08 February 2012

How to explain this ?

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I dont know how to describe my feelings really is . I just gonna spill everything out in here . So will you decide what is it actually , Please ?

Start .

#1. So Its the start of my new sem . The second year . At Last . The transition of year . Just so you know how much time u have to take when studying in Uia . The risk u have to take -Im 21 this year , and AT LAST A second year student . Well , LATE . Haha

#2. But thats not a problem .  Im okay :)...but Still , a fact . And the beginning of my new sem also means , the beginning of my new "added" responsbilitiessss. Yeah , remember the election that day ? My work starts now , this 2nd year . And... I have a new bestfriend ! (people would say " baby" , but whattheck. Muehehe). My new bestfriend is Suzuki Step 125 ! Yeyyy ! Thanks Ayah for that scooter . Im gonna takecare of it like my lover  . Hihih :)

#3. And here we go . The first meeting . Its prior to gain information from the old tenure. Alien . Awkward . The two one-word i can say . Probably because they are not the familiar faces that i used to . I feel weird myself . Hoho . Usually , i have this Excited-self that no one could defeat . Muahaha . I guess it just a change i have to adapt that goes along with my age... Yeah , i guess .

#4 Even before the days i start this sem , at home , i have this some sort of feeling of breakdown. And i have NOOO idea whythehell is that . Emmm. I guess i just missed everybody :/ and the fact i was leaving home for UIA kot.. This morning , the class was about 30 minutes , and i was late (was  meant to :D) . Plus , Many of them is not coming back yet . (cruel!) . So, i dont get to see themm.. hmmm. Depression @@

#5 Well u see , everything is like in a wrong place right now . Except for my scootie. I even have this selfconflict , low selfconfidence,  inferior , whatsoever . Hohoh . ASAL KAU WEHH ?! T,T. and i agree about this : Sometimes i need someone to tell me what to do . yet.... i dunno what exactly i wanna hear right now -,-"

#6 . I played basketball this evening . i doubt my passion . Theres no sparks at all . Weird . Weird . Weird .

#7 . I feel like a fake like now....... Fake . Fake . Fake .

#8 . Yes , and i dont know what to do to lift my mood up , my spirit , my motivation .

So , could you tell me which one of these that gives u idea what is actually happened to me . Blerghhh @.@

p/s : Theres a reason why i didnt post up my activities in my 3 weeks hols . Mostly because i dont care about this freaking laptop when im home as i already have TV :D heee. and , i left my cable , so cant post the pics as much as i want muahhaha... Or , i just lazy :p hihi.

p/s 2 : This lonely Heart .

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