31 December 2011

Officially Finals .

Assalamualaikum orang kampung ! 

Exam den 30hb 12 tahun 2011 TADI ha !

Sekarang dah 31 hb eh ?

Aritu kami satu kampung buat solat hajat dan bacaan Yassin


Berjalan lancar :')

Selepas berebut2 tentang sapa nak jadi Imam akhernye jadi la jugak

heheh (note : Sarcasm)

Solat berjemaah :')
Sesi bersalaman -macam time skola :')

Rase tenang lebihh sikit hati :')

Everything went well masa exam


LOOK what i've found !

Can you seeeeee the KABUS up there ? WOHH :OO Subhanallaaaaaaaaah :'). What a beautiful scenery !
This picture is taken right after we finished the exam and exit out the exam hall , Heeee .Spot who's the Gals;)

And soooo , ade lagi Ompekkkkk kertahhhh (4kertas) hihih , 
Please pray for meyhhhh <3 
Adiossssss :)



Kata kita, "Saya memilih si dia kerana agama.." Kelihatannya seperti kita sungguh mementingkan agama sehingga dalam bab memilih pasangan, itu yang menjadi aspek utama nilaian. But, just be honest and take a moment to think..dalam kehidupan kita yang masih belum berpunya dan dipunyai ini, sudahkah AGAMA yang menjadi PRIORITI yang utama ? Sejauh mana MUJAHADAH menjadi teman apabila kehendak diri bertembung dengan arahan Tuhan ? Sejauh mana urusan IBADAH mengatasi urusan yang lain - lain? Tanya diri seikhlasnya dan jawablah sejujurnya. Jika kini kita masih cuai dengan agama dan kekal cuai dengannya, nilailah sendiri di mana makna "Aku memilih dia kerana agama.."


28 December 2011

Who would thought ..

Who would ever thought ...

That its almost 2012 ! While me , still feels that 2011 is just yesterday.

That im gonna be 21 .... Soon !

That im holding one of the big part in Sciencess next sem ! :S

That im still Single  HAHAHAHAHAH =.="

That my younger sistah will have a blog ! Awwwhhhh :')

That i would have many wonderful friends after ALL the ups and downs when 2011 ends :') 

That..... to be continued..... heheh :)

23 December 2011

Subhanallah . Alhamdulillah ,. Allahuakbar .

That amazing feeling when you know , the Man of your family ( brother , cousin) are on their way to be a better youth , as a Muslim , and starting to show a sense of great Leadership . Whats more captivating is , they are being cooperative in doing that. Subhanallah :) . Seeru ‘alaa Baraakatillah <3

♥ Merekalah bakal Pemimpin Keluarga , Islam dan Negara ♥

21 December 2011

Confession #1

Assalam . Hari ni saya kecewa dengan diri sendiri . LAGI . T.T

Satu sebab alarm da berbunyik , dan saya tidak bingkas bangun .
Dua sebab akibatnya , saya terlajak subuh dan tido , sekaligus mengorbankan kelas terakher aku hari ni T,T
Tiga sebab semalam perasaan kurang enak , lalu mahu dicurahkan ke dalam blog .Malangye , idea tetiba mati sebaek sahaja online . Seterusnye membuang masa aku nak belajar BM T,T
Empat sebab aku TERPAKSA bangun dan online jugak pagi ini kerana rupe2nye assignment Bm aku tak sent lagi =.=
Lima sebab aku sedang menaip benda ni -_______________________-"

Why oh whyyy internet seems more interesting lately ?
Because that cause me to sleep at3am every day !!!
I have NOOO idea why :|

Well , nak kecewa sangat pon taleh . Benda da jadi , so kene bangkit dan maju teruskan langkah ! Yoshh ! :D

8 Biggest Myths about EXAMINATIONS!!


Hehehee , cek duluuuuuu link ini . Terjumpa tadi :D hehe . So saya nak Copy sikit apa yang saya jumpa <3 :)

Exams come again, as usual, at the end of the semester, to judge our academic performance for the semester. So Sciencess would like to wish all students of Kulliyyah of Science.. ALL THE BEST!! Here, we would share 8 biggest myths about exams, as mentioned by Mark Patterson, in his Secret of LazySmart Students. Why do examinations cause so much anxiety even to those who have already studied thoroughly? Many of our fears are based on wrong beliefs about tests in general, and these myths unfortunately prevent us from faring well. Be aware of the following myths about exams and see if you agree:

1) If you fail, you have wasted your time.

