01 November 2014


Is it happiness all what we are looking for ? Or serenity , free from any suffocating thoughts ?
Or emotional security , being comfortable with oneself ?

Which one , really ?

Salam and hello to you my readers , whoever you are . You could be my friend , or any stranger . Whoever you might be , please know that i feel flattered for you to read my blog since its purpose is to share my opinions , thoughts , experiences and whatnot. Yes , thankyou fr reading .

So , just so you know , we moved into new mahallah . And i finally chose Postgrade's rather than Undergraduate's . Yes , i had roomates . No , they didnt chose PG like me .

That was a tough call i must say . There are so many reasons in so many aspects . To leave or to stay.  To retreat or to be away  I mean , weve been living together since 2011 and only God knows the ups and downs weve been through. But there are times  that i feel like its better to live alone . Not totally alone like having no friends but survivor-kinda alone .

But here's a thing bout me . I hate people who run from their problems . So id make sure that i dont do the same .  It's a mindsetting . You will tend to avoid doing things that you think will annoy you if someone did to you . Simple .

Then my movement from UG to PG  , is it some kind of problem-running case ? Honestly , i myself not really sure . But what im certain of is that , whenever i have any issue with anyone , it happened during theres a war inside of me. You gediit ? Means , the unsettled battle inside of me is projected to the outside and hit other people . That is not good . i Have to do something bout it .

So i guess that is it . Soul-searching . Saved from incoming heartache eventho there would be some in future . However , i find that it is hard to adapt . Everything is just too alien for me . Mundane . Foreign . The people , the environment , When i compare it to the UG , i feel a bit envy . Daym . Is this the right choice ? How to handle this in another 2 months time ?!

Then i found the answer . I have to find my own routine . Routine that simplified my day . Make everything so easy and lovable . I need to fall in love with my room . Have some emotional attachment with it . For this , i need to make connection with other ppl around me . Just find whatever that can make my room lovely and a place that i cant leave off. Yes  .  i have to !

26 October 2014

8 Things Happy People Do But Rarely Talk About

Most of us like to think we are fairly happy people, but deep down we might not necessarily believe it or feel happy. When you look around and see people you grew up with making the most out of life while you keep going to a job you don’t like, repeating the same routine day in and day out, it is easy to feel less than grateful for the life you have. So what are the secrets of all those happy people? What are they doing to get the most out of life while the rest of us watch it pass by?

1. They give

Focusing on money is a sure fire way to end up unhappy. In fact, in studies of happiness, researchers have found that once you have enough money to satisfy your basic needs there are only two ways money can help you. One is by improving your social standing and the other is to give it away. By using their money to help others rather than needlessly hoarding it, happy people feel like they are making a positive contribution to the world.

2. They avoid drama

Happy people also tend to mind their own business. While other people get caught up in other people’s relationships or stress out about who said what to whom, happy people choose to focus on the things they have more control over. Paying attention to your own life and letting other people live theirs is a simple way to maximize happiness.

3. They are grateful

While they may not make a point of rubbing your nose in it, happy people are grateful for the things they have. They don’t spend all their time wanting what other people possess or daydreaming about a better life. Instead, they take a few moments each day to think about all the things that they appreciate and make a point of being grateful for them.

4. They look on the bright side

When the going gets tough, the truly happy are often unshaken. Dwelling on failures and imagining the worst case scenario may be the default option for most people, but if you truly want to be happy, you need to make a point of having faith that things will turn out alright. Maintain your perspective and know that, no matter what happens, you can bounce back.

5. They value relationships

Instead of focusing on money and relentlessly pursuing career advancement by working long hours, the happiest people focus more of their time on personal relationships. At the end of your life, you won’t remember a lot of the time you spent at work. Rather, you will value family meals and time shared with friends. Putting people before money is a powerful tool in achieving happiness.

6. They cultivate many different parts of their lives

While they may place a lot of value on relationships, happy people do not define themselves by one aspect of their lives. They maintain careers they enjoy, they have hobbies, and they love learning and growing as individuals. By paying attention to many aspects of their lives, happy people don’t get overwhelmed when one element of their day-to-day life goes off the tracks. If they get dumped, they still have a rewarding career. If they get injured and can’t play their favorite sport for a while, they still have friends to hang out with. Not putting all your eggs in one basket is a key to being a happy person.

