15 February 2012

Find Your Way.

Assalam .

Last weekend actuallly , i have Induction course for 3 days at Bukit Tinggi Pahang for Sciencess's Exco Tenure 2011/2012. This progaramme is specially to boost up our spirit and confidence plus , breaking the ice between us  since we dont know each other that well yet .

Alhamdulillah , i can say , this is the answer for my previous post :) Thankyou Allah and thankyou to the mainboard for making this course . I am now more convince of myself to hold this position with Gafa :)

I have to admit , it was a lil awkward at first . But thanks to my ' slumber-badak' attitude , i past that . Hehe . So insyaAllah , i can do my very best ! and of course the first mission is to ensure Sciencess stay on Top in IKG ! Wohhohhhhhh ! Im all nervous here right now . 24/7 heads on it . Wowowowowwww! Hahahha. Semangat gila =.=".

The scenery
The speaker
The activity
The boys
The "me' HAHA
The Hiking (?)
The Partner :)
The presentation
The food :)
The President .

Alors , c'est Fin . Voila ~ ! Lets strive for Interkuliyyah ! MAy we got champion again ! Ameeeeen  :) <3

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