29 June 2012

A gift from a Friend :')

Bandung's :')

Muhammad Farhan Sazali . 

The late-yet-meaningful birthday gift . Terharuuuu :') . Much obliged my friend :)

28 June 2012

In Between #4

My focus is slowly diminishing .

I dont know whether it is because the newcomer ?
or because kak linda and kak eily wasnt there ?
or because Coach was often not there ?


Cmonn Maslin !

I dont know , I started to ask the effect of my presence . Would they be lacking something if im absent? Or they will be JUST FINE without meeeee? :( . This is unacceptable !

Theres too many Guards now . My Oppurtunity is decreasing .and My weaknesses is leaking , one by one .
Arghh !

I cant post this at Twitter . Both my teammates were there .:/

So , Maslin Muntari , What you should do now ? Emmmmmmmmmm.

Bak kata Arjun : Focus and Be Serious . 

Bak kata diri sendiri : Abaikan perkara2 kecil tu . Dont let it drag you to a lower level than you are now .              
                                  They are not worth your emotion , remember ?

I have to admit , bila aku ulang alik rumah , my focus a lil bit deviate for a while . Huu  I guess .

Ottokeeeee oppaaaaaaa ?! Aaaaaaaaaaa Stressss -_______-"

18 June 2012

In Between #3


On friday .
Something bad happened to me , yet
Something great happened to me too .

So we need to check in the Mahallah for our training (LIDV) , as i m the representatives from Kuantan so im responsible to settle it up simply by giving the letter to the Mahallah office .Unfortunately , the office was closed ! Omaigaadd ! How am i supposed to get in my room ?! Plus , kak azri n paim both is on their way ! Gaaahaha! Called everyone . kak linda , Tun , un answered . Since Theres Interschool Debat Competition is being held at gombak , there were so many people . Including the mahallah infront of Aminah . Thank God Aiman who drove me there had some patience . Sorry cuzzie :/ . Apparently , the MRC said that the officers of Aminah had other programmes thats why its closed . Dayyumm ! So i need to find any of my friends whos in Gombak and Squattingg . Dayyyumm ! Its not that i dont have any friends there , but the fact that the holiday is just started i am 100% believe that theres Nooooooooooooooo one i know T__T .


Ohh i just remembered that some of my friends from Kuantan are the commitees for IDC ! Hence, i quickly called them .... Wohh what a Relieveddd !

And she is :

My fan ! *heheeh :D

The reason why im not going back home. *ehem*

Following them to mooting demo

Having hardtime on choosing the applied effects >.< Haha..

 Jadinye , semua barang taruk bilik dorang . Huhu  Sorry susahkannn :( . Nasebbaek dorang cool jee :') . However, from other point fo view, actually  i am so happy to see Kuantan's people at Gombak yaaaww !!!! :D Thats like a vacation without usingg any moneyyy with themmm. #eh ? Jalan2 satu Uia tu dengan diorang . Memang 1st time aku masuk AIKOL , Econs , Engine tu semuaaaa Hahahaha. and for the 1st time i sleep over with Kak Miraaa :') Heee.

Hah about room tadi tuu , Paim n Kak azri datang, tapi after i hv explained to them ,dorang balek umah since they came with car . I was being dropped by my cousin je . Heheh .Its okay . Because ive promised someone to treat him dinner :) . I asked Kak Mira to join us too since she knows him :D

Okey so basically , it was Friday , The office will only open on Monday , and Tun (coach) said there would be no training til next week . (._.)" . Means that I AM FREEEE . Hahaha . The plan is , i will sleep a night . On Saturday im going home . Okey . Eh tapi ada Hari Koop kat Sepintar hari Sabtu ! Ahaaa So i asked a favor from Asilah . Alhamdulillahhhh . Hehehe. Then , Sepintar here we goooooo ! :)

Jumpa budak ni haaa
Dame dan Raja
Memory Lane .
Uia dan Sepintar :')
Yang mana sempat :) Ohh love the 'extra actor' Heee :p

 Well , some people would actually feel so angry or mad at this kind of situation . But i know Allah wont leave me alone and i will gain new experience ! Despite that the chaotic moment when the office is closed , i get relieved by something bigger : meeting the familiar faces that warmth the heart ! heee. And i get to go to Hari Koop ! Always Keep calm and Trust Allah . Chillax :)

Alhamdulillah , it has been a great moment i must say ! ^.^

Thankyou Kak mira for eveything (the ups and downs ) :D

15 June 2012

In between #2

Assalam .

These past few days , my mind is lingered by this things .

Alhamdulillah , i am so grateful of my circle right now . I dont really think i would manage to come to this stage. Like seriously . Since highschool , ive never been lucky when it comes to this matter . Maybe this is what people calles as stage of life.

