24 May 2011

Ponteng Latihan

lama sudehhh teman tak update . ate nye teman bukan bizi mane pon , kemaen jeee buat2 bizi. hahaha.
okey , harini hari isnin kan ? bio teman cte sikit ape nye yg berlaku pada hari jumaat lepas :D 

Jumaat ,20 May.

 Pada petang Jumaat yang indah , sedang kami berlateh dan bermaen2 ~


wohh , ade surprise rupenyeeeeee ^^

 Sorang 15 May , sorang lagi 19 May.

 Awwww , saya sangat terharuuuu :'). heehee. Thanx Teammates , and Special thanks to kak Linda the CAptain :)

Then, i balek umah. yeyyyyy ! ni balas dendam ni sebab beberapa kali da cancel training padahal aku bole balek umaaaahke hape. huh! huhuh. 

So , 

Sabtu  , 21 May

hanging out with Alonk and Zaim ! wee ~ . Gotta try the  new way of hijab style. eventho i said i wont wear it , but nehh , with some improvisation , it can be done :D

Firstly , we went to Jusco Damansara:)

yeah , People can hardly tell that we are sisters ! ^^

Then jalanjalan
and found this one cooooolio spec!
woohooo , da lama nak beli tapi baru rase tergerak :D
Im in the mood of shopping bebeyh ! :)

Yeahhh , camwhoring is a MUST !
teeheee >.<

One happy family at hooomeeee
WHAAAT? Family ?
*SLAP* hahaha :P

 Since it was Saturday , the cinema is flooded with the sea of people. So , we move on to another place ,which was the Curve. heee . But , after we arrived , all we can see is SALE price tags. Maaannnn , this is major temptation ! :3

Alonk and Zaim is searching

and finally made their choice :)
Well , for me , i managed to grab a shirt only , and persuaded alonk to buy me handbag ! *loveyouu* hahhaahah. Yeahh , sisterhood rocks ! :p .

After that , we went to Giant to buy UMMI's Groceries. Having our evening tea at Secret Recipe. wee.
Then went back home ^^.What a day. 

But one thing to tell :

I went from this :

To this :

hahah , seems the oldstyle is always the most comfortable way :)

 Some of the pic is the courtesy of Zaim's DSLR. 

p/s : seronoknyee maen slr orangg 8). hehheehe :P

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Anonymous said...

oooo....I thought kak munirah zaki...seghope mukenye...ate..kak maslin main basketball kat ne tu??? dinifajrina junior akak :-)