30 May 2011

so-called training camp

Assalam :)

hello people. 3 hari je kot tak online , tapi ramai dah tertanye2 ke mane daku menghilang. ecewaahh , bajet femes >.<. hee. terimekaseh kawan2 kerana menghargai kehadiran ku.eceh , poyo :p

so , tajuk boleh baca kan ? haa , kalau takboleh takkan la kau boleh jawab soalan aku ni dok ? hahahaha.

here we go ,so uia ask us , alllll the players of MASUM to attend a camp at PD for 3days 2 night , or else , our allowance to Masum will be deducted. *hambooooihh , ugut nohhh* . haa. so , nk buat cmane , we just go lah

ok, they say , to wait at Male sport complex at 9 am sharp. as me and kak azri arrived there , tons of people are already there , but not our team. There wwas only us and aisya. hence , we wait. untill 10.30 i guess. thats when we go to our bus . there were 5 buses provided. we got up on the bus , and sleep :D

somehow , on our way , suddenly our bus stopped at side or the road. Apparently , our bus driver had been summoned by the police traffic. i guess it was because he exceeded the speed limit.

As we arrived , all we can see , is padang jarak padang tekukur-like place , and it was deeeeep to the village.PD Sanctuary Resort and Training Camp, Kampung Agas , Port Dicksons. the place seems bald , and hot , like an oasis :| . the we got out from the bus , and being served with lunch meal . Guess what ? it was paru  sambal =.=. ehhh ,alhamdulillaaah :) , but but , not that much of my favor. *plus i just had that dat meal the day before that day !!! im a fat lady :<* somehow i guess its ok as long as i can survive the hunger.

Then , we go tp our room. they say it was a resort , but then , the condition of the room was shocking :OOO. emm, i dont think i wanna tell u bout it. and the first activity ofcourse the briefing bout the camp. What is baaaad about that activity is , the speecher talk in Malay only. Dayyyyyyuuummm. how aour foreign student gonna understand themmm ? pfffft. pity them. 

------------------------------------------ BREAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK-----------------------------------------------

okay , camping ni mmbosankan , so , i was ust gonna highlight few things je keyh ? and mostly would be my comments on this camping .


Firstly , the activity was sucks ! first time aku join program yg aku xgi langsung talk die. blerghh. mmg la sbb teammate mmpengaruhi aku , tpi still , da takmenarek nk pegi wat ape . so ,mase aku dihhabeskan dgn duuuukk di bilik , dan makan =.=" . dah lah taleh buatpapeeeeee ! . sebbaek, aisya ade iphone4 n laptop , while kakleya ade ipod4. adeee la jugak bahan aku nak mghiburkan hati. tapi stil bohsaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan :<

Secondly , there was physiotherapy session , which they called a biology lecturer to explain about ligament and stuff. dayyyyuuummmmmmmmm ! Talk macam nk buat class !  kau tahu taaakk yg mostly pelajar gombak ni Engineer , Aed , and kos2 yg bukan based on Science ? So just straight to the point brooo ! Kos cm aku ni pahaaam la jugak kan nerve , amende tah bla2. hohoho. Bikin zZzZzZz jeee ohh. Padahal pentinggg =.="

Thirdly  , on second night , as they noticed that ramaaaai org ponteng talk , so , they all *pihak camp and uia officer* , ask us to gather at the dataran n didenda ! memule , kawad setempat. okey fine. pastu , star jump 90 . okeyy fineeeee walau kaki aku mcm cramp ttbe . tetbe , die suh baring atas jalan tuu , then rolling2 kiri dan kanann. HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOYYYY !  kau engat ini budak skola keeeeeeeee?! memangg chaos gile mlm tu ohh. foreigner mmg tak buat langsung aa. budak2 laen mule la mulot laju komen2 pasal masalah2 yg dihadapi . ade satu budak duk dpn aku ni , lajuuuuu gilo ckp , kalau uia buat cmni kat student mmg xyah hantar wakil pon takpe , dah ah byk msalah bla3. HAHAHA. kelakar gile . kak anis , lepak gile pi baringg je. hee. i was mesmerized so just look and watch je lah gelagat2 sume orgg. heee.

Fourthly , disebabkan mostly aku di bilikkkk sahaaaajaaaaaaaa, so keje aku , pas makan tido je do ! pfftt  , gemoookk aaa cmniiiii =___________=".Dayyyuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum ! aaaaaaaa tensiii tensiiii !!!!!! dah lah da nak latihan intensif nextweek , ade interval run , mati aaaaaaaaaaa :<<<.


