28 February 2012

Come to your senses !

Focus in anything you do.
 Everything is Your own choice. 
Once you have started, go all the waaaaaaaay 
and FINISH it with all your might :)

Assalam !

It has been awhile since i met Didi and Aena .

Turns out , they faces alotsa problems.  Didi's mom just got passed away . Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiuuunnn. :'( . Im sorry to hear that Didi . Be strong okeyyy ! :)

Aena got family problem. But she can take this . Her spirit is at the top .

Both are meaningful to me in this business. Both are the people i wanna keep and treasure .

So kak An asked me to keep track of them , always updating whats happening  Because both of them ,TRUST me . 

Wow ! Thats not something i usually get , and able to see . :') .

and kak an said something about focusing on one thing. Yes , i know i have a lotsa thing to cope right now . I am trying my best here. But now im reconsidering to be serious on this field , because of these two people . They need my help . And i have to commit till the end .

 Yes , this is my new vision. I must not let anything slipped off my hand anymore ! :D

Go Maslin goooooooooooooooooooo ! <3

Now , im reconsidering 

27 February 2012


Assalamm !

1.Last week , i was sooooooo busy with Sciencess ' selection , it costs me my classessssssss. and my bone . and my minyak motor. Haha -.-"

This is all for the sake of IKG on 5th March .

Suddenly , Chief AKA Gafa called me and said that IKG will be postponed. And i was like " THE HECKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK?! ". Lost myself for a while T.T

I was like... " Kalau lah tahuu... T.T" wuwuwuwwwuwww.

Then , something knocked my head . What i was thinking ? Isnt that good ? So , i dont have to burn my class nextweek too anymore. And i will have more freetime then :D . Haiyaaaa. 

Btw , It is postponed to 12th March till 9th March .:D

2. I was forbidding myself to expose myself to any track event, as i was handling it. and everything seems havoc. Then suddenly there were training for Sukma at the stadium , and the coaches are all over the place. And i cannot help myself to have a conversation with one of them. It was Coach Chan . Mohammad Chan , to be specific . Turned out , it has triggered something inside me to run too -.-". This is major temptation. Haiyohhh. So, i ran . Muehehehe. Guess not bad for a retired athlete huh ? hihih . Average14 t0 15. Weeee :)

3. On Saturday , i got Peers Retreat 2 at Mercu Resort , Cherating. Weee. The food was superb and everything was freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *the best part* Muehehhe , We Peers are spoilt XD. Somehow , i take that as a holiday , awayy from all my works for a weekk :D  HIhi Refreshing! :D

The first part in the morning , is learning session about councelling . After Zuhur prayer , We got outdoor activities provided Teambuilding Group - Seefoo Outdoor ! Thanx Mdm Rina ! :')

BELUT ! :)

4. Today , Sunday we had a friendly match with Semsas. To warm us up as basketballer . 4 quarter . School people , what do you expect ? Energetic and Young T,T wuwuwuw. Ahaha. Theres an error at 3rd quarter , habes ayam ng diorang -.-" , 4th quarter manage to chase , but it was too late . The ref has blowed his whistle . We have been defeated by schoolerd T,T. Hahah  . Nevermind. Actually i was impressed with how i rolled with them . Perghh , da lama tak maen sesama :') Quality game , quality time with quality players <3 hihi.


Iknow my weekend already finished . But , i spent it with beautiful friends, doing what i like . Whats better than that ? ;)

19 February 2012

Just for fun :)

Induction : Lead Out Loud from max on Vimeo.

Fully booked .


This weekend im not booked actually *cewahh* , and suddenly like " apahallah aku tak balek ? " Demmit =.="

Just so you know , i am soo freaked out because of this upcoming Interkuliyyah muahahaha.

This is random .

I just tweeted something . and i dont state any details or particular to who , but somebody enable to guess n i was like whatthehelllll ?

Wohh  this iss soo dangerousss . She is one of my subcom , nah nah nah . Cannottttt . Hahahha . Bahaya ade org bawah tahu apa yg kita pikir -.-". Sekarang tmpt yg selamat adalah blog . Sebab tak ramai tahu blog saya yey ! Betul ke rakan2 ? :8) hihihi. Fb mmg mcm dah tak bernyawa dah laaa pfffft!

WAIT! i am screweedddd .

Ramai gak org bwh in twitter T,T , i cant be emo la like thisss =_______="

Penyu, Thai , Arab Saudi , Ng , Ceri , 102 ,

*padahal excited Gilaaaaa Thai add twitter cehcehceh :D* hihii

and random lagi ?

