28 April 2012



It has been a while since i updated this blog , heheheh . Too much errands , and other priorities . So , lets cathc up !

Last week at the same day , we finished our leadership presentation : ZARA Fiesta !

Then , We had 2 basketball's friendly match back to back with SBPI Kuantan and Team U18 Kuantan :D

Yey ! But our play were so HORRIBLE  ! Im so dissapointed with myself :'( . However we managed to improved on 2nd match :). And alhamdulillah we won both games with distinction of 1 points :O

And so , we are so busy preparing for Magenta Family Day ! Weeeeeeeeeeeee ! :) Before that , we ramai2 watch cinema on Friday ! Like 20 of us ! Great ! <3 . The Avengers are Awesome ofcourse ;)

And after theseeeeeeeeeee Errands , the next work waiting for me and ofcourse the one which gives a major heart attack -------> UKHUWWAH DAY SCIENCESS !

This is only the one i snapped . AHhah a, gila malas nak uplod yg real nye :D Emm , really hope so they can come . This is one of major events for SCIENCESS after ISCAR . I cant ask for more :') Wuuuuuu.

Okey  Time to pack  ! :)

21 April 2012


I am confuse .

Dear You , 

i know your badness already . And among all the guy i knew , you are the worst . But for some reason , i still stick around you . i dont know why. You got me hooked. n it is feel so weird . 

i started to think that you have some feeling for me , maybe ? but i dont know to even keep it , or  leak it. Yeah , the feeling . 

I cant believe i involved with people like you again. I met your kind once . And thats feel so enough . I had it enough . Dont wanna go through it again . But for some reason , i let myself to be here now. Yes , i dont know why.

Why do you have to be so attractive but so appaling at the same time ? Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ?

I dont know if i can hold this feeling any longer . What i know , you just contacted me because you wanna feel happy . No hard feeling . No . Nothing . Nada . Am i a toy for you to play ? 

should i rationalize my action OR should i just do what i wanna do to see where its gonna take me ?


I dont know.

Confused .

#Tomorrow is presentation. Goodnight :)

13 April 2012


Assalam people !

These few days ive been looking for "Psychology websites " Due to my presentation for leadership skills class involving Personality colour.

Furthermor , Peers are going to do some exhibition to outreach other students , and im incharge in Personality test.

So much "personality" huh? hihi, So , i end up stuck to the websites , and spent hours and hours answering them just to know anbout myself ! Who wouldnt , right ? hahahah

Hence , here are somes , out of many tests that i answered :)

Bipolar test :

Based upon your responses to this bipolar disorder quiz, you appear to be suffering frommoderate to severe symptoms associated with a bipolar disorder. People who have answered similarly to you typically qualify for a diagnosis of Bipolar I Disorder and have sought professional treatment for this disorder. 

Some people who score in this range qualify instead for a diagnosis of Bipolar II disorder, which is characterized by periods or episodes of hypomanic mood (instead of a manic one). 

You should not take this as a diagnosis of any sort, or a recommendation for treatment. However, it would be advisable and likely beneficial for you to seek further diagnosis from a trained mental health professional soon to rule out a possible depressive disorder.

Personality disorder :

Your mood swings make a roller coaster look tame!
When you're up, you're a little bit crazy...
And when you're down, your whole world is crashing
Scary thing is, these moods can change by the minute!

Depression quiz :

Possible mild depression
You appear to be experiencing some depressive symptoms which are often common amongst the general population. It is unclear as to whether you suffer these problems severely enough to need to seek further diagnosis and treatment of them. You should not take your responses to this self-report questionnaire as a diagnosis or recommendation for treatment of any sort. Consult with a trained mental health professional if you are experiencing depressive feelings and/or difficulties in your daily functioning that you are worried about.

HAHAHA , memang tade keje gila buat pasal penyakit gila . Hihihi , But i think you guys should it too ! Just click on this link : http://psychcentral.com/disorders/ And voila ! Just do the test :)

Happy tryingggg ! :D

08 April 2012

Presss met Sciencess :)

Press ( cfs ) make a visit to here IIUM Kuantan 
for early exposure.
And its us , SCIENCESS to welcome them :)
Such a great day.
1- Sharing moment
2- le tour de UIAM

 This is Bella ! Warghh at last , i met youu !
 Welcome to Kuantan on month 9! :)

I just love this pics :)

At night , they are having bbq and invited us ! How sweeeet :')
And The Moon ! Subhanallah ! It is Allah who is The Mightiest and Greatest !


