08 December 2011

Will it be you ?


These days , something crossed my mind .

 Looking at the trend nowadays where we say something we offended  about, our friend especially ,by stating them anonymously , making the world know what they have done . What if , your friend did the same thing to you ? How would you feel ?

Or ,

Ancient way . Talking behind her back to a person or another friend . What would make them feel like ? You you ? How would you feel if you know that your close friend talked about you behind you ? What would you think about her ?

Back at my childhood days , i had so many experience about these kind of things . They made me feel how bad i was . So horrible . So terrible . It was like i had killed someone , or i made an illegal crime . Or was it just me who took it too seriously ? hee. Anyhow , i know the feeling , to acknoledge when myself is being discussed . Or in other word , i am the topic of the discussion . Hahah .I was like , Why ? Whyyy you have to discuss about me ??? Am i that interesting to be talked about ? And you , you my friend . You should be the one who stand up against me . But what did you do ? It was You who stabbed me with a sharpened knife , straight to my pumpy heart . How could you ?

Haa , enough of the monologue .

Well , this thought came to me alot , these days . And whenever i wanna talk about my friends , i would think : what will i feel if they do the same thing to me ? answer :Yes , i would be hurt . And same goes to them . I dont wanna hurt my friends who i treasure the most . Never .

and here , i wanna say , friends , i am sorry if i ever talked behind your back. I am . Ive been surrounded by guilty feelings , knowing that other people heard stories about you from me :( . I always thought that it would clear my mind . Thing is , most of the times , its because im worried . And you know whats worse ? When what i expected , is not true . Yes , its an assumption. We cant read people's mind , nor heart . So , why should i try ? hmm. Pardon me . You is you . Im just me , a human that makes mistake .

So , before i end this post .

I have this one friend . She forbid me to do this one thing . We even had an small issue about it then . I accepted her request . I called this RESPECT . Well ,  I assumed , that one thing , she shall applied to all of her friends. Ironically , it seems not . and i am confused  . I thought i was being insensitive . But then , whats the meaning of this ? Where is your stand sister ? Enlighten meeeeee .Haish.

Okey ,i just expressed something here . Hahahah. Err ,Where do i stand now ? Haiyaaa . Okey bye :)


Kay Amira Zain said...

You make me eager to know who is this sister . LOL

max*bubble said...