31 July 2010

kesah Thariq


pasal Thariq bin Ziyad

disebabkan beliau tidak mengucapkan


perjalanan yang mengambil mase 18 hari

*jika salah sila betulkan*

menjadi perjalanan 18 tahun !

MasyaAllah !

sungguh Allah mahu memberi pengajaran

bahawa tiada apa yang akan berlaku

tanpa pengetahuan dan keizinan Nya


sungguh memberi peringatan

kepada orang orang beriman

ampunkan kami Tuhannn.



recently, wedding issue is very hot . everybody is talking bout it. well some, doing it. when i say everyone, it means, friends newspapers family member and people. while those who are having it are my cousins and seniors. i am fine with this topic. but when the wedding happened in a young age, it involves many perspective. in a way, yes it is go0d. zero maksiat. at the other hand,
ages are matters. because wedding is not a playground where u can play around. and just abandon whenever u want. it's a big deal.

let' see,

my friends in uia kuantan said, during their taaruf week,almost everyday the facis told them that they are ENCOURAGEd to get married. as a reward,they will be given rm1000. mamamia !
how supportive they are! i am amazed with that statement.seems UIA didnt neglect the "I" they bring in order to avoid maksiat. nice one !

my senior.she is a year older than me. lets represent her as F. while my other senior which is 3 years older as Y. well u see,F has married Y's brother. subhanallah! kerja Tuhan memang tiada siapa yang tahu. at first, hearing rumors that F will be married really gives a kick.in my thought, 'that young?! sheez' . but then, come to think of it. she is saving herself. her pride. just turned 20 and she had already saved a part of her religion. i am not really sure. but i remember i read somewhere that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said that if a woman married, a part of her religion is safe.

i adore her. to be honest,i personally think she is ready. because back in the days of school life, she was the person who was in charged in spiritual ritual.(badar). memang kagum dengan die. and and, her background and family also leads to this early marriage.they are supporting.i think how your family conduct your life affect this decision too.

in a perspective, Islam encouraged this-building masjid. it helps our ummah to spread. lagi lagi if the spouse really understand Islam by heart,and that can make dakwah spread among the community. the people spread along with the religion . i am NO expert, of course. references are here.

well pertaining to what happened in our country. there's so much divorce happened. and that is something No one would ever want ,for sure. marriage is like a glass. fragile and once broken considered sold.divorce is attached to that glass from the very beginning. a divorce that very rare in our culture once ,now has been planted like a seed and having a rapid growth. for that reason people will always think marriage is hardd menn. but not to those really get what it means.

my mum,she disagreed. yeah, like everybodu would think, it is wayyy to0 young for her. 20 tahun do. it doesnt guarantee u know evrything. stuffs like co0king,cleaning, take care of people or even maturity.yeah, MATURITY.matured teenagers nowadays are really hard to find. i think that's why. our generation is lack of Maturity . deal with it.

well, at the end, it depends on u how to judge this issue.sooner or later is not the matter. what matters the most is, how ready you are to travel into this another journey of your life. i read somewhere that, marriage is go0d way to enhance ourselves and should be in our mind since child. NOT to think of who we are going to marry. but of how much we have improved ourselves to be in that path like:

are our ibadah full enuff? has our recitation reaching perfectness yet? have we love our Allah,Prophet and our parents more than anyone else in this world? for men, have you enhance the leadership as a family leader in u? for women,have you learn all the things to be a housewife,or perhaps have u plan how to educate your children?

things like this make us mature fast. always thinking how to enhance our life on the way to get His love, by marrying. i may not someone who is in place to say this. but just sharing my thoughts.

yeah, something to think about, isn't it?

p/s: by loving and living with someone,it literally means to walk with them together on Allah's path on the way to Heaven. for that to happen, we married. any action that opposed Allah's obligation,cancel out the first intention. Forgive us all O Allah !

wake up !

puase nak dekat. tapi rase macam tak sedia lagi ni. sebab tak didik perut puase sunat. adoyyy. akher akher ni,kuat betul rase malas. malas nak bace buku,malas nak basuh baju,malas nak buat pahala baru. yang rajennye, tidooooooooooooooooooor saja =.=" . jangan maslin. banyak tdo leh gelapkan hati tawuuu. em., walaupapepon, azam aku,pose tahun ni lagi baek dr tahun lepas. aku tak tahu la ape kene aku tahun lepas. grrr. memang tanak ulang. yang pasti aku akan pulun pulun pulun tahun ini, insyaAllah. Tuhann,beri aku kekuatan.