Nothing is wasted if you've tried your best. Many exams are graded subjectively and there's no reason for you to punish yourself over it. Besides, you have retained valuable information while studying and you can always take the exams again, that time with more knowledge on what will be taken up.

2) The exam could out you as a phony, exposing gaps in your education.
Are examiners going to pick your answers apart? Most likely not; in fact, they understand the pressures that an exam-taker goes through and usually go out of their way to deliberately seek out what's good in the answer you have given. The more important thing to keep in mind is that the person checking your paper would be pleased with a show of effort, so even if you don't know the proper procedure, try your best to put together all the principles you've learned and come up with an educated guess and an evident effort to attempt a solution.

3) You should have studied everything.

At the late revision stages, there's no use worrying about what you weren't able to cover. By then it would be too late to cram too much stuff in your head. However, with the remaining time that you have, choose the material for last-minute revision wisely. First, don't bother reading on the subject matter that hasn't been taken up – that won't be included. Second, brush up on the things that are more likely to come up on the exam. How would you know what these are? Here are some clues:

a. Try to recall subject matter which your professor has mentioned more than once.

b. Read about topics he has assigned as homework.

c. Take note of items he has written on the blackboard, such as terms, names, formulae, or dates. If they were written down, they're likely to be included. d. If your teacher tells you that a particular topic will be included in the exam, there's a 99% chance that it will.

4) If you haven't understood what you have read, there's no use taking the exam.

University is so much different than high school in that there's a large volume of information you have to learn about in so little time. Because of this, it's highly unlikely that you would be able to comprehend each topic fully. When examination time comes around, it's only normal that there is a huge percentage of information that you don't really understand. What's important is for you to ask your teacher or classmates for clarification if you still have the time. If not, take the exam anyway – half your classmates probably don't know it all, either - just remember to have the subject matter explained to you after the exam so it will add to your stock knowledge.

5) The exam questions are not easily understandable.

Test designers don't want to make it difficult; they just want to make it difficult for cheaters. Expect some degree of difficulty as it's not an IQ test or a test of general knowledge but of the course that you're taking up.

6) Exams are for people with good memories.

Very few teachers these days give exams based on your having to enumerate several items or memorize a list of terms. They are now more concerned with testing your comprehension skills – how well you analyze a topic, how you compare and contrast, how you relate an item to the general lesson.

7) Exams are just for people who work extremely fast.

There are time limits in examinations because these are based on topics that have already been taken up; it's not as if you're about to solve a Math problem whose solution method you'll be seeing for the first time. If there's anything new in an exam, it's only the manner of presentation: same principles, different data.

8) Calculations are either right or wrong.

As was mentioned earlier, credit is almost always given for effort. Even if you don't get the final answer right, you'll still be credited for attempting a solution. Who knows, you might even find a correct solution that has never been tried before! Mark is the author of the most comprehensive and straightforward exam success guide.

17 December 2011

Random #2

Fullamaaaak . Baju tak basuh lagi . Bilik sepah .  Buku tak baca lagi . Bile nak berubah ? HAHAHHAHAAH. =.= "

okeybye .

15 December 2011

My friends are the most beautiful people #4 . -Election

Assalamm :)

Apa result election Sciencess semalam ? :D


 With 429 votes double up from the other two contenders.


Thanx to this girl :
She even accompanied me to the AGM to show her support :')

For nominating me . For having faith in me . For being easy and and supportive .

And not to forget my other friends as well , Batch 102 :')

Truth is ,

i get scared mase nak submit borang pencalonan . HAHAHA . =.="

Then, afterwards, all my friends keep saying like "we will vote you " and " go Maslin go !" :')

and i dont have any heart and gut to push them by saying , " People , im not in the election". That must break their heart , dont they?

All of sudden , i feel like , its a responsbility that have given to me the moment Fuzah announced to the class that Khairani and i will be participating in the election. Dayyyummm ! >.<

So , kitorang usaha gak la nak antar borang eventho tempoh dah tamat . Hehehe . Selamaat sempaaat :D

Hence , with that , saya pun tercalon la. hehehhe.

Looking at my face tertampal di depan Wackoss , sungguh.....HHAHAHAHAAH, first time ni weh dalam hidup akuu ! KAhkahkahkah.