Even dalam kebosanan tu , adelaaah jugak hikmah and part2 yg best2 jugaaaak. hahahhaa. contoh , ptg2 kami lepak pantai-yang-xserupe-pantai tuuuu. heee ^^.

 well , most pictures in aisya's iphone. so  ni je la yg dia uplod dulu,. hee, busy ng kuiz . oh yeah , speaking of which , We got to get along together pretty well. Especially Aisya , sbb die ni Thailand so , cm agak pendiam. hehe . :D . And we got to know each other a little deeper , especially to me n kak azri as we are frehies to the team. heee

One of my friend once said , if we want to bond , or jalin ukhuwwah , it needs 3 things : chill together , eat together , and sleep togheter. Before this camp  , we only fulfilled the first two terms , but with this camp , we fullfilled all 3 of them. Alhamdulillah . May this camp , brought chemistry and more understanding between us and perform a great game at Masum ! ^^. ameeeen.. :)

And not to forget , one of the benefis is , we got to know others team .and we can even remember their names ! heeee. and and andddd , we have our own warcry ! yeyy ! both Uia's and us , basketball team:)

With that , i end this post with a wish : GO GO MUSTANGS ! ^^ 

p/s: the objective of this programme is actually to identify the problems that lie between our preparation .ohh patot ah , aktiviti sume langsung takmmembine ! pfft. but , in my opinion , dah alang2 buat smpai 3hari , instead wasting our time and theri momey why dont they just light up our spirit with any other kind of activity ? Sehari je kot nak identify tu.pfffttt. Papehal , FAIL.cube lagi tahun depan.

24 May 2011

Ponteng Latihan

lama sudehhh teman tak update . ate nye teman bukan bizi mane pon , kemaen jeee buat2 bizi. hahaha.
okey , harini hari isnin kan ? bio teman cte sikit ape nye yg berlaku pada hari jumaat lepas :D 

Jumaat ,20 May.

 Pada petang Jumaat yang indah , sedang kami berlateh dan bermaen2 ~


wohh , ade surprise rupenyeeeeee ^^

 Sorang 15 May , sorang lagi 19 May.

 Awwww , saya sangat terharuuuu :'). heehee. Thanx Teammates , and Special thanks to kak Linda the CAptain :)

Then, i balek umah. yeyyyyy ! ni balas dendam ni sebab beberapa kali da cancel training padahal aku bole balek umaaaahke hape. huh! huhuh. 

So , 

Sabtu  , 21 May

hanging out with Alonk and Zaim ! wee ~ . Gotta try the  new way of hijab style. eventho i said i wont wear it , but nehh , with some improvisation , it can be done :D

Firstly , we went to Jusco Damansara:)

yeah , People can hardly tell that we are sisters ! ^^

Then jalanjalan
and found this one cooooolio spec!
woohooo , da lama nak beli tapi baru rase tergerak :D
Im in the mood of shopping bebeyh ! :)

Yeahhh , camwhoring is a MUST !
teeheee >.<

One happy family at hooomeeee
WHAAAT? Family ?
*SLAP* hahaha :P

 Since it was Saturday , the cinema is flooded with the sea of people. So , we move on to another place ,which was the Curve. heee . But , after we arrived , all we can see is SALE price tags. Maaannnn , this is major temptation ! :3

Alonk and Zaim is searching

and finally made their choice :)
Well , for me , i managed to grab a shirt only , and persuaded alonk to buy me handbag ! *loveyouu* hahhaahah. Yeahh , sisterhood rocks ! :p .

After that , we went to Giant to buy UMMI's Groceries. Having our evening tea at Secret Recipe. wee.
Then went back home ^^.What a day. 

But one thing to tell :

I went from this :

To this :

hahah , seems the oldstyle is always the most comfortable way :)

 Some of the pic is the courtesy of Zaim's DSLR. 

p/s : seronoknyee maen slr orangg 8). hehheehe :P

19 May 2011

bile da sorang2 tu.....

Assalaaaamualaikumm :)

Satu soalannn  , kalau korangggg  duk kat satu tempat , yang tade tv , tade kereta , dan kau tade duet.
hehehe. apo ekau nak buek ? Internet ? ofkos a adeee. hahaha. Kalau aku , aku akan Stalkingggggg. 

ahahaha. Eden takbuek kojo2 neyh tym2 laen , ado bondo laie best eden nak buek. tapi , disebabkan takdo tv ,kereta , duet dn manusia nk bersembang2 , eden mulolaaaa buek kojo ni. heehee. eden stalk apo ? haa  , blog aaa. byk sikit info. tapi , setiap kali eden menyetalk , haaa , inilah hasilnyo :

gelak laaa panjang panjang lagiiii !kikiiki . iyoo eden tahuuu. hikhik . tado blog laen nyo ha selaen blog Maria Elena Zarul . Pastu eden terjumpo satu blogger ni nama Cik Nathrah. eden baco jo lah. hehe. bukan duo org ni jo . byk lagi .aritu stalk blog Fatin Liyana . yg tu tado apo sgt lah.cume tgok vlog sume bagai. heehee. 