7. They don’t focus on material things

While some of us may think shopping is a great way to relieve stress and that having things will make us happier in the long run, others choose to value experiences over material goods. New clothes are great, but it is hard to get as much enjoyment out of a sweater as you get out of scuba diving the Great Barrier reef and the stories you can tell about it afterwards.

8. They follow their passion

Finally, happy people follow their passions. If they wake up and realize that they are unhappy with their job, they aren’t afraid to leave it to pursue something they really care about. It might involve taking a risk. It might lead to a huge failure. But happy people aren’t afraid to stick their neck out and chase what everyone else is afraid to.

22 October 2014

#Fitness Diary.



Kesekian kalinya kesedaran telah datang untuk menggerakkan these booty and legs of mine to werk it werk it !

Punca ?

1. Buat check up masa ikod. MasyaALlah sister ! Naik 2 kg ! Ya Ampunnnn , Gedi Lemu banget sihhh ! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO !

2. Dah macam boleh agak , karena pattern makan yg tidak tentu hala sejak 2menjak ini . Hampir setiap hari mau makan ayam . Mana boleh brooo . Ada hari kena makan ikan . Sumber protein terbanyak tewww. Tapi.. kitewww sentiasa lapaaauu taleh makan ikannn tak kenyaangg T__T.

3. Tak fit . Tak slim . Tak fit in (baju) . Serious dohh serioussss i iz dem seriouzzzzz.

Jadi ?

Makanya , pelan pembangunan kecergasan Maslin Muntari telah dicipta untuk mengembalikan bentuk dan berat badan yang unggul. MUAHAHAHHAHAHA .

Week1( tak kire bape round)
Day 1
- Jog 15 minutes nonstop
- Various style ( speedwalk, jump) 5minutes
- Sit-up 10x
- Pushup - 20x

ALhamdulillah achieved ! Moga esok dipermudah kan lagi ! :D

29 September 2014

15 July 2014

Half of Ramadhan !

Salam .

3 things to highlight .

1. Stop being useless to your parents . You can do it ! This is your fights too . Make them your priority eventho most of the time its harrrrrd , iknow . Ease them in any possible wayyy .

"Juz8 - was so powerful. Its about parents. When it comes to treatment of our parents, Allah has 1word: Ihsan (perfection,excellence,the very best)!"

2 . How is it suddenly that you are a product of low self-esteem ? How come ? When did this happened ? You really gonna check yourself out . Like seriously . Astaghfirullahalazim , Please cleanse our heart O Allah. But i think this is a great way to find the core problem, Where it was based ? Probably this . Learn how to say NO . Stop being so inconfident . Be yourself . And the world will fit in .

3. Principle of Hayaa'. So am i not normal now ? According to this , its not a natural thing to do for girl . And i am a girl Then how is normal ? Hmmmm . ----> TRY

So far how's your Ramadhan going ?

02 July 2014

Continously looking for a salvation

' What will you categorize yourself ? A pessimist ? An optimist ? A realist ?'
' The indecisive '
' Why ?'
' Because thats what im facing right now , i feel like nothing is uncertain . And im about to graduate . How am i supposed to know whats the best for me ? And i dont know what i should choose . Everything is pretty interesting to me. im just...indecisive '
' Okay . Lemme tell you one thing . Dont call yourself anything '
' What do you mean ? '
' Just have a free mind . Free .  You know sometimes when people put a certain label on themselves, they thought they are obliged to it . For example The Realist . They are factual people . White is white . So is black . Theres no Grey area . The problem with who called emselves this , is their reality cannot be applied to everyone . Only for certain situation. '
' What kind of situation ? '
' Lets say the police and the trafficlight . We all know that the redlight is to stop .But what if theres no car at all on the road , and the driver is in emergency so he just pressed the pedal ? Would that make him guilty , to you ? To the police you need to stop when the light turns red no matter what . Even it was safe . Even someone is dying . Can you see how is their facts cannot be used to some condition ? Well thats just an example '
' Okay '

Free mind . Free your mind . Free your soul .