Ive been through lotsa craps in school . Until i reach a point where i thought that " aahaa , maybe im not meant to have like other people's  friendship ". You know , something like a clique thinggy , or something like if you wanna do something you certainly know who would come with you . Me ? I never had that feeling . I never sure who would be there for me when things get rough either . Even if theres any , not for long .

But Allah has His own plan , and Its always the best . When hardships came , I always truly convinced myself at that time , saying theres  a reason why i faced this now . Maybe Allah wants me to feel that now , instead of later ? Maybe He wants me to be more persevere ? Or Maybe... Well , Who knows ?

 So throughout the year untill this moment , ive learned that the concept in friendship that i hold before is wrong . The concept of Ukhuwwah Fillah . The concept of Loving your brother/ sister more than yourselves. I get it now . Moreover , after tons of tons of challenges , i now understand the reason behind what had happened before . All i know , it is just make me a wiser person and more understanding and being more appreciative towards people around me . And i gain varieties of perspectives too :) . So , its true that Allah put you in hard times to cleanse you :')

Gaaahaha . Suddenly i dont know how to express my gratefulness on how happy i am to have them in my lives . Specifically , my friends in Uia :') . I , myself cant really explain why is lately i feel more like... Myself (?). I might look hard at the outside , but , well , you never know whats inside right ? Then, i was so cautious in dealing with people . Always make sure that they dont get who am i actually . I would be who they thought i was . Not so- me at all . Now , i dont care who you are . Im just gonna be me. I dont need any reason to do what is good . I dont have to impress you . If you like me its good . If not, its your loss :) . And i just love how the varieties and the differences between us ( me and my friends) creates another universe, a whole lot better :). We cope with each others's weakness and cherish our strength :') . I have to admit , in anything you do , its always an excitement to have your friends together with you .So , we can lift up and motivate each other ,even cry our hearts out :D. Changing each other's views about something has always been an excitement to me .Sharing the moments , sharing the experiences .

Sometimes , when i look at my mom or my sister , im wondering , have they  met these kind of wonderful people in their lives before ? I also wondered , in 10 years time , would i be able to recall back all of you that have given a remarkable marks in important period of my life ? And im still wondering .

So thats it . I love you guys , whoever that had left and whoever is staying . Thankyou for teaching me the parts of life and thankyou for being there and thankyou for simply being YOU ! :)  Im just thankful for your existence ! :D I hope i gave you guys enough too to compensate what you guys have done for me too . In any way :) . It seems , after these years , its all worth it  and i deserve this . Thankyou Allah :')



Maka nikmat Tuhan kamu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan? (55:13)

Hai manusia, sesungguhnya Kami menciptakan kamu dari seorang laki-laki dan seorang perempuan dan menjadikan kamu berbangsa-bangsa dan bersuku-suku supaya kamu saling kenal mengenal. Sesungguhnya orang yang paling mulia di antara kamu di sisi Allah ialah orang yang paling bertakwa di antara kamu. Sesungguhnya Allah Maha Mengetahui lagi Maha Mengenal. ( Alhujurat: 13)

14 June 2012

In Between

Assalamualaikum orang kampung !

Ahaaa fuhh fuhh berhabukk dahhh haa blog aku nehhhh! Hahahhah :D

Hai awak ! hai anda ! hai semua ! hihihi gelak gedik .

Woihh banyak gilaaa benda nak citee , Tak campur lagi post2 yang tertunggak dulu tuu . hahaha

Emmm . So , in between kita nak kembali aktif ni , nak habaq mai sikit nehh , Ecewah .

Dulu , aku adaaa lah tulis cerita pasal  'Akma'  Ni . Haaaa , tak perasan kan ? Heheh , Longgtimeee agoo. berhentii punn bukan geti2 nak sambung balekk adoi nya punn , Hahahah . Boleh tekan link ni


Well , basically , is not about anyone pun , hehehe.Its about a girl , Muslimah , facing the trials and tribulations in her life . Moreover , Dulu aku suka Sastera :) hee. Ni macam serpihan2 / picisan2 / baki2 dalam diri yang masih ada . hehehe . Sastera ni umpama satu ekspresi diri. Hanya mereka yang macam aku je paham apa maksudnye  . Bunyik macam pelik , tapi bila aku dapat tulis/ baca something yang 'fuhh sastera habes!' , , ada satu macam ketenangan di hati :') . Ahaaa , tatahu nak explain gane :D

So , Embrace yourself . Terasa macam nak sambung balek . Heee :D

Tak lah berbakat mana ,tapi well . Setakat ini itu je lah yang termampuu ^.^

Baeklah semuaaa , I am backk ! hye KA !!! *tetibe :D hhehehehee

Anneyonggg ! :)