03 December 2011

Long lists

Praise be to Allah .

So many things had happened . But i couldnt get enough time to write it in here .

This post is started with Alhamdulillah , its due to my previous post where i said i had to cancel many things , but by the will of The Almighty Allah , some of it can still be worked out . Alhamdulillah . Thats what im gonna wrote :)

1st : I am so happyyyyyyy and excited  watching my batch wearing the MAGENTA's jersey . Nevertheless ,          
        I won the Interbatch . BOTH games . Alhamdulillah :')

2nd :Remember i said that i cant go to Biomalaysia because of birocracy stuffs ? Well , actually i was wrong . Thank God He gave me such a beautifull friends. We actually have to confirm our presence to that event on THE SAME DAY WITH INTERBATCH . and the counter was far . Its like no wayy im gonna go there while im having my games at the student . But then ,one of my friend confirmed it for me une and fuza. Thanx Alyaa :')

3rd : So thats meaaaaaaaaan I CAN GO HOMEEEEE ! MUahahahahahha :D . and be able to welcome my parents from Hajj ! ^__^

4th : MABA in KUantan babeyhh ! , So i skipped half of my class-hours heheehe. And went there with Kak Azriiii ! Weee , Met Azaaaad ! :)

5th : Went to Syud's House. Helloooooooooooooooo Perlisss ! Im cominggggg for the first timeeee ! <3 :)
*gonna make a special entry about this ;)

UIA-ans :')

6th :Watched MAMA 2011 streaming onlineeeeee ! Hehehe , *itupunnakciteeee :D

B2stt !!!1 *melt*

7th : Having my last session of Microbe labb ! Yeyyy ! *dancing emiticon*

8th :Met an Old fren of mine here in Uia, because of IPT futsal event :)

9th : Ombak Rindu <3 :)

Nothing more i can say but alhamdulillah alhamdullillah wa shukrilillah :')

I am thankful to the great great Nikmah that been given by Allah.

May i will be a better servant after this insyaAllah :)

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