' Do you know that we live in a world that conducted by a system . A system that doesnt necessarily exist , but be put into existence because everybody is doing it '
' Elaborate '
' Okay you see , we schooled for 11 years , then we entered university . Then we worked and finally get married. Who exactly arranged our life to be that way ? Why must you school first , then work ? Why cant you work first , then you study ? All im saying is , with these kind of patterns we are actually creating a system . A system that doesnt exist at first but established throughout years .
' Okay . Then whats your point ? '
' This system happened because everybody is doing it . But if there are people who didnt do it , it will make a hole in that system . Be that hole . Be free . Its not necessary for you to follow that system . This is YOUR life . Do it anything you want from it .'

' But if you wanna plan . Plan in a realization that it prrobably wont go like you think and it will be changed. Do have backup plans and safety net . '


Both conversations happened at Tioman . Hahahahah . I was this closed to think that my decision to go is a mistake . Then this happened . So i was grateful i was there . Plus , suddenly my view about life is altered in some ways . Yelah , i was in sad state and depressed and my life is stagnant . But when i met this people- in the picture - it made me think like ' There are gotta be more to life , girl ! Cheer up! Explore the world . Explore yourself '.

I dont know . I probably was in those state before because of the heartbreak (?) and the uncertain future , then my adek is getting married .  Seems like everybody;s life is moving forward .Except mine . And i cant take that . I must do something with my life . Perhaps something that i never thought i would do it . But then , i dont know what is that . So when i go to tioman , something had enlightened me to see this world on a different sides.

This one hits me on the face real hardddd . Is it because i hv no faith towards Him ? You feel so anxious , and worried and restless of the unknowingly future , when its not here yet . What good does it do to you anyway ? Do i have no believe in Him of whats coming ? Astaghfirullahalazim . How could i think such thing ? i have nooo idea what does my action implies to my faith . Ya ALlah , show me the way . But because of this , ill try to find back my trust and depending more on Him rather than my efforts . Just like what kak yana said ,' Just enjoy the moment . Live what you have now . And everything will go uphill from there' . I will kak yana . Ravel in joy .Cherish the moment .


Have you ever heard ,' At the end of the day ,its not the counts of your friends that matters but the friends you can count on '.  I begin to understand that now . Im near to be a final year student, and there are few times i feel like idont want to meet new people ( probably in that sad phase) , just enough with everyone i have right now . People around me .Magenta especially . I hv no energy anymore to impress people and to make em think that im an interesting person . im done with that . i dont care anymore . if you wanna talk to me then you will .hahahah sounds so ignorant . but yeah . it was so weird to see me mute in a crowd of people . Me ? Silence ? Never a match  . I think we all would come to that phase one day- When you filter people you hang out with and share your stories .

Sad , isnt it ? i hate being sad . Time is not moving . and i look so pathetic . Lethargic. Plastic .

So i have to end it right now . Thank God to all friends i have around me .

I realize that no matter what im feeling inside , i need to give my best appearance to the world ( tetiba) . Im not in a condition that can be sad for a longg time . I have fyp waiting for me . A future thats coming towards me . I  have to move forward . and to move , i need positive energy . the vibes . My vibes . Make connections . Make networks. Feel the world is so exciting once again . To feel alive again . To feel .... Hope .

Family . Friends .Him . The support system .

Remember , this is your life . Do it anything you want with it. Do not let a single person ruin it.

Continously looking for a salvation . When will this end ... ?

06 June 2014

Hao Jiu Bu Jian .

Maksud dia : Long time no see  . in Mandarin .

Assalamualaikum and yello ! .

Current situation : Everyone;s mood is having a rollercoaster ride. including mine . 

But thats not we are trying to say here . ( yes , we ) Hahaha . Mengarut je tu .

Okay sebelum aku terlupa segala2nya . Marilah tulis nasihat yang telah diberikan oleh Sang Coach . Everything below is quoted from him :

1. English is veryyyyyyyy important. My boss hired me solely because of my presidential skills and network . Not my pointer.
2. My interview is 1hour long just because they wanted to hear me to talk . Most of the calons their english are like the one in the textbook . They dont want that . Just be casual and natural .
3. Dont be too serious all the time . Loose a bit .
4. No matter what your work will be , dont keep it to yourself . Widen your connection . Mingle with everyone that is how you gonna grow and go a step ahead in your career .
5. Working life is WAYYYYYYYYYY different from student life . BEWARE ! HAAHAHA.

