28 June 2012

In Between #4

My focus is slowly diminishing .

I dont know whether it is because the newcomer ?
or because kak linda and kak eily wasnt there ?
or because Coach was often not there ?


Cmonn Maslin !

I dont know , I started to ask the effect of my presence . Would they be lacking something if im absent? Or they will be JUST FINE without meeeee? :( . This is unacceptable !

Theres too many Guards now . My Oppurtunity is decreasing .and My weaknesses is leaking , one by one .
Arghh !

I cant post this at Twitter . Both my teammates were there .:/

So , Maslin Muntari , What you should do now ? Emmmmmmmmmm.

Bak kata Arjun : Focus and Be Serious . 

Bak kata diri sendiri : Abaikan perkara2 kecil tu . Dont let it drag you to a lower level than you are now .              
                                  They are not worth your emotion , remember ?

I have to admit , bila aku ulang alik rumah , my focus a lil bit deviate for a while . Huu  I guess .

Ottokeeeee oppaaaaaaa ?! Aaaaaaaaaaa Stressss -_______-"


MuNirAh said...

hahahahha,,chill beb~
take your time!
everything will be ok iAllah..

Kay Amira Zain said...

You are Maslin Muntari, you never gave up ! So come on, where is your positive attitude ? :)