Isnin dan selasa supposed to be promotion period . Tapi aku buat bodoh je la . Kalau jumpe kawan2 tu ada laa , aku cakap "Vote la aku eh? " HAHHAHHA =.=" Malu nye. hihihi.

Then, untill petang semalam , baru la nak start nervous . Perghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
.Dupdapdupdaaaaap. hihihi . Thanx fuzaaa sbb ikot pergii , tade laa aku jerit sorang2 , hehehehhehe :D. 

Huishhh . Dalam otak masa tu , " Cemana kalau aku tak terpilih ? " Cemana pulak kalau aku terpilih ? " Pffftttttt ! Sesakk sesaaak ! .

Tapi , i straighten my mind , by saying . Okey Maslin , ingat , apapun yg berlaku , Allah lebih mengetahui . Kalau kau boleh , Dia akan kasi  .  So , stay calm and be cool , Okey ?  he he he. Then , my heart is at peace.:)

Serious serious , bile die announce tu aku macam  BIAR BETOOOL ! HHAHAHH . alhamdulillahhh ! :) *siapa la yg vote aku nihh o,0?". Papehal pon, i know , people put trust on me , and im not gonna ruin that :)

Hihihi . Thankyou kamu semua ! Saya tak sangka ni , Serious. Dah bangun pagy ni , macam , Biar betull aku jadi exco sukan baru 1st year pffft . Hah , bunyik macam aku dpt post PM ke ape tah . Ye la , dah 1st time , mestilah excited skit wehhh hehehehhee.

Thing is , i am glad , i have made decision to bertanding . Thankyou rakan2 sekalian yang mmbaca blog ini . Jasamu amatlah dikenang  . Tuhan je yg dpt mmbalasnya :') . Saya takkan sia2kan kepercayaan kamu semue okey ? InsyaAllah sy akan buat yg terbaek :) Heee .

Ini Bai'ah :

In the name of Allah
The Most gracious the Most merciful
Solemnly pledge
To fulfill
The trust given by the students
To uphold and to demonstrate
The supremacy of Islam
In every aspect of life
To promote
Unity and solidarity
In the spirit of Islamic brotherhood
Among students and stuffs
And among students themselves as a whole
To represent
The interest of all the members of the society
In dealing with Kuliyyah
And the administration of the University
In the manner deemed fit
To organize and administer
The affairs of the students
In conformity with islamic teachings

With integrity
And wholeheartedly

" Kadang2 kita takyakin dengan diri sendiri  . Tapi bila orang sekeliling menunjukkan kepercayaan , kita automatik akan percaya kat diri sendiri . Sebab itu penting nye hidup dalam komuniti yang positif . Ini kita panggil Simbiosis " - Dr. Maslin.

p/s: Thank God i have many positive Friends :') ,and thats including YOU who read this :)

13 December 2011

Weird and weirder


I have this some kind of phase in my life that i would call as a " weird" phase .

The signs are : I would be very very veryyyy sensitive , even the smallest things and feel like everybody is alienating me =______="

All of sudden !

YEahhhh , WEIRDDD righttt ? Hahahhhahah.

There are 3 reasons t guess whyyy i would feel like that :
1) Mytime of the month is cominggg
2) I hv lotsa free times . If im in busy states , i have nooo time to think about stuffs like that .
3) Im unhealthy . I have negative aura surrounding me .I need to exercise . Pronto !

Hehehee , so the fastest thing to do is to go home and left everything behind , enjoying myself till the end (of weekend duhh ?) Haha.

 YES , my family . The recharger :)


Its Ani 's birthdaaaaaaay ! :)

Did i ever tell you that i could rather die for them ? :')

Came back to Uia , and filled back my free sweet time with things that "Not make me feel being left alone ! " HAHA .

Nehh , its just my feelings je kot . No , u dont have to take it seriously . Every once in a while , people would have this NUMB feelings . I experienced that many times , back at my schoolhood. Hihi. I just thought that is a sign of Allah to tell me that ,"You have gone through so many things , but u do have to purify your heart . Come to me , as I will always be here " ... Yeah , like that . Hehe .

Well Then, people ! , Look at this :

The voting session is tomorrowwwww ! So , wish me luckk ! :) Heeeee.

08 December 2011

Will it be you ?