*sapo takpaham eden buek apo, ini mgkin mmbantu >.<*

eden bajet artis!

eh eh , korang jgn salah sangko. adegan kat atas ni terjadi bilo tym eden free jo. and nak isi maso. kalo tym len , heh , eden xkuaso nyo lah. kehkehkeh. lawo tak ? HAHA. terimekaseh :). tapi jgn riso , eden tadonyo jugoklah nk makai gi jenjalan. hahah. somak somaaak. ingat senang nak jadi cantek :p
heee, okey , tu je ,sengaja mengisi mase , sekiaaaaan :)

The day

ehhh ,dah 19 may eh ? blerghh , i took 3 days to make an entry about my birthday ! haha. busy giloo. hahaha.. okey , lets start with the day before my birthday :

14th May 2011

We got to watch a friendly match between Uitm and Integom. Its quite a fight . But Uitm is leading . i dont remember the score . demm =.=" .however , Uitm played an interesting game to watch. Our coach cant stop from asking us to take the lessons from the game. Integom team is quite low for me this year . haha , i dont know :p

Then , for launch we ate at Restoran Wong Jowo .Hee . Seems a great opportunity for bonding !

Then , at 2pm , linda , anis , kauthar , nina , jiah and me went for a movie that newreleased-KONGSI. kat Tesco kepong baru bukak , mak aihh , tiket mahaaal ! pfft. MBO je kottt. gr gr . hee. takpe lah. Bonding time :)

At evening , we got training as usual . we just do the layup and setshort thinggy but , the sweat produced was hyper! i think i could perah my shirt and flled half a pail ! woohoo !. extreme ! kikiki, all of this because we gonna have a frenly with Ssp the nextday :)

That night i was so damn tired . Plus , need to sleep early to get up early hey . nak bertolak kol 7 lah kunun2 kikiki. so 11.30pm da baaaaaam tido ! heheee. 

15th May 2011

So , its 5 in the morning. The azan subuh berkumandang. I checked my phone. As expected , 8messaged and 3missedcalls. :')

1st message is from Syud :

she sang a birthday song from me ! omgg ! terharu gilaaak !.
 yg plg taleh blah , its a song from Dream High ! Suzy's part. 
haaish , cm tahu2 jo eden suko >.< kikiki , 
Gomawoyoo Saranghaeee :)

2nd message : Jenab

Since she had deactivated her Fb , 
so , i guess she remembered my besday by heart .
 awwww :'). Love yoouuu :)

3rd : Zie

haha , shocking ! but thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks. 
remember by heart? :')

4th : hanee

she actually called me , tapi i kan da tdo , 
soooooo, she just messaged me to say , 
Happy birthday In advanced. haha . 
lawaaak ! any ways pon boleh laa syg:) heee.

5th: Iman

haaa , msg die sgt comeeeeel ! haha ,
 a cute monyet singing happy besday ! heee , 
thankyou imaaan loveyouuu :')

6th : Maisarah Ghazali

heehe , hye teammates :) . terharuu nye saya awaaaak .
Uhibbukiiii :') . heehee 

7th : Mira rahimi
haaaaip , geng ronggeng aku nih ! hee , eh die ni , tgh2 azan subuh msg aku. ni mestii bangun awal nk downlod kan chinggu ? hee , gomawoyo saranghaeeee ^^
ehh , ttbe pic kau paling kuraaaang. cis. sumenye pic yg sexy2 :< benci i.

Then , ayah , umi , blair , pika and yuni :)

yg call sy tu : Fuzi dan hanee. then aimi rumet ku , Una yg tipu kate ade helikopter
*damnakupercaye=.="* , pastu shai , last skali diraa. haha. Thanx all. Really appreciate it :)

 and all the Fb-ans and Twitterlands , so sweet of you to wish me. Salute :)

hah , match kat ssp ! well ,  we lost ! =_________=" .Supersad. takleh nak buat birthday present tuk diri sndiriii. wuwuw. lagipon budak2 skola ni mmg hebak pon. blergh. jeles a tgok budak2 ni mude dan berlari dgn riang :< kui3.

at the end of it , mase post mortem , dpt la jugaaa, Happy birthday songs from teammates.haih, aku lak segan :D. kak sai belanja airrrr mesin yeyyy! haha!