22 July 2010

mommah !


the flash of my mom came into my mind

is she happy?

is she okie?

does her school gives her much trouble now?

suddenly i feel like
want to see her smile
i have to do my best in this coming exam
yeahhhh! go bebehhh!
ohh physicss,be nice to me willya?

21 July 2010

i hate exams 2

kau tahu? aku ada satu penyakit ni bile nak dekatdekat exam

tidur tak nyenyak

suke salu lapar

suke salu pening

suke salu tidur

kalau aku asyik nak tidur,

cane nak belaja ? =.="

kalau aku asyik nak makan,

cane aku nak belaja ng tenang asik nguyahhh je?=.="

kalau aku pening? sape nak urutkan ? ahhh gatal kau >.<

the point is

hidup aku tunggang terbalek bile nak dekatdekat exam

tetibe rase blank macam tak penah belaja langsung !

apebendeee laa.

penyakit panik aku macam tenat do

kalau maen basket pon suke gelabah =.=""""

pastu salu kene tegor ng coach tersayang

mr. alep ishak


kalau kau, kene tegor salu pon takpe lahhh

GATAL lagi


ch0ahaeyo :)

time presentation

terpancar hebat di wajahku kepanikan ku

ohhh dah tak comeyll dda >.<


syesly otak aku melayang skang ny

dyorg tgh frenly neyy

oh,mengape aku tak join sekali.

sebab saya terbatas sayang



andai kau tahu betapa pedihnya hati ini :"(

Tuhan, tolonglah aku dalam fizik yang mcm haram nyyy

lagi 2 hari mahu exam

berikanlah aku kefahaman yang benarbenar kefahaman

tolong aku Tuhannn.

p/s: sy jeles ng org tenang

pp/s: sy dengki ng org tade perasaan

ppp/s: ade ubat tuk kepanikan? mahu mahu! saya mahuuuuu !

i hate exams

physics is like a story,just it is being expressed in form of formulae and numbers.

i like stories.

so i should like physics to0 right ?

god, help me in this subject

i am having my examination in this friday

but u see

i cant understand even a thing bout it

g0sh, why is it so hard?

yeah, i know when i heard that P words makes me all creepy

but but, i dont think that is not the only reason.

i have tried everything

was it not go0d enough? the effort?

my latest quiz was less than ten !


enough said.

18 July 2010

another weekend

excited ! my adek, ilham came to visit me! huwo0o0o. unexpected. eventhough thats not the point he came here, but still, happy happy ~ wink wink. excited ah sebab die dari INTEC do. hahaha.safi cakap muke die versi aku lelaki. haaa, baru kau tahu siblings aku ade muke same. salu compare ng alonk memang sampai kambing jadi lembu pon takkan same. hahaha.

dan sekali lagi ,weekend ini di-spend-kan bersama cik safiga dan syuhada. engat nak gi kfc jaa launch tu. sekali bile adek mahu belanja kakak ke mid valley, berbulu telinge mereka mahu ikot sama. maaf,aku bukan enggan. tapi ...this should be sister-brother moments right? >.<>

aku siap salah naek bas sume sampai stesen Abdullah Hukum. pehhh. kentut punye bas! hua3 salu even bas tu nk g kl sentral pon,mst lalu punye jalan ke mid. ni tak. mmg tahi kambeng la wa cakap lu. terpakse kami naek taxi. malu je aku ng adekk =.=".wuwuw.

sampai mid,mahu tengok wayang. biasalah sabtu. queu macam tali kecapi. tak putus. Am nak goldclass lak. lagi hardcore! bia betol adek aku neyyy. hua3. alonk ! kau jangan jeles! duk camping sane baek2! jgn smpai kene ngorat ng orang utan lak. hahaha. tapi tapi hampa. seat cam tahi lagi =.=". Am nak g makan. so, aku introduce kat die nasi portugis. jengjengjeng. haha. time tu ah syud ng safi br sampai mid. penat aku tunggu nak jemput kat centre court ,las2 dyorg da siap borak ng adek aku kat fo0d court tadi. grrr. aii lawan tuan nampak? hahaha :D

