28 April 2012



It has been a while since i updated this blog , heheheh . Too much errands , and other priorities . So , lets cathc up !

Last week at the same day , we finished our leadership presentation : ZARA Fiesta !

Then , We had 2 basketball's friendly match back to back with SBPI Kuantan and Team U18 Kuantan :D

Yey ! But our play were so HORRIBLE  ! Im so dissapointed with myself :'( . However we managed to improved on 2nd match :). And alhamdulillah we won both games with distinction of 1 points :O

And so , we are so busy preparing for Magenta Family Day ! Weeeeeeeeeeeee ! :) Before that , we ramai2 watch cinema on Friday ! Like 20 of us ! Great ! <3 . The Avengers are Awesome ofcourse ;)

And after theseeeeeeeeeee Errands , the next work waiting for me and ofcourse the one which gives a major heart attack -------> UKHUWWAH DAY SCIENCESS !

This is only the one i snapped . AHhah a, gila malas nak uplod yg real nye :D Emm , really hope so they can come . This is one of major events for SCIENCESS after ISCAR . I cant ask for more :') Wuuuuuu.

Okey  Time to pack  ! :)

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