These days , something crossed my mind .

 Looking at the trend nowadays where we say something we offended  about, our friend especially ,by stating them anonymously , making the world know what they have done . What if , your friend did the same thing to you ? How would you feel ?

Or ,

Ancient way . Talking behind her back to a person or another friend . What would make them feel like ? You you ? How would you feel if you know that your close friend talked about you behind you ? What would you think about her ?

Back at my childhood days , i had so many experience about these kind of things . They made me feel how bad i was . So horrible . So terrible . It was like i had killed someone , or i made an illegal crime . Or was it just me who took it too seriously ? hee. Anyhow , i know the feeling , to acknoledge when myself is being discussed . Or in other word , i am the topic of the discussion . Hahah .I was like , Why ? Whyyy you have to discuss about me ??? Am i that interesting to be talked about ? And you , you my friend . You should be the one who stand up against me . But what did you do ? It was You who stabbed me with a sharpened knife , straight to my pumpy heart . How could you ?

Haa , enough of the monologue .

Well , this thought came to me alot , these days . And whenever i wanna talk about my friends , i would think : what will i feel if they do the same thing to me ? answer :Yes , i would be hurt . And same goes to them . I dont wanna hurt my friends who i treasure the most . Never .

and here , i wanna say , friends , i am sorry if i ever talked behind your back. I am . Ive been surrounded by guilty feelings , knowing that other people heard stories about you from me :( . I always thought that it would clear my mind . Thing is , most of the times , its because im worried . And you know whats worse ? When what i expected , is not true . Yes , its an assumption. We cant read people's mind , nor heart . So , why should i try ? hmm. Pardon me . You is you . Im just me , a human that makes mistake .

So , before i end this post .

I have this one friend . She forbid me to do this one thing . We even had an small issue about it then . I accepted her request . I called this RESPECT . Well ,  I assumed , that one thing , she shall applied to all of her friends. Ironically , it seems not . and i am confused  . I thought i was being insensitive . But then , whats the meaning of this ? Where is your stand sister ? Enlighten meeeeee .Haish.

Okey ,i just expressed something here . Hahahah. Err ,Where do i stand now ? Haiyaaa . Okey bye :)

06 December 2011

Random #1

We are just four strangers living in the same room #fact
 -and its not a bad thing at all .

Something weird happened to me today . Eh tonight . Hehe . I wanna do revision . But i cant do it in my OWN room . I just cant . I have this urging feelings to go to T6 and meet my biomed's friends. So ,the target  should be Syud's room :D .

Maybe its because , last weekend , i just stayed in the room With Mumu , and i had it enough . I mean , Well , you know that i am an active person. So , as we are heading to finals , my activities have been lessen to give me more time and space to do revision .(Plus we dont have lab anymore. Duduk bilik sampai Muntaaaaaaah !) But i know now , i would feel booringg without any plan that make my life hectic . I know now , im not the person who would study all the timeeeee , without involving myself with the people and the world . I KNOW NOW .

And back to the word " i had it enough" . Last weekend ,i just stayed in the room Purposeless . What i did is , reread a simple note *that almost killed me* , Have a fashion show awhile *hehe* , have a movie night . And thats just it . A full day in the room . Thank God i survived :D. On Sunday , at 2pm i have SAP meeting till evening . That saved me .

Yes , its a proof that im not a room-person-allthetime . Alhamdulillah , my friends at T6 did not rejected me (that would be pathetic wasnt it ? hihi ) , Thankyou deariessss :) . Alhamdulillah , i get to revise my Organic Chemistry tonight . Thankyou Allah :)

No , i am not sighing . Dont get me wrong . I was trying to tell you another thing i discover about myself. Ofcourse i loooooooove Freetimes ! Just need a way how to spend it ;) Hihi , Btw , Thankyou for reading :)

04 December 2011

Where is The love ?

Do we need love that much in our life ? I mean , Apart from Allah And  , family and friends . SO that left , love from different gender .

Is it me , or its just a fact that an unlawful love relationship before marriage is harmful ? Yes , from what i can see , theres no good in it . Sooner or later . And when i say ' unlwaful' , i hope you get what i mean .