pas makan ,adek babai nak balek. so , kami bertige go 0n la journey. safi kate: jalan2 je. elehhhh,taleh caye la kau neyyy. nak beli sandal lagi pulakk. haha. baru beli kt ou las week kan? hee. sebbek las2 syud yang rembat. sabar safi sabar. at least, pakai dulu sandal opera kau tu. merajuk lagu opera cine kang sandal mung tuhh. heee :). aku? ohhhh. aku rembat pa ja. tetibe terpikir nak beli pencil box yang muat calculator. sebab aku kadang2 class fizik seketul je. sje ah nak lenggang kangkung. tapi cam serabut lak nak kene bawak byk2 barang. so, saye beli jugak laa, case GUTSO. emm, leh la tahan. sukee :) thnx syud and safi sbb pilihkan kaler~
about adek aku ni,Am. dulu kitorang mane rapat sangat. beze setahun kot sbb tu. so aku mmg tak kesah a . tapi, as i grow, cam terpikir lak bond aku ng die. mmg lumrah kakak kot. tu yang aku excited gile baby ni.hahah. eh tak carut eh.:D. time die datang , aku excited. time die ajak aku gi mid, aku excited. time lam bas, aku excited. hoi maslin hoi. active betol sympathetic kau ney ehh :D lam bas, saje je ah studi bio. sedar pon diri due2 nak exam =.=. ampun ampun. then , aku br taw syllabus dye unlimited. at least aku ade solom0n and campbell. dye, perhhh, blaja sket. kua byk. if soalan yang keluar tu die tak penah tahu, mmg free2 burn ah.hahaha. so blaja sendiri :p. emmm, time tu aku cam dapat semangat sket ah. ade hikmah kot adek aku datang ni. as everybody know, die kan pelajar tiptop. memang taleh lawan ah. syukur time zaman die pts tade dah. lau dye lompat darjah la kan.pehhh. i really dont know if i can handle the pressure. beze setahun pon da cm cacing getik. hee >.<. NO. the point is, lam bas tu, aku leh a borak lama sket. it's not kitorg tak borak kat rumah. tapiii, cam aku cakap, xrapat sangat, janggal lah. betul la org cakap, perjalanan jauh membolehkan kite mengenal seseorang itu dengan lebih dekat lagi. Alhamdulillah, aku da terungkai sikit tentang pendirian adek aku ni.hehe.adelah,takkan nak cakap kot. lips is sealed :)
pasni leh laa aku borak panjang agi . ade modal :) aku tak pandai ah nyakat adek aku yang ni.hee

as for safi and syud, i know we had an eyeopening conversation kat kfc tadi kan? haha. jangan takut ng aku. aku memang observant. tak caye tanye aimi muna dan sekutu dengannya. tapi kau jangan terjangkit kutu lak. ekeke :). and of course, i hope after this we will know each other very well. hee <3>

okeyh semua,dengar harapan misi setinggi gunung aku ni:


bangun pagi
kol 8
discussion math
habeskan biology
study physics?
basuh baju
jangan gatal nak keluar.

hahaa.so sape2 nampak aku buat bende2 yang xsepatutnye iaitu yang selaen tertera di atas, sile fire aku ng bazo0ka, biaQ sedaq sket naaaa.huaaaaaaa.

due date: selasepresentationmathkuizfizik.jumaatexamfizikahadexambiology.
tahniah . TERBAEKKK ! =.=

16 July 2010

friend is not someone who knows your bright side
and close their eyes when it comes to the bad side
friend suppose to be the first person
who comes to you to tell you the bad rumors they hear about you
in hope that u would do something bout it if it's true
or u would be just calm if it's not
cuase they know they dont like it to0
will not leave u alone
they will be with you
and go the whole way through

terbaek dr Christopher Nolan !