Already fulled with the bbq , someone ajak to go to Gelas Besar!
Waahaaa! Dah fulll gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Nak meletop peroooooooot !
Btw , thanx Gafa sebab belanjaaaaa !
Take careee , makan asam bebanyak okeyy ? hihi

And thats the end of Meaningful Saturday :)

Alhamdulillah <3

07 April 2012

A thought

" Wahai wanita solehah, jangan risau akan jodohmu kerana muslimin yang bijaksana itu tidak akan terpaut pada wanita hanya pada kecantikkannya, lirikan senyuman, pada bicara manja yang menggoda, pada pujuk rayu seorang wanita yang meruntuhkan imannya. Sesungguhnya lelaki itu adalah pemimpin kepada wanita. Andai belum sampai jodohmu, anggaplah bahawa lelaki yang kau nantikan itu sedang membina sahsiah kepimpinannya bagi memimpin dirimu. Kerana pada wanita itu pasti ada kekurangannya dan lelaki yang benar-benar layak pasti akan hadir untuk melengkapkan kekuranganmu"

Indah kan ? Rasa macam ada harapan kan ? :') hihi. 

Tapi aku terpikir , so camane kalau aku tak solehah mana ? Ala2 kadar je ? Tade la siqah mana ? Ha cemana cemana ? 

Jadi agak2nya aku dapat tak laki yang macam aku highlight tu ? Ahaaaaaaa , ini isu besar  ni . Hahahahha.

Kita kene realistik , berpijak bumi yang nyata. Kita semua sedar kita dekat level yang mana , sejauh mana tahap iman kita . Kita tahu diri kita macamana . 

So , menyedari kekurangan diri ini , apa yang kita nak kena buat ? Should i keep my pride at the top of the tree  ? Should i just expose to the public the other side of me ? Or should i start to see somebody else ?

Well , u know , these kind of questions would keep playing in my mind over and over again . I bet you guys too. Do not lie . Start be honest with our ownself. If not , who would ?

We all want the same one thing . A halal relationship with our loved ones / belong to us. And we all try to avoid sins (couple). Yes, but we know that somehow it kinda impossible to keep our heart that way as Heart has ever-changing state. 

We keep saying , posting , quoting about what others said about this whole relationship stuff like  Lets wait , Just hold the pride , Preserve ourself or be patient till the ONE that meant for us come to approach us. But what we actually do , hey ?

Lets come back to our reality .

We socialize with our opposite gender' friends. No BATAS.

Where's the preservation in there ?

We create scandals with people.

Where's  your so-called patience ?

We act super-girly and We talk Extra - lembut (in seducing way)

Where's "hold our pride" thinggy

Butthurt ? You dont say ;)

We also learned in class that , relationship between man - woman without marriage / platonic relationship/ teman tapi mesra is illegaaaaaaaaaaaaaal. Ottoke ? :3

So We learnt , But how far do we practice them ? *Ouch ! *

Lets get our feet back to the Earth people .

I know . Im one of those . I know how hard it can be. Yes ,  It is not that simple, neither it will be . No doubt .

All of these come back to ourselves . What we really want in this world actually ? What does we strive to in life ?

Relationship ? Love ? Marriage ?

I heard a NO? ... but people , believe me that these are the things that people will look up to , nevertheless.

So i see that we Muslims too focus on them that we neglect on other things that more important like..... Redha Allah ?

Redha Allahh... Ofcourse , enjoining the good and forbidding the evil (amar makruf nahi munkar). Do all the orders , and leave all the forbidden . 

Now , lets see. 
Allah's order : Cover the aurah 
  • Tudung paras dada/takjarang
  • Loose/takjarang/ tutup lengan attire
  • Socks.
  • Attitude.
  • The word you speaks.
  • The way you mingle
Attitude towards
  • Parents
  • Older people
  • Lecturers
  • Friends
  • Random people
  • Animals
  • hati - baca komen kat bawah :D
  • mata - tundukkan pandangan
  • mulut- mengumpat
  • telinga- dengar benda2 yang lagha, umpatan
  • kaki- jejakkan kaki ke tmpt maksiat
  • tangan- buat perkara maksiat.

etc etc etc etc . i dont think i need to list down all of these. We are all well-informed dont we ?  Back at the list , So how was it ? Half of these lists you have fulfilled ? * jawab dalam hati *. Yes ? Alhamdulillah , uprade yourself/iman!    No ? then lets do it today :)

So , how Solehah  can we be ? * Ouch !*

Lets improve ourselves first . but not because we want the good spouse/ marriage . But because that is our job, Servant of Allah. Lets together do the best in anything we do . The rest ? Rezeki , Jodoh , Ajal . Lets leave it to Allah's hand . Lets change little by little and Istiqamah . Lets pray to Allah to be given strength on getting better as Muslimah and 'Menjaga hati dan perasaan untuk lelaki yang ditentukan itu " :) Ameeeeeen.

