21 April 2012


I am confuse .

Dear You , 

i know your badness already . And among all the guy i knew , you are the worst . But for some reason , i still stick around you . i dont know why. You got me hooked. n it is feel so weird . 

i started to think that you have some feeling for me , maybe ? but i dont know to even keep it , or  leak it. Yeah , the feeling . 

I cant believe i involved with people like you again. I met your kind once . And thats feel so enough . I had it enough . Dont wanna go through it again . But for some reason , i let myself to be here now. Yes , i dont know why.

Why do you have to be so attractive but so appaling at the same time ? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?

I dont know if i can hold this feeling any longer . What i know , you just contacted me because you wanna feel happy . No hard feeling . No . Nothing . Nada . Am i a toy for you to play ? 

should i rationalize my action OR should i just do what i wanna do to see where its gonna take me ?


I dont know.

Confused .

#Tomorrow is presentation. Goodnight :)


Bobo said...

tell him the truth! :D

Kay Amira Zain said...


max*bubble said...

Bobo : Naahhhhh ! ill keep it . Thanx btw ;)

KA : jeng3 :D