18 June 2012

In Between #3


On friday .
Something bad happened to me , yet
Something great happened to me too .

So we need to check in the Mahallah for our training (LIDV) , as i m the representatives from Kuantan so im responsible to settle it up simply by giving the letter to the Mahallah office .Unfortunately , the office was closed ! Omaigaadd ! How am i supposed to get in my room ?! Plus , kak azri n paim both is on their way ! Gaaahaha! Called everyone . kak linda , Tun , un answered . Since Theres Interschool Debat Competition is being held at gombak , there were so many people . Including the mahallah infront of Aminah . Thank God Aiman who drove me there had some patience . Sorry cuzzie :/ . Apparently , the MRC said that the officers of Aminah had other programmes thats why its closed . Dayyumm ! So i need to find any of my friends whos in Gombak and Squattingg . Dayyyumm ! Its not that i dont have any friends there , but the fact that the holiday is just started i am 100% believe that theres Nooooooooooooooo one i know T__T .


Ohh i just remembered that some of my friends from Kuantan are the commitees for IDC ! Hence, i quickly called them .... Wohh what a Relieveddd !

And she is :

My fan ! *heheeh :D

The reason why im not going back home. *ehem*

Following them to mooting demo

Having hardtime on choosing the applied effects >.< Haha..

 Jadinye , semua barang taruk bilik dorang . Huhu  Sorry susahkannn :( . Nasebbaek dorang cool jee :') . However, from other point fo view, actually  i am so happy to see Kuantan's people at Gombak yaaaww !!!! :D Thats like a vacation without usingg any moneyyy with themmm. #eh ? Jalan2 satu Uia tu dengan diorang . Memang 1st time aku masuk AIKOL , Econs , Engine tu semuaaaa Hahahaha. and for the 1st time i sleep over with Kak Miraaa :') Heee.

Hah about room tadi tuu , Paim n Kak azri datang, tapi after i hv explained to them ,dorang balek umah since they came with car . I was being dropped by my cousin je . Heheh .Its okay . Because ive promised someone to treat him dinner :) . I asked Kak Mira to join us too since she knows him :D

Okey so basically , it was Friday , The office will only open on Monday , and Tun (coach) said there would be no training til next week . (._.)" . Means that I AM FREEEE . Hahaha . The plan is , i will sleep a night . On Saturday im going home . Okey . Eh tapi ada Hari Koop kat Sepintar hari Sabtu ! Ahaaa So i asked a favor from Asilah . Alhamdulillahhhh . Hehehe. Then , Sepintar here we goooooo ! :)

Jumpa budak ni haaa
Dame dan Raja
Memory Lane .
Uia dan Sepintar :')
Yang mana sempat :) Ohh love the 'extra actor' Heee :p

 Well , some people would actually feel so angry or mad at this kind of situation . But i know Allah wont leave me alone and i will gain new experience ! Despite that the chaotic moment when the office is closed , i get relieved by something bigger : meeting the familiar faces that warmth the heart ! heee. And i get to go to Hari Koop ! Always Keep calm and Trust Allah . Chillax :)

Alhamdulillah , it has been a great moment i must say ! ^.^

Thankyou Kak mira for eveything (the ups and downs ) :D


Anonymous said...

gahahaa.. boleh bayang muka maslin time tu.. call semua org.. cayalah!

sweetcherrypie said...

wah gila cabaran! ko bwt ape kt gombak? ad match eyh?

max*bubble said...

Hihihi Imaaan ! :')
Muke cek gelabahh laa nal wat caneeee hihih :D

Unaaaa ! :D
Ada trainiggg 8)for masum :) Hikhik