18 February 2011


In a place called BALL . There are  two villages called Ups and Downs . The people in both village always interchange their places .but One day , a conversation happened between them ,

Downs : damnnnn ! we have a bad dayy agaaaaain ! hateithateithateit ! You Ups people surely gonna mock us and tease us and laugh at us ! geezzzz. this is soooooo hardd!

Ups : Hey Downs people !

Downs : Yup ?

Ups : You know what ?

Downs : What ?!

Ups : We wont mocking u , teasing you neither laughing at you . Instead we will be helping you.

Downs : Oh you wont ? Why ?

Ups : Cause we've been there , struggling and dying every single minutes. We know how it felt to be in your shoes . And see where are we now ? So just be cool . Your time will come . Just go through it with perseverence. Alright ? Now take our hands :)

Downs : Like seriouslyyy ? awwwwww That's so sweeeet of youu :') 

Ups : Chillax . When our turns come , we know You would do the same for us too :)

Downs :  :)

...and they live happily ever after , looking out for each other . The End :)

"Maybe , the reason we have 'down' moments , is just because God wants us to learn the hardest part of life first . Then ,the moment we are going 'up' , we would be like helping instead of teasing 
other 'down' people , cause we know how it felt to be like one . "



Omar Shafiq Suhaimi said...

awwww....the world would be in rainbows and butterflies if these 2 worlds stay like this forever...muafakat membawa berkat gitu..hoho

max'*bubble said...

world of roses .
awwww :)