Then kami semueeeeeeee pi Alamanda . mesti a weh ! jauhhh kot nk dtg putrajaya neyy kikiki. makan besaaaau den ! tape tape ,. berbalooii , pinggan besar , ayam besar. haaaaa. dah habes makan tuu , boleh pulaak open table pasal match ng ssp tu , pehh. because i am a freshie , so duk sennyap je ah dgr apo yg nk dikato. dasat ah. takpenah2 aku melalui such conversations. hee. lagi2 dr pros. okey , watch , listen and learn ^^.

hahhaa , well , baleekkk tuu , gileeeee aa penaaaaaaaaaaaat ! tido sampai kul 6 ! huhuh. sampai bilik da kul 3. malas balek umah daa. penat kot. huhu. lagipon , sok ade joging pagi. sia2 la balek. nnt tadesape nak hantar blablabla. tapi , menjelang malam , aku terase sayu. gaaaahaha. tapi thnx dekat kak azri sebab sanggup mmbawaku ke Mcd di tepi jalan untuk meraikn besday kuuu :')

balek dr makan. baaaaaam ! tido ! blerghhh. org maen sukan ni keje makan tdo je kan ? patut ah aku cm maken gemuk -.-" . hoho.

Well , thats the end of it.Actually ,i was Expecting someone to wish me not thru ym or fb or twitter or verbally haha. Yeah , eventho that person had already wished me or perhaps , is reading this by now. hehe. Still , you u should be special dohhhh. hahaha. Melampau =.=". keyh tu je lah for the day . thanx for reading . Jaa. :)

P/s: nak buat cte pasal Nakbah , misi visi mnde2 tu lah. tp da terpanjang da nak wat ganeee. hee. nexttime insyaAllah :D

12 May 2011

Masakan Panas

Setiap kali aku berada di cafe2 universiti ni , 
hati aku digamit kerinduan universiti yang di sana . 
Lagi2 apabila terbayang kesenangan yg dihidangkan .
Oh , betapa aku tidak melihat nikmat yang sememangnye terbentang di  hadapan mata .

hah ! guess who said this thing ? jengjeng. The person is M. Maslin Said  HAHA. haaa. syes wehh. wuwuw. walau aku taklah begitu banyak makan dan survey , tapi tapi , bagi aku memang botak aaa poket. kui3. patot ah Jenab ckp skrg standard 4hengget ni , 3hengget tak maen daaa. Lalu aku membidas dgn mengatakan ,"Kuantan rm3 kotttt" perghh bangge :8) . semalam adelah hari kedue aku untuk bermastautin di uia gombak ni , and guess what ? untuk dinner shj , habes rm7 aku. Tinggal 50sen je T,T . baru dinnerrr. lunch ? sarap ? perghh. Kalau kat pahang ney , satu hari aku 2 meal , taksampai rm10. kat sini , satu meal je da nak cecah rm10 ! perghh , sedehnye aku utk kawan2 aku :'( . huhuh. yg ade scholar tapelah kot. yg tade ,ottoke ? :|

Mase briefing JPA , die kate ade due plan : Plan A dan Plan B. Plan A > Plan B. So, ktorg tak pueh ati la. sbb kuantan lagi byk pakai duet kot , dah lah tade transport sumeee. kene sewa kereta , delivery yada3 . Bas sgt jarang lalu2 . Gombak da a  bandar...sng , ade bas , taxi etc.haha. Sekaraaaang , baru aku paham kenapa . Perbezaan jumlah duet yg diperuntukkan bukan lagi persoalan , jika lifestyle berbeza2. Ye a , mgkin bg kami kuantan plan A tu, byk bg Gombak . Tapi budak Gombak  sendiri rase xbyk pun snanye  memandangkan lifestyle diorg yg lagi tinggi dr kami. Paham x ? hahah .

Walau pape pon , smlm aku mcm agak down sdikit , bile melihat nota nota duet dalam dompet aku makin berkurangn dari semasa ke semasa . Dah a aku makan banyak ! pffft. Tape la . aku akan cube tuk bertahan . Selagi ade mase utk balek umah , aku baleeeeeek. haha . Makanan freeeeeeee ! :D

Spot the Belang ! =.="
Can i be depressed because everything seems to be so expensive nowadays ? =.="
*not just about the food.also the minyak , gula , yada yada yada.*

08 May 2011


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