Omg . Tadi penuh perasaan  . Tapi aku delay 30 minit sebab bukak youtube pergi search Infinite > Apink > Exo > Suju > alih2 semua video waktu kegemilangan suju masa cfs dulu -.-" . Cepat betul ter distract  . Rinduuuuuuuu . T_T. Watehek . Sambung lain kali ! Anneyong !

13 February 2014

12 February 2014


Bila kita dengar orang kata
" Ini semua duniawi"
Dalam otak pikiaq apa ?

Tapi memang betul pun.
Sesungguhnya MATI adalah motivasi tertinggi.

Buat apa nak kedekut ? Buat apa nk dengki2 jeles2 ? Buat apa nak bermasam muka ? Buat apa nak gado2 ? Buat apa buang masa dengan perkara yang tak menggembirakan ? Buat apa buang masa ?

Kalau tahu esok da nak mati , agak2 buat camtu tak ? Kesah tak semua tu ?

Mak penah tanya aku : Kalau kita taw akhirat da nak dekat , kenapa kita tak duk dalam bilik beribadat je ? Takyah keje , takyah makan , takyah buat semua benda lain selain beribadat berzikir semua ?

Aku jawab : sebab pahala ibadat bukan ada dekat solat zikir je . Hampir dkt semua perbuatan kita bole dapat pahala . Islam itu syumul , menyeluruh . Kalau kita kejar akhirat , dunia ni jadi platform bekalan kat sana nanti . Apa yg kita kene tanam dlm diri , buatlah segalanya selagi Allah suka .Itu yg terbaik .
 Jangan sempitkan pemikiran . Jangan kita jadi fitnah kepada Islam .

Amboih pandainya berkataaaa -__-

Aku rasa kalau dengar ada orang meninggal je , pasti darah berderau . Sebab apa ? Sebab kita tahu , itu lah final destination kita . Lepas mati nak buat apa ? Tade. Tunggu sampai kiamat tiba sambil mengharap doa2 dari mereka yang masih bernyawa. Sedihnya .

Sebab tu orang kata selagi kita bernafas ni , Allah masih syg kita . Dia masih bg peluang kat kita nak tebus dosa2 baru lama besar kecik segala . Sebelum dia tarik nyawa kita. Sebelum kita takmampu dah nak buat apa.

Selagi ada hayat ni , hayatilah kehidupan . Sebarkan senyuman . Buat kebaikan . Tolong orang sebanyak mungkin . Gelak sepenuh jiwa . Nanges sehabesnya . Berkawan biar beribu . Berbakti selagi termampu . Sayang sepenuh hati . Guna masa dengan sibukkan diri .

Dont waste your time . You will never know when your time will come .

Be positive . Stay positive .

07 February 2014

Dear future self 1

Dear future self ,

1. Please try to understand the passion of yr children and allow em to explore it . Give em chance even if you dont understand.

2. Dont burden em with things that they dont hv to worry bout in their age . They deserve to enjoy the time of their life , in any stage .

3. Please let yr children explore the public tranport or drive or anything that road-related at teen age . Dont wait til they are 20  plus plus . You will be susah , itell you .

4. Please ask 1st before you accuse yr children on any mistakes

5. Please encourage two way of communications . Teach em to voice out their opinion confidently .

to be continued .... :)

25 January 2014

20 things that mentally strong people DONT do.

These actions are those that the mentally strong avoid, and that we should consider adapting as our own:

1. Dwelling On The Past

Mentally strong individuals focus on the present moment and on the near future. They understand that the past is out of our control and the far future is about as predictable as the weather this winter.

2. Remaining In Their Comfort Zone

The comfort zone is a dangerous place, a dark abyss where anyone who remains there for too long loses his or herself entirely. Staying within your comfort zone is giving up on life.

3. Not Listening To The Opinions Of Others

Only the foolish believe themselves to be sufficient in all regards. When it comes to brainstorming, ideas can’t so much be forced as they can be caught. A good idea is a good idea, regardless of whether or not you came up with it. Don’t let your ego get the better of you; if someone has great advice to give, take it.

4. Avoiding Change

What the mentally strong understand that the mentally weak do not is that change is unavoidable. Trying to avoid the inevitable is pointless. Therefore, trying to avoid change is pointless; it’s a mere waste of time and energy.

