06 June 2014

Hao Jiu Bu Jian .

Maksud dia : Long time no see  . in Mandarin .

Assalamualaikum and yello ! .

Current situation : Everyone;s mood is having a rollercoaster ride. including mine . 

But thats not we are trying to say here . ( yes , we ) Hahaha . Mengarut je tu .

Okay sebelum aku terlupa segala2nya . Marilah tulis nasihat yang telah diberikan oleh Sang Coach . Everything below is quoted from him :

1. English is veryyyyyyyy important. My boss hired me solely because of my presidential skills and network . Not my pointer.
2. My interview is 1hour long just because they wanted to hear me to talk . Most of the calons their english are like the one in the textbook . They dont want that . Just be casual and natural .
3. Dont be too serious all the time . Loose a bit .
4. No matter what your work will be , dont keep it to yourself . Widen your connection . Mingle with everyone that is how you gonna grow and go a step ahead in your career .
5. Working life is WAYYYYYYYYYY different from student life . BEWARE ! HAAHAHA.

Omg . Tadi penuh perasaan  . Tapi aku delay 30 minit sebab bukak youtube pergi search Infinite > Apink > Exo > Suju > alih2 semua video waktu kegemilangan suju masa cfs dulu -.-" . Cepat betul ter distract  . Rinduuuuuuuu . T_T. Watehek . Sambung lain kali ! Anneyong !

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Liyana Azmi said...

thanks for the awesome tips!