30 October 2012

What a bless !


Assalamualaikumm , Guess what ? I had a fever again , and it was on my very first day of midterm paper !

Aiyaakkk .

I was all lembik and blurry . Cant get my head straight. And i dont even finish my readings ! T_T

Then , as always , Allah The Hearer saved our day ! :')

The exam is canceled / postponed ! Subhnallahhh , Alhamdulilaaah! Thankyou ya Allahh . You saved us bigtime ! :')

Wuwuwu . The beauty of His plans <3 p="p">
So whatchu gonna do peeps ?

Yes , dont waste this chance then , do your best on the Real day !

Thankyou Ya Allahhhhhh...

Anddddddddddddd , Someone gave me a huge surpriseeeeeeee , and i really really really love it !

Freshhh from The concerrtt Aliveee Tourrrrr !!!! Woottt woott !!!

But i felt sorry for her , because i dont look like excited as always because of this fever . I just looked like, well , Feverish :D heee

This has also made my day !

Oh well , Iloveyou Kak Mira aka Blair :*

p/s : balik2 je dari clas , terus guling2 sebab sengugut .  Skipped evening classsss . Wuwuwuw . Im rolling in the painn T_T , Thankyou roomates , especially Raf for the panadol and Shai as she made me 'tungku' and peeled me the fruits . I feel loved ! Hee , yeah , i love you guys toooo :)))

28 October 2012


Subhanallah .

This song is so meaningful !
Dulu kecik2 keje tahu nyanyi2 je bila da besar ni baru paham
Muhahahaa . 
Questions : Whats your one thing that make everything completes ? :)

Everybody's looking for a something
One thing that makes it all complete
You'll find it in the strangest places
Places you never knew it could be

Some find it in the face of their children
Some find it in their lover's eyes
Who can deny the joy it brings
When you've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

Some find it sharing every morning
Some in their solitary lives
You'll find it in the words of others
A simple line can make you laugh or cry

You'll find it in the deepest friendship
The kind you cherish all your life
And when you know how much it means
You've found that special thing
You're flying without wings

So, impossible as it may seem
You've got to fight for every dream
‘Cause who's to know which one you let go
Would have made you complete

Well, for me it's waking up beside you
To watch the sunrise on your face
To know that I can say I love you
At any given time or place

It's little things that only I know
Those are the things that make you mine
And it's like flying without wings
‘Cause you're my special thing
I'm flying without wings

And you're the place my life begins
And you'll be where it ends

I'm flying without wings
And that's the joy you bring
I'm flying without wings

Numb .

Disappointment .

1. Everyone has their own family problem . I cant deny that , really . Sometimes , there are some 'difference' that tear them apart , or maybe that worse , but more to like 'not so in harmony situation' . Before that , in my context is BIG family , that is included ipar, besan , biras and cousins . So , i find out that it is easier to neglect this 'war' between families when i was little . ye lah , budak kecik apa tahu . We are all in our little wonderland , everything is wonderful ! .Now , its harder youknow . The backstabbiong, the dissatisfaction, the negativity that surrounding the environment . MasyaAllah i have to say i hate it . But i cant do anything :'( . I must say , once we were kids , gathering together with the cousins was the most awaited time because we can play together and share story ! . But now , it seems like ' lah diorang nak datang ke ? ' . Make them feel uninvited . I am saaad :'(. Especially when we have manyyy cousinsss and we WERE so clooose . But because of our parents , that has affect everything  Even If it was not them , it had affected me. On how i see them , on how unhappy i am to see them and on how judgmental i am towards them. Sometimes , i just feel so guilty . Because they helped us , but at their back we were like despising them. MasyaAllah we are one big family my dearest Families ! Please stop all of thisss ! Its hard to be a grown ups now . And its even harder as you are growing older . Sometimes i felt like i want to shout and scream and yell this kind of words . To make them realize , each other;s mistakes . We are only human . We do mistakes . We are not perfect . AND WE ARE FAMILY . Oh how can this happened in the first place i dont know. Too many assumptions , too many exaggeration of stories . I always pray to Allah to give me a nice and compatible ipar-duai to me , because i dont want my kids to get through the same situation as me in the future . But youknow , life is always tough , and it anything can happen. Im hoping that when the time comes and it turn out to be different , i will be wise and positive enough to handle it . Ya Allah , please unite us as ONE BIG FAMILY . AMEEEENN . Even its nothing serious like berebut harta and stuff , but i still cant find any comfort in this condition . Only HE Who hold the hearts can turn this situation around,. And i pray to you God , to make things like before . So we can feel the sweetest ukhuwwah and preciousest gift you have given us in our life , FAMILY . 