5. Keeping A Closed Mind

You don’t know everything. Even the things you believe yourself to know are likely to not be entirely true. If you keep a closed mind, you are preventing yourself from learning new material. If you stop learning, you stop living.

6. Letting Others Make Decisions For Them

Only you should be making your own decisions; you can’t allow others to make them for you. All this does is shift the responsibility from you to someone else, but the only person failing in the end is you. If you don’t have the courage to fail, then you don’t have the courage to succeed.

7. Getting Jealous Over The Successes Of Others

When others succeed, you should be happy. If they can do it, so can you. The success of others does not, in any way, lessen the chances of you succeeding. If anything, it should motivate you to keep pushing forward.

8. Thinking About The High Possibility Of Failure

Our thoughts control our perspective; our perspective controls our results. The mentally strong understand this and use this to their advantage. There’s always the chance you may fail, but as long as there is the chance you may succeed, it’s worth trying.

9. Feeling Sorry For Themselves

Sh*t happens. Life can be hard. People get hurt; others die. Life isn’t all roses and butterflies. You will fall off that horse again and again and again. The question is, are you strong enough to keep getting back on it?

10. Focusing On Their Weaknesses

Although working on our weaknesses does have its benefits, it’s more important to focus on banking on our strengths. The most well-rounded person is not the person that gets the furthest in life. Being average in all regards makes you average. However, mastering a certain skillset or trait will allow you to beat the competition with less effort.

11. Trying To Please People

A job well done is a job well done, no matter who is judging the final product. You can’t please everybody, but you can always manage to do your very best.

12. Blaming Themselves For Things Outside Their Control

The mentally strong know the things they can control, understand the things they cannot control, and avoid even thinking about that which is completely out of their hands.

13. Being Impatient

Patience isn’t just a virtue; it is the virtue. Most people don’t fail because they aren’t good enough, or aren’t capable of winning or succeeding. Most people fail because they are impatient and give up before their time has come.

14. Being Misunderstood

Communication is key in any properly functioning system. When it comes to people, things get a bit more complicated. Simply stating information is never enough; if the receiving party misunderstands you, your message is not being properly relayed. The mentally strong do their best to be understood and have the patience to clear up misunderstandings.

15. Feeling Like You’re Owed

You aren’t owed anything in life. You were born; the rest is up to you. Life doesn’t owe you anything. Others don’t owe you anything. If you want something in life, you only owe it to yourself to go out and get it. In life, there are no handouts.

16. Repeating Mistakes

Make a mistake once, okay. Make a mistake twice… not so okay. Make the same mistake a third time, you may need to consider giving up alcohol and drugs. You’re either stupid or permanently high.

17. Giving Into Their Fears

The world can be a scary place. Some things frighten us with good cause, but most of our fears are illogical. If you know that you want to try something, try it. If you’re scared, then understand that being scared of failing must mean that succeeding means a whole lot to you.

18. Acting Without Calculating

The mentally strong know better than to act before completely understanding the situation at hand. If you have time to ponder over something and cover all your bases, then do so. Not doing so is pure laziness.

19. Refusing Help From Others

You’re not Superman; you can’t do it all. Even if you can, why should you? If others are offering to help, let them help. Be social. Listen to their ideas and watch how they do things. You may learn something. If not, then you can teach them something and do what humans are meant to do: socialize.

20. Throwing In The Towel

The biggest weakness in all of humanity is giving up — calling it quits, throwing in the towel. The mentally strong go about things in such a way. Only do things if they are important to you; forget the things that aren’t important to you. If they’re important to you, then pursue them until you succeed. No exceptions, ever.

22 January 2014

Contengan Jalanan

" Bermusafirlah . Bumi Allah itu luas . IlmuNya juga luas. Belajarlah dengan bermusafir . Ramai yang terlupa , alam itu sendiri guru yang hbat dalam mengajarkan ilmuNya " 

Suara Bapak Tono pula terngiang di telinga .

' Ada beza antara jumpa benda yang kita nak cari , dan cari benda yang kita nak jumpa.'
 K2 mengetuk meja dengan hujung jemari .

 " Manusia lebih suka lihat apa yang dia mahu " Indra angkat sebelah bahu .
 " Jika bukan kehendak , dibutakan aja mata daripada melihat walau yang benar itu depan mata , gitu ? "

      K2 tak mengangguk , tak menggeleng . 
" Tapi tak semua soalan dan jawapan yang boleh diterima hati dan akal "

" Telah kau jumpa jawapannya, atau telah kau butakan aja mata pada jawapan yang telah ada ? " Indra meningkah.

