21 April 2011


Kite selalu cakap pasal sangkaan
sangkaan kepada Tuhan
sangkaan kepada kawan2
sangkaan kepada org sekeliling
sangkaan itu sangkaan ini

ada satu lagi jenis sangkaan
sangkaan kepada ibubapa :)

pernah tak kite terase
"haaa takyah bagitaw ah mak ayah,kene pikiaq sndiri cmane nk setel ney"
"haish , aku kat umah laaa, susah laa , laen kali lahh *berat hati*"
"goshhh buruk gileee result aku ! parents taleh tawu ney , masak aku kene marah kang !"

for your information , 
anda telah bersangka buruk kepada ibubapa anda !
mengapa ?
mengapa sy ckp begini  ? !
cool cool ;)
Sebab , percayalah , 
walau macamanepon
mereka smmgnye nak tahu ape yg berlaku dlm hidup anda
lagipon mereka ade hak untuk tahu
for some that think they dont ever care
they DO care
just tataw nak tanye cmane , 
takkan nak buat cm oghe puteh?
duk kat meja makan thenn
"hows school today?"
"hows your day ?"
"anything happened today ? "
okey fine mmg ape slahnye .
if parents bekerja , 
kite kene paham mereka mgkin penat
tade mase nak tnye
or maybe
dyorang tanak lah korang pkir
dyorg ney menyebuk je idop korang (idoplah sgt) as u already think like that.
setengah org pikir
"jangan susakan makbapak doh"
tapi kalau dah takdapat elak nak watcaneee ?

eh jap !
ape aku merepek ney ?

no no no
nak mention yang
kalau kau ade kesusahan 
yang takmampu kau setelkan
please la berterusterang kat parents
better than u lie to them 
stop the thought that they are not worth an explanation of 
what you have been struggling .

contoh 1 :
result terok
u dont want to tell them 
because they are gonna mad like hell
so its better dont tell them.
u urself can save the ears for blabbering
fact1 :
they DO wanna know ur result no matter how good or BAD
they raise you man !
they sent u to university
ofcourse they wanna know the outcome of their investment
the fact that they will fuming mad is somewhat true
but what to do?
things happened
u just gotta go with it
'Dont make urself like u dont have parents willya ?"

contoh 2 :
u need to attain to ball practice
that acquires you to go to someplace
dad is working
so does mom
ha , ottoke ?
okey , 
whether just let it go
find the HARD way
rather than asking them to send you

fact 2 :
Pahal kau nak susa2 ?
cube try tanyeee
u may not know what will they say right ?
tahtah boleh je ke
actually mmg boleh pon
just need a little plan

they dont want to let you go by yourself without assistance
 believe me
They wanna know what happen in your life
and how they can help you
Its you who need to give way to them
Let them in
even you have married

Dont push them away
Cause once they are gone from this world
You will never have a chance to pull them back....

Mereka sememangnya mahu membantu mu 



sweetcherrypie said...

like this post so so so much..heee~ i love my family ^-^

Anonymous said...

post awak xmcm keling pon.
say suka, ada isi.. :P

max'*bubble said...

terimekaseh kawan2 :')
engatkan tak sampai maksud
teehhee :)
thx krn sudi mmbaca ^^