28 February 2012

Come to your senses !

Focus in anything you do.
 Everything is Your own choice. 
Once you have started, go all the waaaaaaaay 
and FINISH it with all your might :)

Assalam !

It has been awhile since i met Didi and Aena .

Turns out , they faces alotsa problems.  Didi's mom just got passed away . Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiuuunnn. :'( . Im sorry to hear that Didi . Be strong okeyyy ! :)

Aena got family problem. But she can take this . Her spirit is at the top .

Both are meaningful to me in this business. Both are the people i wanna keep and treasure .

So kak An asked me to keep track of them , always updating whats happening  Because both of them ,TRUST me . 

Wow ! Thats not something i usually get , and able to see . :') .

and kak an said something about focusing on one thing. Yes , i know i have a lotsa thing to cope right now . I am trying my best here. But now im reconsidering to be serious on this field , because of these two people . They need my help . And i have to commit till the end .

 Yes , this is my new vision. I must not let anything slipped off my hand anymore ! :D

Go Maslin goooooooooooooooooooo ! <3

Now , im reconsidering 

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