17 February 2011

when u see beauty in ordinary things :)

Cheering the similarities , Appreciating the diversities. In fact , we are all like Yin & Yang -Been made to complete each other :)

Life is like a piano, white keys are happy moments and black keys are sad moments, but remember, both are played together to give sweet instrument in our life. :)

dlm 1 potret yg indh, x lengkp rsenye klu xde wrne hitam.. sdgkn asas utk melakar sesuatu di atas kertas putih pun mst gunekn pensel yg dkwtnye hitam.. ^^

They say,never takes people who make u as an option, a priority , but sometimes , theres a very thin line between both of them . Its hard to know.

Only God know whats in your heart . People can say you are bad good or whatsoever . But at the end of the day , they DONT know. So ,stop assuming , and start praying :)

#1 , strucks me pretty badly. with the problems i heard and i experienced *hehe* . well yeah , if that so , life would be so much easier if we understand this. i 've watched a movie . in that movie , the hero said that , all of us want to be happy  in this world. but one thing that they have to really take note is , everybody is different . yup . that;s important . because , most of the time we would be like , "damnnn, why he/she like this ?! " pertaining to the differences they have. i am different, u too readers are different . so , whats with the astonishment hey ? we shoud be fully aware of this and be cool. No harm . ;)

#2 ,ohh i love this very much ! saw it in a blog. i dont remember which. hee. the piano thinggy :) haha. and he made up the words quite well . This shows, how bad life could be sometimes, they are always good thing will come in our way. U just need to be patient and persevere , till u come to the end of the song . Waiting the notes stop . And breathe in the sweetness the melody could give you . Yeah , life . It would be good to those who want to see it in that way :)

#3 , its actually , a comment of my junior to that #2 . Nicely written i think :) . The meaning is just the same, the analogy he put is quite interesting too :')

#4 , ahaaaa. ni ade laa kesah Hanee *winkwink.  We sometimes wrongly prioritize people in our life that they could effect our life badly. Ive been there tho . Thank God  i survived :'). Well, HE would never really give something u cant handle, a'int it ? and i can tell u, those ups and downs what makes me today :D . and those wrong people , are just tests. some of them eventually become closer to me . Still , focus on things that make u happy and good. Those bad things ? they arejust temporary , no worries ;)

#5 , yesss ! This one i assume everyone will agree with me :).  Dont easily judge ppl willya ? :') There are some who become waaaaay better , or waaaaay bad :X . Either way , we shouldnt have throwing tantrums and making assumptions as blablabla . We never really know what they had been thru to go this far dear . And yet , Only He knows what u think , what u feel  , what u know . So lets just pray , that All of our hearts will be in HIS blessings and love .Unite in submitting ourselves to Him .  Allahuakbar ^^.

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