#I am 21 now. and things like this suddenly become an important thing -.-". ( due to the environment).Just done with those crushes/scandles thinggy.Kept wondering what is the suitable method . I dont want to make sin , but i also dont want to be left aloneeeeeeee, hahaahahha -.- Mengarut . So much challenges to keep up with as Muslimah . Fewh ! Ini mungkin la cara nya , eventho aku tahu aku tade la bagus mana . wuwuwuwuw T.T


You got one ? Share with me please :)

02 April 2012

‎"When making Dua, ask Allah for whatever you might want or need, and make a habit to include “if it’s good for me.” at the back of the supplication request. We might think we know what we want or need, and when we ask, Allah will give, but it might not necessarily be good for us, unless we ask for Allah’s wisdom in it." 

Its already the end of the midbreak. Lets leave home with smile and recharged spirit . Because we have unsettle business waiting infront of us . This is our battle , and its get tougher day by day . One doesnt simply get through hard situation without preparation :)

Don’t ever underestimate du’a. What is the value of du’a? That you are transferring a situation from your power and ability to the power and ability of Allah. You are moving obstacles from yourself to the One who has no obstacles :')

- Shaykh Abul-Fadl.

Kalau tidak kerana semalam kita telah berusaha, bersungguh, bersabar dan berdoa, belum tentu hari ini kita akan berada di sini.

- Shay shafiq

Jangan merancang tanpa mengimani bahawa Allah adalah sebaik-baik perancang.
Apabila kita telah merancang,maka berdoa dan bertawakkallah kepada Allah supaya segalanya berjalan seperti yang dirancang. Jika ada tidak berlaku seperti dirancang,
InsyaAllah itu adalah sebaik-baik perancangan Allah. Percaya Allah. Itu yang utama. :)

MuniRah ZaKy 

01 April 2012

Do You know Your oWn Parents ?

Assalam !

Wohh , yehh , esok balek daaaa! There goes my 1 week holidayyyys :)

Just want to ask a question that has been lingering my mind these few days :D

Do You know Your oWn Parents ?

Yes , ofocurse we know their names and works and blablabla . tapi tapi . Do we really actually KNOW them?

Assignment leadershp aku ni aku buat pasal bapak aku . Haaa. So , interview la skett nak tahu pasal background family .

Yes , aku tahu bpk aku ade 6 adek beradek . But knowing The Whole story since he is a child and becoming who he is now , gives me a new perspective .

How to put this....... bile kita macam tahu pasal seseorang dengan lebih mendalam , kita akan mula paham why they are acting like this and like that .  Ahaaaaaaa.

Bile kite lebih paham WHY they are that way , we will not get angry easily or become clueless of whats happening. We will be like " ohh , patutlaa camnii " or " Haaa... tahu daaa" .

Bile kite dah paham ni , so bole la gune kan sebagai Secret weapon . HAHHAHHAAHA :D

Theres always a difference The time AFTER when you know a person and BEFORE you knew them :)

Sebenarnya , Aku da salu buat keje ni . Aku salu interview mak aku haahhha. sebab lagi open , MAcam2 aku tanye . Tah kenapa aku tanye pon tatahu . ahahha . Turns out , i found the other side of her :). Dari zaman kecik , sampaaai la zaman jumpa bapak aku , sampaaai zaman dah kawen . hihihi . Haha. Kadang2 rase macam " Laaaa aku ni sebijik je macam mak aku. So aku ni tade la pelik mana ke tak normal ke " kikiki.

Dah tu , interview bapak aku lak . Salunye kalau ng bapak aku ni , dalam kereta ke , masa tengah sarapan kat pasar ke hihihih. Time tu laaa~ :D heehhe. So , bila dah tahu , terasa macam " emmmmm , no wonder he is like this , then marah aku bila aku cmni bla3 " heheh.

Yeah , so i suggest every each of you yg baca post ni , try laaaa buat cam aku . Haha a, seriously its fun ! Kita salu pandang Parents kita as a parents ONLY . Mereka juga penah remaja , melalui zaman2 macam kita ni , Why not kita timba sikiit pengalamannn mereka. Bukan sahaja merapat kan lagi hubungan , malah meningkatkan kasih sayangg . CEwaahh :D

Okey nak tdoo byee ! :)