Alhamdulillah. I just finished reading this book , written by Hlovate . This book was given by Kak Syahidah Sith on my 22th birthday :) . I hardly finished a book in a short time. Started reading this masa internship. Still , this is an achievement . Thankyou Kak Syida :) Whats so appealing bout this book is , it has 2 covers front and back . The story was being told by 2 different perspectives; upside down . Ahaaa tricky ;).  Rafiqah gave me a book too . But ive finished it on my internship days . Its a bout medical stuffs called Second Opinion . Interesting and intriguing i must say . Thankyou Raf :)

Many more books to go ! \O/

Mencari makna kehidupan .

Life has different meaning to everybody . So do I . I believe that no matter what kind of background that  we have, how do we look , what kind of food we eat or where are we from ; all of these tests , tribulations , hardships were meant to bring  us back to him . Those were designed to lead us to the way in searching Him . Then , let us alone to decide which path are we going to take . On track or side-tracked ? We get to choose   . And we are responsible for the choices we have made .

These couple of months , ive been dealing and struggling with what we call as uncertainties of life . The rejection , the pain , the hardships , the happiness , the depression , the awkwardness and everything in between . But what I am certain about , is it was Changes that we faced .

I Believe that we all have certain degrees of cheerfulness of facing this adventurous  world . However, is reduced little by little until it reach a certain level . A level  that would be just enough for us to face this life . Just enough to keep us sane . Just enough to enable us feel cheerful and grateful for all the Mercy that is given by Him despite all the sins we have commited . Just enough .

Have you ever sit alone by yourself and think : What have I done for all my life ? Have I been a good friend ? Have I been a good daughter / son  ? Have I done all my responsibilities as a student ? Have I done my role as a part of the society / ummah ? Have I done my BEST to please HIM ?

Have you ?

Is it necessary to compare different treatment of people towards you and others ? Is it necessary to take account of what people think about you ? Is it necessary to feel down when you think you don’t live up to expectation , fitting in with the society ? Is it necessary to reflect on those things I mentioned before ?

“ What people think bout you is not important . What matters is what HE thinks bout you “

“ People’s treatment towards you is the reflection of you “ – Justify this. Is it true ? Does this matters ? Does  this bothers you ? Then , how far ?

Suffocated . Drown . Don’t you feel the same as I am ?

Sometimes  I wonder how the atheists , or people who claims there are no God deal with these kind of situations . Because for all I know , it is because of HIM that I still can breathe in the midst of the suffocation . Pulling myself out of the equation  , gasping for air . Gasping for a room of improvements . Finding reasons - reason to stay alive .

Why do you travel  ? Why are you so eager to go those places you have listed ? Why are we being encouraged to travel ?
To show off ? To convince ourselves that we have achieved something ? To do what everybody is doing ? To experience the world ? To meet new people ? To learn new things ? To learn others cultures ? To compare your life with them and start being either ungrateful or grateful ?
So , WHY ?
Then , what ?
Months after that , you will be going back to your old habit , old thinking , old lifestyle . Same old same old.
Months after that  , you will live in your OWN culture that has nothing todo with other people cultures and you just sink in.
Month after that , all you can brag about is how awful those people compared to your country , how beautiful the sceneries are , how many friends you have made….. So what ?
If you say it’s the knowledge and experience . Then tell me , how many percentages of things that you have learnt from the kindergarten to universities you have applied in your life ? How many ? and you are saying going to all these places would give you a better reason to change being a good person , compared to the 22 years of living with culture, experience , knowledge in yr own place ?
Don’t get me wrong .
Listen to what I have to say.
Find your own meaning to everything that you do. Don’t just do something because everybody is doing it .  Don’t do things just to look NORMAL . Don’t do things without direction .
Do something because you know you will gain something from it . And you can use it for your own benefit and others  .Please .  Find your own meaning .

Do travel .To find yourself . To find your reason to keep  breathing .To give a meaning  to your life .
Then wouldnt it be sweeter to SHARE ?
Share the positive vibes you got . Inspire .
Because not everybody is as lucky as you . And sharing will never hurt , will they ?