instance of beginning
makne dye daa.
ney first time aku tengok citer series kat wayang
citerciter yang memenuhi
tuntutan nafsu remaja je
movie cmni salu bapak aku beli dvd je
layan kat umah agi mashukk
apekah kisah aku menonton muvie ini?
last week tengok eclipse
usha trailer
keluar 15 julai
dah dalam plan minggu ini
even aku snanye nak kurung lam bilik studi
tapi this one is an exception :)
nexweek exam oii!
lagi satu,
arini besday cek aimi kita :)
saja nak belanja
sekali balek umah lakk =.="
engat nak belanje hanee
after all the "things"
sekali ade class daa
cek nadirah hidayah kite la yang beruntung :)
memang naseb kau lah aku belanja kau !
hoi panjangnye hoi nak review mane *
from the director of dark knight
it is expected to be a bo0m! movie.
for your record
how can you live a world in your dream according to what u want?
according to what u wish?
have u ever know that
your subconcious mind hold a very deep memory
that even your concious-self didnt even get to know u have that kind of memory ?
intriguing isnt it?
sure it is.
leonardo dicaprio in this mindblowing movies
is actually a thief
a mind thief
he goes deep into his subject's mind to get their secrets.
and also
he can implement an idea into someone's mind
the catch is
the subject mustnt know that they are dreaming
so they need an architect
to design that dream
based on the real world.
there's goes part for ellen page.
but most of all
i like joseph gordon-levitt the most
and smart :)
500 days of summer XD
the most interesting scene
when they can go from a dream to another dream
and link all 5 ppl together
eh jap
lupe lak nk cte bnde paling penting
1 minit in real world
equals to 1 hour
if they die in dream
they will wake up
or if they cant make it
their body has to be given a kick
means any falling action in the real world
that falling will affect theirself in that dream.
mahu cerite sume mmg panjg a satu blog wehhh!
tengok sendiri
tara rugi
tidak maen maen.:)
p/s:mahu bermimpi la sekarang.bine dunie sendiri
pp/s: eh, baek mimpi soalan exam do! or better,a world without examination!
sape mahu ikot?ye ye saye !pilih saye! :D

move on !


bila waktu waktu nak dekat exam ni. alahai. ni yang kecut perot mak aih neyy. hua3. semua yang dah belajar,rase cam melayang-layang je.ya Allah.tolong lah aku ya Allah. seriesly, this is not a first time. so, sekali lagi saya merasai perasaan ini. kadangkadang rase, eyh, asal selalu cm ni eh? da jadi tabiatkah? mengapakah ? macamana neyy! ohhh.

tahu tak. aku kene score mid exam ney. aku kene score before final. aku kene. aku kene.orang laen mesti pikir aku cam go hard on myself right now. but actually,they really dont know what i am struggling with,so just shut up that damn mouth ! selama 4 sem ni,this is the only sem that i work my ass out. i become a serious person. i recluse myself from any distractions. i dont want to regret this moment. it is now or never.

math is already over. pasrah. coming exam: physics and biology 2.


Dont question why i'm doing this.

11 July 2010

sebab kami chantekk? wee !

hahaha. nampak tak gadis-gadis cantek di atas? ini lah kami. syud dan safi. suke sangat gambar2 ney sampai tak tahu nak pilih mane nak uplod. teehee XD. and this mean i let the pictalk.haha.aku jarang suh gambar yang cakap sebab aku suke sangat cakap, kannnn? tahu:D.

kitorang gi OU ney. nak tengok eclipse. memule plan nak g mid.hoho. pagi tu, dyorang ade exam chem. aku tade. so bantai tido la en.dyorg stat kul 9 habes kul 10.30. engat kan pagi tu nak basuh kain. aleh2 terlajak tido,trus tak bangkit sampai dyorg hbes exam ! plan engat nk g trus pas exam sbb ramai org kot ,eclipse wehhh! haha.aku punye gelabah. sekali safi kate: tape2 co0l.aku bagi kau 20 minit tuk siap. pehhh,terharu syial. sayang gile ah kat kau ! :)

then,odw nk kua pakgad dilema. mid ataw ou? memandangkan bas stop dibanjiri manusia,aku sure kat mid da ribut taufan petir angin sume (ramai org),hahaha,hyperbola bukan? trus imang mo0d. hiaaaa. akhernye,ke OU la kite yee. moh2! haha. tengokla ng jayenye. ulasan movie di entry bwh ini yee :)

pas semayang zuhur, isi perot. bunyik da campur hiphop ng irama malaysia dah ni. makan kat fo0dcourt. then aku ng syud beli aiyak (air). 3 air la sume. sirap,oren,teh. then abg tu kate "3 hengget je. satu agi abg belanje". we were like,err, okay.smile:). then g kat meja di mana safi yang menunggu dalam keadaan terpinga2. apakah yang berlaku tadi? betolke kami dibelanje oleh abg kaunter? gile musykilll. hua3. then, aku instinct aku mengatekan:" eh syud, aku rase kan, kite lawa sangat laaa sampai dye belanje kite" haha. siyes do. hati ini kuat mengatekan. rupe rupenye cek mek safi pon tak kurang hebatnye, " lau aku ade mesti trus free kan !" ahahaha.haah la safi,asal kau tak join beli air td ah.lau tak mmg jimat a kos makanan arini. ekeke. winkwink. so kami pon makan dengan happynye dengan memikirkan kami chantekk sehingge di belanja abg air di kaunter. hua3. naza aimi ina mas pon join.

