04 December 2011

Where is The love ?

Do we need love that much in our life ? I mean , Apart from Allah And  , family and friends . SO that left , love from different gender .

Is it me , or its just a fact that an unlawful love relationship before marriage is harmful ? Yes , from what i can see , theres no good in it . Sooner or later . And when i say ' unlwaful' , i hope you get what i mean .

Its not that i havent experience any of this feeling . I admit ,it was a very beautiful feelings with a happy tree life in it . Where flowers are everywhere . and everything seems right , good and nice. All The Time . *fireworks*

But i dont know , since when that this 'love fuse' of mine got switched off , and everything about this love is unacceptable to me . Besides the stories from my friends , and people around me , maybe because the didikan i used to have at my secomdary school. *alhamdulillah*

Love good when its right , True ?

I have seen my friends that are dying to save their relationships . I have seen my friends who have been struggling to make their relationship works . and all that , for the means of suffering . They dont get what they want .First of all . " damn kau lelaki buat kaum wanita camni ! Apa kau engat kau lelaki kau boleh suka2 je maenkan perasaan orang ?! Wakluuuuu! Kau dah setuju nak kongsi hati sama2 , susah senang gembira sedih semua . Bile kau taknak , kau tolak ketepi jeee ?! Kau memang manusia paling kejam dan gila !

Whats worse , my friend even have this 'graveful sin' idea of solving things . I understand that things that have got to do with feelings are not as easy as ABC to be resolved . but Come on l ! Come to your senses sayangggg ! You got a lot more in this life to do . You shouldnt have wasted your time with this kind of person anymore . WALK AWAY . Please jangan kecewakan orang2 yang sayangkan kau .

Honestly , i am sad . Yes , i really really really sad . You shouldnt have hold a person if you dont want them in your life anymore . And if you still want them , please treat them right . In fact , i am sad knowing the severity of my friend's condition . She is too strong . too strongg to hold on too long . I wish she could just let it go . How I wish smile could come back to her face naturally , not tears that being shed for that useless person !

Have you heardabout Hilal Asyraf ?

He is an author. A respected and well-knownIslamic novel writer , in Malaysia.
One thing i like about him is , 
from the books and website he wrote , he gave a clear guideline on how to live a life as a Muslim . In a very casual way . Thats not ordinary you know ? We have numerous name of author in writing field , but not many of them could make it as simplest as him . *Okay enough of the praises .

Because of his writings , i have seen Love in different context , different view . In a way that i would say more practical , and ofcourse , stay Lawful in religious . You just can go to Langitilahi.com if you want to know more :)

So , from these two sources , friends' experience and HA , i concluded that love is a fitrah , a beautiful feeling that God gives to us as His servants . But we have to know how to gain and how to keep it sacredly. Never too little , never too much . Be moderate . And surely , in His blessings .

However , i dont see the need for 'that'  love in this age yet . 

Spare me.


amalina said...

aku setuju!!! tinggalkn je laki2 yang xreti nk hargai ni..plus, dun trust them easily.cz half of them are hipocrite.serioulsy!!

max*bubble said...

Hahahhahhaaahahh dont degading your ownself ;)