2. Sentap . Touching . Offended. Disappointment . The last word is too harsh to me in any condition . Because to me , when youve reach that point , you are at your limit . But lately , it was like so easy for me to say that . Maybe im tired already. Tired of being too positive , too understanding that people took me for granted . Do what they want . Kawan taknak ikot makan bila da diajak , sentap . Kawan tak show effort nak practice  , sedihh . Partner buat ala kadar dengan event padahal nak turun jawatan , offended. Kawan yang tak consider how i felt , kecewa . Kecewa sebab how can they not think for a second how that will make me feel . How can they be so ignorant . How wehh howw ?! I always try my best to do all i can for them , but how cant they give in a little .  Iknow , this is actually happened when i was so unstable after the heart-thinggy . However , some of it still has affect on me . Astaghfirullahh . Yes yes i knowww . I try to rationalize . I TRIED . But this is the moment when i hope i can 'take' something from you guys , just abit . I just need you to understand me just for a second . Nothing more . So... that is why . That is why if you feel like theres a little gap between us , this is the reason . I thought this thing will disappear like a blowing wind . But it is not . You should know something is wrong if i say nothing at all or my reaction is not like always . I m just too broken . Ohgoshhh im being too mushy right now . I am at my lowest level of breaking point actually :'(

3. YES , i am an unstable reactant right now . I can blow up anytime soon . Ya Allahh , tolong bagi aku kekuatann T_T . EXAM . ASSIGNMENT . LAB . EVENTS . TOURNAMENT . 

13 October 2012

Wassaappp !

Assalamualaikum to all ! :)

Whats up y'all ! Apa do atas ? heheheeh

Okey, we are nearly at the edge of weekendd ! weee ! So lets catch up what we have missed :)

Well , ive been searching wherever my motivation had gone . And i found that  , practically , Alquran does help to soothe your mind and ease your brain :') Ohh thankyou Allah . And i realised that this is just another phase for me of being a human . Yes , im only a servant of Allah and im being tested to elevate my level of Iman . Ohh thankyou Allah for whatever that happened . Nothing can be compared to Your love :*

And i also found many interesting words on Tumblrr . MasyaAllahh , It has been a long time since im tumblr-walking. Only at times like this i would have my own moment to stalk them. Hihi . Well , i cant say i have thaaat much time -as the classes are all full till nightt Gaahahah . And all the workloads! But whatever happens , i have to find something to relieve this uneasy feelings . Oh yeah ofcourseee , my friends helped too :)

Oh yeahh , there was Talhah Got Talent ! and Shakira Shukor joined in Fashion show ! Ecewahh ! Weewwitt ! Hihihi . I assisted her as im also get excited with this kind of programme BUT note that im not goin to be the one who participate ! Eheemm ! Hihih . So it was a great night ! Sooo many talentss ! :') Da la siap ponteng class bioprocess ! Astaghfirullaaahalazimm Maslinn apa nak jadi nii ? hahahahhah :D Takpe2 , ttbe Sir nak ganti lagii hehehhe  . Yeyyy ! :D.

AdaM pun masukk :)
She wrote her own song :')
Shakira Shukor
Dangduuttt ~ aida dan zati :D
Qasidah :') now im addicted to it .

 Then , we have IPT futsalll ! Yeahh met my old frienndd agaaainn ! :) Watched and got newww info bout that game. Hehehee. I likeeee :). And tadi IIUM lawan PIS pastu menang , pastu masuk semiiiiiiii Alhamdulillahhhh <3 .="." nbsp="nbsp" span="span">

Met Alya , junior basket cfs
*Wait ! Serious muka teruk gila :(*
Ammar Khairi , Poli Shah Alam :)

 PAstu sempat lagii kann aku larii eh , rempitt pi Usrahh jap . Heheh . Tajuk kita hari ni bersyukur  :). So ini yang kita dapat :

 Cara2 bersyukur :

