08 July 2013

Azaad is The Coach .

u are off
because u havent trained in some time
igt dtg2 bole terus power ke

u take ur time n polish maslin
i can only suggest but it's up to u to do it
evenings, look for a court around shah alam area and go shoot some hoops
for about 30-45 mins
just to get your touch
then when u come for training, u will notice the difference
semua org karat gila
no motivation because u are Ms. Negative
cuba positive sikit

all u need to be a good ball player is massive confidence

well so far u don't seem so positive
don't be too hard on urself
rilek suda
enjoy it
enjoy whatever u can while u still have the chance
jangan sampai menyesal sbb x main secukupnya waktu blajar
atau sbb taun dpn tibe2 rase nak main tapi da jauhhh lagi karat
n aku xkan coach da taun dpn
i know u miss me
n u'll miss me even more when i'm gone
so cherish the moment we have together
u lack both
so buck up!
and start becoming a star again