13 October 2012

Wassaappp !

Assalamualaikum to all ! :)

Whats up y'all ! Apa do atas ? heheheeh

Okey, we are nearly at the edge of weekendd ! weee ! So lets catch up what we have missed :)

Well , ive been searching wherever my motivation had gone . And i found that  , practically , Alquran does help to soothe your mind and ease your brain :') Ohh thankyou Allah . And i realised that this is just another phase for me of being a human . Yes , im only a servant of Allah and im being tested to elevate my level of Iman . Ohh thankyou Allah for whatever that happened . Nothing can be compared to Your love :*

And i also found many interesting words on Tumblrr . MasyaAllahh , It has been a long time since im tumblr-walking. Only at times like this i would have my own moment to stalk them. Hihi . Well , i cant say i have thaaat much time -as the classes are all full till nightt Gaahahah . And all the workloads! But whatever happens , i have to find something to relieve this uneasy feelings . Oh yeah ofcourseee , my friends helped too :)

Oh yeahh , there was Talhah Got Talent ! and Shakira Shukor joined in Fashion show ! Ecewahh ! Weewwitt ! Hihihi . I assisted her as im also get excited with this kind of programme BUT note that im not goin to be the one who participate ! Eheemm ! Hihih . So it was a great night ! Sooo many talentss ! :') Da la siap ponteng class bioprocess ! Astaghfirullaaahalazimm Maslinn apa nak jadi nii ? hahahahhah :D Takpe2 , ttbe Sir nak ganti lagii hehehhe  . Yeyyy ! :D.

AdaM pun masukk :)
She wrote her own song :')
Shakira Shukor
Dangduuttt ~ aida dan zati :D
Qasidah :') now im addicted to it .

 Then , we have IPT futsalll ! Yeahh met my old frienndd agaaainn ! :) Watched and got newww info bout that game. Hehehee. I likeeee :). And tadi IIUM lawan PIS pastu menang , pastu masuk semiiiiiiii Alhamdulillahhhh <3 .="." nbsp="nbsp" span="span">

Met Alya , junior basket cfs
*Wait ! Serious muka teruk gila :(*
Ammar Khairi , Poli Shah Alam :)

 PAstu sempat lagii kann aku larii eh , rempitt pi Usrahh jap . Heheh . Tajuk kita hari ni bersyukur  :). So ini yang kita dapat :

 Cara2 bersyukur :

  1. Iktiraf : Mengaku semua nikmat ni dari Allah
  2. Attahaddus : Mengungkapkan kata syukur - Alhamdulillah , Terimakaseh
  3. Taat : Bersyukur dengan mengikut perintah Allah .
Like always , me as talkative as always; ALWAYS have something to say -,-. Well , Just what i felt is , if we count all the blessings we have today , we really cant be thankful enough to HIM . On how we have come to this far .On how all of these misery is just temporary and theres something better waiting. On how beautiful patience is when we know how to be grateful :') . YES . What we can do is to PRAY and try to improve ourselves from time to time . Allah didnt expect us to be perfect , but NEAR to perfection :') . Indeed . So guys , whenever you feel so down , think of alll the blessings and the goodness you have in life and pull yourself back up together ! Life is much more than anything you are facing right now . You are still on a journey to our ultimate destination , Jannah . Hence , Dont stop now . Keep walking :)

Jangan kamu berputus asa dari rahmat Allah.

 Sesungguhnya tiada berputus asa dari rahmat Allah, melainkan kaum yang kafir."

(Yusuf : 87)

Sebelum kita beredar , mari listkan senarai kerja kita minggu iniii ! :

  1. Genetics - Video lab , discussion
  2. PTC - Results 
  3. EAW - Literature review , Jurnal , Sources. 

PAstu adaaalahh , nak revise2 genetics ! wuwuu. Kerja Ibg lagi ,past basketball lagiii . Weee. hehheh . 
 Okeyy , itu jee . Wassalamm :)

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