then then,misi mencari beg pon bermula. jenuh la masuk setiap pelosok kedai yang memaparkan beg-beg terkini.situ sana sini sinun semate mate mencari beg idaman hati. last2 end up di Bonita.
weee. engatkan nak beli beg diskaun itu. last2 beli beg yang berharge 13 hengget sahaje.ye, betol tu,beli sebab murah !hua3. safi da dapat sandal dye. kami nak jugakkk! hahaha. aku pulakk dilemma nak beli kaler pe.pink|itam|pink|itam|pink? toink2. agak lame la membuat keputusan sehingge memeinta pandangan abg promoter di situ. pusing kepala ini. akhernye syud yang baek ati megalah :" aku amek la pink ni,lau hang nak tukar, aku tukaq bila2 masa ja " waaahhh! terharu ngokk! thanx syud ! touching wehh! hahaha. then gi kaunter bayaq. eh terkuar utagha!

beli due,so 26 hengget la kan? syud kua kan 13. aku lak 20. aku yang memang hebat kiremengire trus je bagi semua duet tu yang ber amount 33 hengget kat abg promoter =.=".
tetibe balance 10... o.O"? erk. tapi aku bla je a dari kedai sbb engatkan ade diskau n ke hape. kuaaa je kedai, syud membangkitkan persoalan baki tadi. tengok2 resit. eh eh,asal tade diskaun, tapi total pay is 36 ?! aku hengatkan insiden abg belanje di fo0dcourt akan berulang kembali. tapi dengan penuh kehumblean patah balek ke kedai tuk membetulkan kesilapan. laaa, dye betol2 salah aa. siap kire ng kalkulator tuuu. baki patot 7 . and u know what,still,dye wat mistake agi. he gave me 8 ! so aku ng baek hati dan penyabar nye, tolong menekan semule kalkulator dan menunjukkan nilai 7 kepada abg promoter sambil memulangkan semula 1hengget yang terlebeh tuu =.=". hahaha. yg paling best,dapat pujian freeee " awak ni baiklah. sape name?" uicehhhh
malu a weh ! :"> . ekeke. then kami kuar kedai lagi sekali dalam keadaan tersenyumm. eh, aku sorang je ah senyum. hahaha. time balek, aku berfikir la. asal la abg promoter boleh salah en. mamai ka? blur ka? then , instinct aku datang lagi ,bak 'tora datang lagi' gayanye. hahaha. "syud syud,aku rase en. abg tu tersalah sebab nampak kite chantek sangat kot !" syud: " yelah tu kot! "
hahahah. dan buat kali ketigenye, kami tersenyum sampai ke telinge hingge lah tibe di depan pakgad. wahaha :)))))).

nah amek gambar beg muraaa :D

pandangan atas

pandangan sisi

salu lau cakap chantek2 ney
mst teringat kat
fuziatul shafawani !
oh sahabat, bagaimana kamu di kuantan sana ya?

balek tu
syud n safi tgok avatar
who came up in my mind?
muna martadza !
ya kamu juga sahabat?
ada baikkah di sana?

semoge Allah merahmati kamu semua.

yang penting kami chantekkk!
hahaha :)


ini diaaaaa. tara!
apa yang BEST?
ni mmg aim tuk minggu ni
saje je tgok
saje gatal
wakaka XD

i didnt watch new mo0n.
so i really cant compar them two.
my friends said
the second part is better than this third.
may because
new mo0n has lots of conflicts
and the were superb !
this one,
manyak pulakk adegan XX dye
ade bnde yang pelek is
edward cullen tadela charming mane
(dont curse at me,it's true !)
jacob laaa
badan hot?
yang si bella ney plak
tak habes2 konflik diri nk pilih mne
cian mamat wolf oww
part yang paling best pon mase
wolf + vamp
cooperate nak lawan new born
and and
part yang dyorg jage bella lam khemah
jacob ckp :
" in fact ,i am hotter than you"
gile siot doooo
damn brave kot
edward gigit ko kang
yang taleh tahan
ade time tu
bella suh jacob cium dye ouh !
torture torture!
jangan tamak a bella!
bagi aku satu!