  1. Iktiraf : Mengaku semua nikmat ni dari Allah
  2. Attahaddus : Mengungkapkan kata syukur - Alhamdulillah , Terimakaseh
  3. Taat : Bersyukur dengan mengikut perintah Allah .
Like always , me as talkative as always; ALWAYS have something to say -,-. Well , Just what i felt is , if we count all the blessings we have today , we really cant be thankful enough to HIM . On how we have come to this far .On how all of these misery is just temporary and theres something better waiting. On how beautiful patience is when we know how to be grateful :') . YES . What we can do is to PRAY and try to improve ourselves from time to time . Allah didnt expect us to be perfect , but NEAR to perfection :') . Indeed . So guys , whenever you feel so down , think of alll the blessings and the goodness you have in life and pull yourself back up together ! Life is much more than anything you are facing right now . You are still on a journey to our ultimate destination , Jannah . Hence , Dont stop now . Keep walking :)

Jangan kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah.

 Sesungguhnya tiada berputus asa dari rahmat Allah, melainkan kaum yang kafir."

(Yusuf : 87)

Sebelum kita beredar , mari listkan senarai kerja kita minggu iniii ! :

  1. Genetics - Video lab , discussion
  2. PTC - Results 
  3. EAW - Literature review , Jurnal , Sources. 

PAstu adaaalahh , nak revise2 genetics ! wuwuu. Kerja Ibg lagi ,past basketball lagiii . Weee. hehheh . 
 Okeyy , itu jee . Wassalamm :)

11 October 2012

“You know what’d be amazing? To get to the point where you love Allah (SWT) so much that you accept everything that happens without question without feelings of loss or negativity because you love him so incredibly much that no lame emotion could possibly come between that. But it takes a lot to get there and most people never fully do. You need the bad to appreciate the good.”

09 October 2012

08 October 2012


" Nak jumpe pas meeting ni , eh ? '
' Oh okey '

After Meeting .

"Yep ?"
" You have changed now . Why lately you look sooo gloomy ? Muramm ? Sedihh ? "


" Ehh perasannn ke ? Cemana bole nampak ? Obvious ke ? How&^*%&%&$& Blablablabla ?"
" Haah , perasan je . Even takde salu jumpe . Haa . Ni ada masalah pape ke ? Pasal exco ? Study ? Gafa ?"
" Nehh , none the above " 

*teary eyes*

One word . WOW .
Wow because HE is so observant . Wow because he cared that much . WOW because he is a Guy .

Yes , WOW .

How can he sensed that ? Dah la tak salu jumpa . Paling dekat pun masa explorerace Mocis tu die jadi comitee. So , Woooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww ! :O

HAHAHA , Ya Allahhh , tak sangka aku ada orang kisah dan perasan . Terharu laaa gilaaa. :') . Serious serious . Huhuhuh . Hampir nanges tadi , Sebbaek tahan , Gaaahaha . Apa jadahh laa sampai nak nanges ni Maslinnnn -.-" . Haihhhhh ._. . Entah lah . Terasa macam dah buat muka ceria sehabes baek dah cemana orang perasan nehhh . Grrrr . Dah lah org yg tak disangka2 Wuwuwuwwu . Terimakaseh ya Allah . Rase gembira la kejap . Ecewahhh . Tetiba . Gembira bukan sebab apa . Sebab beliau menjaga kebajikan exco2 ni . Ahaaa  . Katanya , kalau tengok betul2 , boleh laa perasan . 

Perghh . Tuhan je tahu perasaan dalam hatii . Haihhh .___.


Okey dah  . Meh update sikiittt ! 

1. Exploderace ! :D

2. Friendly Match .

3. 3on3 IPT ! :)

Naek keta sendiri coz sume bas gi convest -.-

So , we won 1 out of 3 with Uitm, then usm and utm . Semua sipi2 nak menang . Geram tu ada gak , but well takde rezeki  . Cuba lagi next year eh ? Yeyyy ! :)

4. Closing ceremony .

 Semua orang nak amek gambaq ng idolaaaaa . Hihihi

Haa ye laaa dorg pun samaaaa :<
Mampu tengok dari jauh je laa ._.

Tu jee, hee . Okey , Banyak nak study nii . Goodluckk Maslinnn ! <3 p="p">