! *fireworks* . You are one step ahead in reaching Allah;s bless by Having relationship in Halal way ! Whats better than that ? Warghh  pengapit ni emo siakkk . Perlu ke perlu ke cis cis cis . Nasibbaik laaa tak ramai follower yang dikenali , Hihih. Kalau kenal tuu... Ehem ehem . Buat tak nampak baca je la yeee , hehehee . Okeyy , esok hari kamess . More preparations are yet to comeeee !

So-called deco

11 August 2012

The Iftar with Selayang People :')

First :
With the Selayang People from my School , Sepintar .
Bell , Asilah , NISA ! :)

  Second :
With Selayang People from UIA
Khairul Amira Md Zain ! :)

Nampak benor ngeditnye . Sucinyee KA~~~ Awww Hihihi

Ohhh . Hye KA ! The only selayang people i know from my course ( eh theres TOIN ! Wait his Gombak) hehehe:D . So i brought her to Prima Sri Gombak , The Bamboo Thai restaurant. Glad she liked it :) . Hihih .So we updated bout each others' life , girls' talk as always as well as the heart thinggy . But this time it is more to our plan for future . Omaigosh she was like reading my mind ! Thats what ive been thinking these past few days ! Great mind think alike hey ? :) Wohhh . I shouldd be working on my 25 things before i turned out 25 years actually . Well you know , its like a plan. Yes , A real-serious life plan. We need to do something with our lives now . Getting out from the comfort zone and started to create our own destiny  Jyeahh ! The lists are coming up ! Behold my readers ! hehehhehhe . But one thing for sure , JOGGING wil be included in the list . Right , KA ? Now we need more determination than any other time , Yeahh ! Muahahhaha. Im so excited ! Im jumping right here and there heheheehhe hyeperbola -.-. I need to start type it before i lose it again - the enthusiasm . On your mark , Get set , GO !\O/

Kita hanya merancang , dan Allah juga merancang . 

Namun perancangan Allah lah sebaik2 nya .

 Tapi Kita juga harus berusaha dan berdoa :)

10 August 2012

10 days .

08 August 2012

Its just...

07 August 2012

Returning the Favor .

Cikgu Mai asked our favor to be the Maths faci for the PMR student
And here we are
Subhanallah , what a great experience !
Cant believe i still remember after all these times :')
Hopefully  we did help them even a slightest bit !
Gooddluck PMR 12 Sepintar ! :)

UIA :)
bestfriend saya :)
 This is it..Its time to Menabur bakti after all the school had done for us . Thankyou Allah for this opprtunity ! :D

01 August 2012

This hits me .

 When we run after this world - this dunya- be it people, respect or anything, we always come back broken, disappointed and crushed.
And we learn all over again that this world is nothing. It's just glitter. We learn it. Only to forget it again. 
We run after this world again and once again come back heartbroken. The cycle goes on.

The wise is the one who learns it the first time and does not repeat his mistake. He knows this world is a mirage; keep running after it and you'll never capture it. This world is just a passing enjoyment. It is a place of hunger, fear and tears. It gets cold here. So cold sometimes.
It is a place where you have to worry and feel scared. Where you have to lose your loved ones. Where you cannot get attached to anyone because even if you do, it'll hurt in the end. This is not a place of ease. Here exists hardships because they must. This is DUNYA my brothers and sisters.
So after all, is not Jannah *the* place? That place where you can really have all you could possibly ever desire? Where there exists happiness ever after, for real.
So this wise person realizes this reality. And so he finds rest and comfort not in running after this dunya but rather in the dhikr of Allah. This is where he finds solace. This is where he finds happiness. He wants ease and forever comfort and he knows it exists, he's just not foolish enough to look for it on the wrong side of death.

So let that fresh scar, be it physical or emotional, that you received from running after this dunya, remind you that you are weak and you need Allah. That you bleed and hurt and so you need to flee to Allah. That happiness just does not stay with you in this world and that you need the aakhirah.

Run after this world, you'll lose both this world and the aakhirah. Run after the hereafter, you'll get both. 

Choose now .