10 July 2010


“Ketahuilah bahawa, segala perbuatan kita adalah milik Allah. InsyaAllah bukan bicara kosong. Tetapi ia adalah doa agar Allah benar-benar merealisasikan apa yang kamu hendak buat. Macam kamu nak fotostat. Kalau kamu benar-benar serius hendak fotostat, maka katakanlah InsyaAllah agar Allah benar-benar izinkan kamu fotostat. Faham?”
Dan mata saya terbuka.
MasyaAllah. Rupanya, itulah dia InsyaAllah dalam erti kata sebenar.
Manifestasi ketundukan hamba kepada Rabbnya. Menyatakan betapa segala perbuatan hamba adalah di bawah keizinan Allah SWT. Maka jika benar serius hendak melakukan sesuatu perkara atau ingin mendapatkan sesuatu perkara, maka katakanlah InsyaAllah sebagai doa agar Allah mengizinkannya.
Bukanlah InsyaAllah itu digunakan untuk sesuatu yang tidak mahu dilakukan, atau dilakukan sambil lewa.

04 July 2010


yeah,some people DO change. in fact everybody will be changing. whether towards better or worse.
the greatest thing bout "change" is you will feel that your eyes are cheating,your ears are a big fat liar.u will think it is some kind of jokes ,but it will not last when somehow u realise it Is for real. your previous assumption are totally erased and u will see that person in a new perspective,in their new self. that "change" also will make u think about your own self. how you see yourself . your expectation towards self.well,people always said that dont judge a bo0k by its cover. it is true but u cant blame people for doing that. it is our nature. that's why the saying that comes next is; first impression is very important.

omelan hati

isilah aku. penuhkan aku.
tidakkah kau tahu aku lemas begini ?
apabila diriku kosong,losong, seperti tidak bererti ?

aku takut.
kekosongan memberi ruang kepada Arrajim
mereka menawarkan keseronokan
mereka menghamparkan kenikmatan
walau aku tahu ia hanya helah semata
namun fitrah diri,
aku pasti terpikat;
lalu terikat
lantas terbejat

pantaslah berfikir !
aku lapar ini.
aku perlukan makanan
aku kepingin santapan
bukankah kau tahu,
tiap-tiap butir laku kata mengingat padaNya
merenjiskan kesegaran
mngembunkan ketenangan

tuan ,
aku tidak mahu mati
sekarang, di sini
belum tiba masanya lagi.
sudah-sudahlah dengan halwa dunia tu tuan.
kau lupakah aku di sini?
di dalam ini?
aku juga penting
malah, pengawal aqli dan fiili.

tuan ,
lekaslah membenteng!
ada ajnabi,
yang tak henti-henti;
mengetuk pintu dinding
mengocak tasik sukma yang lama terbuncah
memaksa keras diriku menyerah
baik kau cepat tuan !
jika aku rebah,

tuan ,
adakah kau nampak lubang lubang itu?
eh, apakah titik-titik hitam itu?

aku berpenyakit tuan!
rawat aku ! sembuhkan aku!
panggil doktor! panggil misi! panggil sekuriti!
aku berpenyakit tuan !

oh penawar oh penawar

pernahkah walau sekali kau suakan aku
apa yang aku mahukan?
apa yang aku dambakan?

oh penawar oh penawar

aku mahu TUHAN !

Ya, Tuhan.

jika kau beri aku Dia
tiada apa lagi yang akanku rungutkan
tiada lagi pekikan pekikan yang merunsingkan

yang ada cumalah
ucapan kesyukuran

kerana ternyata
omelan ku mendapat perhatian

03 July 2010

Tomodachi :)

today, i went to ilmi's ouz. wedding event! wee~! her sister. omg! i dont even remember how many siblings she has. dang! besfren hampeh ~ ahaha. we've lost our contact quite for a long time laa. eventho she is in uia nilai. n i am in pj. we are busy with our own life. so,im glad i came home this week. bcoz i got to meet her ! and thanx a zillion trillion to fatinah for making it happen. thnx kat kakak kau ah sbb xjadi kua then sebat keta dia. muahahaha (evil laugh).
oh oh and it was a surprise! i didnt tell her that we are comin. taw2 da tercegat depan tent. miahaha. lets the picture do the talking,shall we?


luvluv sama itu

eNerGetiC and sHarP !

seXy and hOt !