Pagi tadi should be pegi talk , pastu tidoq tak engat duniaa , lagsung tak pi . Mbahahhah ! , KA pun lebeh kurang aku je hahahahha :D

more and more randomness ?

Semalam  pi sport n division nak tempah court la bagai , and realised my communication skill is ever worst ! T,T Tsk tsk , wuwuwuwwuwuuwuwwuwuwuwuw . I is saaaad . Cant do anything properly :'(

My body is drained by excessive training of basket ball  . Ohh lemak , please go awaaaaaaay :|. So , i feel amazingly tired pastu class at 8.30 or 9 and kene bangun at 8 :OOOO

Thats why ari sabtu is hari merehatkan badannn ! Duduk bilik sampai lebaaaam ! :)

and yes , why is it suddenly his name is everywhere in my friend;s names ? =.="

Serious aaa people ?

16 February 2012

15 February 2012

Find Your Way.

Assalam .

Last weekend actuallly , i have Induction course for 3 days at Bukit Tinggi Pahang for Sciencess's Exco Tenure 2011/2012. This progaramme is specially to boost up our spirit and confidence plus , breaking the ice between us  since we dont know each other that well yet .

Alhamdulillah , i can say , this is the answer for my previous post :) Thankyou Allah and thankyou to the mainboard for making this course . I am now more convince of myself to hold this position with Gafa :)

I have to admit , it was a lil awkward at first . But thanks to my ' slumber-badak' attitude , i past that . Hehe . So insyaAllah , i can do my very best ! and of course the first mission is to ensure Sciencess stay on Top in IKG ! Wohhohhhhhh ! Im all nervous here right now . 24/7 heads on it . Wowowowowwww! Hahahha. Semangat gila =.=".

The scenery
The speaker
The activity
The boys
The "me' HAHA
The Hiking (?)
The Partner :)
The presentation
The food :)
The President .

Alors , c'est Fin . Voila ~ ! Lets strive for Interkuliyyah ! MAy we got champion again ! Ameeeeen  :) <3

08 February 2012

How to explain this ?

Now Playing : Terlalu Cinta .

I dont know how to describe my feelings really is . I just gonna spill everything out in here . So will you decide what is it actually , Please ?

Start .

#1. So Its the start of my new sem . The second year . At Last . The transition of year . Just so you know how much time u have to take when studying in Uia . The risk u have to take -Im 21 this year , and AT LAST A second year student . Well , LATE . Haha

#2. But thats not a problem .  Im okay :)...but Still , a fact . And the beginning of my new sem also means , the beginning of my new "added" responsbilitiessss. Yeah , remember the election that day ? My work starts now , this 2nd year . And... I have a new bestfriend ! (people would say " baby" , but whattheck. Muehehe). My new bestfriend is Suzuki Step 125 ! Yeyyy ! Thanks Ayah for that scooter . Im gonna takecare of it like my lover  . Hihih :)

#3. And here we go . The first meeting . Its prior to gain information from the old tenure. Alien . Awkward . The two one-word i can say . Probably because they are not the familiar faces that i used to . I feel weird myself . Hoho . Usually , i have this Excited-self that no one could defeat . Muahaha . I guess it just a change i have to adapt that goes along with my age... Yeah , i guess .

#4 Even before the days i start this sem , at home , i have this some sort of feeling of breakdown. And i have NOOO idea whythehell is that . Emmm. I guess i just missed everybody :/ and the fact i was leaving home for UIA kot.. This morning , the class was about 30 minutes , and i was late (was  meant to :D) . Plus , Many of them is not coming back yet . (cruel!) . So, i dont get to see themm.. hmmm. Depression @@

#5 Well u see , everything is like in a wrong place right now . Except for my scootie. I even have this selfconflict , low selfconfidence,  inferior , whatsoever . Hohoh . ASAL KAU WEHH ?! T,T. and i agree about this : Sometimes i need someone to tell me what to do . yet.... i dunno what exactly i wanna hear right now -,-"

#6 . I played basketball this evening . i doubt my passion . Theres no sparks at all . Weird . Weird . Weird .

#7 . I feel like a fake like now....... Fake . Fake . Fake .

#8 . Yes , and i dont know what to do to lift my mood up , my spirit , my motivation .

So , could you tell me which one of these that gives u idea what is actually happened to me . Blerghhh @.@

p/s : Theres a reason why i didnt post up my activities in my 3 weeks hols . Mostly because i dont care about this freaking laptop when im home as i already have TV :D heee. and , i left my cable , so cant post the pics as much as i want muahhaha... Or , i just lazy :p hihi.

p/s 2 : This lonely Heart .