Its not that i havent experience any of this feeling . I admit ,it was a very beautiful feelings with a happy tree life in it . Where flowers are everywhere . and everything seems right , good and nice. All The Time . *fireworks*

But i dont know , since when that this 'love fuse' of mine got switched off , and everything about this love is unacceptable to me . Besides the stories from my friends , and people around me , maybe because the didikan i used to have at my secomdary school. *alhamdulillah*

Love good when its right , True ?

I have seen my friends that are dying to save their relationships . I have seen my friends who have been struggling to make their relationship works . and all that , for the means of suffering . They dont get what they want .First of all . " damn kau lelaki buat kaum wanita camni ! Apa kau engat kau lelaki kau boleh suka2 je maenkan perasaan orang ?! Wakluuuuu! Kau dah setuju nak kongsi hati sama2 , susah senang gembira sedih semua . Bile kau taknak , kau tolak ketepi jeee ?! Kau memang manusia paling kejam dan gila !

Whats worse , my friend even have this 'graveful sin' idea of solving things . I understand that things that have got to do with feelings are not as easy as ABC to be resolved . but Come on l ! Come to your senses sayangggg ! You got a lot more in this life to do . You shouldnt have wasted your time with this kind of person anymore . WALK AWAY . Please jangan kecewakan orang2 yang sayangkan kau .

Honestly , i am sad . Yes , i really really really sad . You shouldnt have hold a person if you dont want them in your life anymore . And if you still want them , please treat them right . In fact , i am sad knowing the severity of my friend's condition . She is too strong . too strongg to hold on too long . I wish she could just let it go . How I wish smile could come back to her face naturally , not tears that being shed for that useless person !

Have you heardabout Hilal Asyraf ?

He is an author. A respected and well-knownIslamic novel writer , in Malaysia.
One thing i like about him is , 
from the books and website he wrote , he gave a clear guideline on how to live a life as a Muslim . In a very casual way . Thats not ordinary you know ? We have numerous name of author in writing field , but not many of them could make it as simplest as him . *Okay enough of the praises .

Because of his writings , i have seen Love in different context , different view . In a way that i would say more practical , and ofcourse , stay Lawful in religious . You just can go to Langitilahi.com if you want to know more :)

So , from these two sources , friends' experience and HA , i concluded that love is a fitrah , a beautiful feeling that God gives to us as His servants . But we have to know how to gain and how to keep it sacredly. Never too little , never too much . Be moderate . And surely , in His blessings .

However , i dont see the need for 'that'  love in this age yet . 

Spare me.

03 December 2011

Long lists

Praise be to Allah .

So many things had happened . But i couldnt get enough time to write it in here .

This post is started with Alhamdulillah , its due to my previous post where i said i had to cancel many things , but by the will of The Almighty Allah , some of it can still be worked out . Alhamdulillah . Thats what im gonna wrote :)

1st : I am so happyyyyyyy and excited  watching my batch wearing the MAGENTA's jersey . Nevertheless ,          
        I won the Interbatch . BOTH games . Alhamdulillah :')

2nd :Remember i said that i cant go to Biomalaysia because of birocracy stuffs ? Well , actually i was wrong . Thank God He gave me such a beautifull friends. We actually have to confirm our presence to that event on THE SAME DAY WITH INTERBATCH . and the counter was far . Its like no wayy im gonna go there while im having my games at the student . But then ,one of my friend confirmed it for me une and fuza. Thanx Alyaa :')

3rd : So thats meaaaaaaaaan I CAN GO HOMEEEEE ! MUahahahahahha :D . and be able to welcome my parents from Hajj ! ^__^

4th : MABA in KUantan babeyhh ! , So i skipped half of my class-hours heheehe. And went there with Kak Azriiii ! Weee , Met Azaaaad ! :)

5th : Went to Syud's House. Helloooooooooooooooo Perlisss ! Im cominggggg for the first timeeee ! <3 :)
*gonna make a special entry about this ;)

UIA-ans :')

6th :Watched MAMA 2011 streaming onlineeeeee ! Hehehe , *itupunnakciteeee :D

B2stt !!!1 *melt*

7th : Having my last session of Microbe labb ! Yeyyy ! *dancing emiticon*

8th :Met an Old fren of mine here in Uia, because of IPT futsal event :)

9th : Ombak Rindu <3 :)

Nothing more i can say but alhamdulillah alhamdullillah wa shukrilillah :')

I am thankful to the great great Nikmah that been given by Allah.

May i will be a better servant after this insyaAllah :)