24 June 2013

20 things im learning in my 20's

1.       Social network can do harm and do good depends on how you use It.

2.       Happiness has different form for different people .

3.       Being pious and kind is two different thing .

    4.Disney’s movie , eventho as childish as it might look ,can somehow inspire  and motivate you .

5.       Right and hard decision sometime is the same thing .

6.       Everything happens for a reason. ONLY if you choose to open up your heart and see the reason

7.       Never never  ever get into relationship just for fun .

8.      Looks is not everything . Just be confident and presentable :)

9. The only people who can love you for who you are , including  the weaknesses is your Family

10.    Doa is so powerful , because you know that you are asking
 for something from the Divine One.

11.   Just do what you think is the best for you . People might disagree . 
But why care ? Its your life anyway .

12.   Life happens the moment you look at your smartphone :p

13.    Things wont always gonna happen like you plan. Always make a back up.

14.   The definition of ‘best friend’ is defined by you . Not society .

15.   Any kind knowledge is essential in our life . 
But I think people need to have the right idea WHY they have to learn things .

16.   The discovery of  yourself is an ongoing process of learning . Sometimes you will feel youve found it , sometimes you feel lost . You have to know ITS OKAY . Keep searching .

17.   When you are mad , lushing it out in twitter or blog , not Fb . or better , to your friend . HAHAHAH . Nahh kidding . The best way is to keep it to yourself and move on .

18.   Never ask any return for your kindness . which is actually hard .

19.   It is not easy to stay positive all the time , that is why you need your friends 
 to pull you back and be on track . Choose your friends wisely :)

20 . Youtube is so interesting actually . I found many unimaginable things that people do  in here . Just like what I did right now . I was inspired by this video :

Therefore , I would like to TAG some of my friends that I think would read this and I wanna know what You guys have to say J :

Liyana Azmi
Atiqah Jalil 

Whoever came across my blog and reading this .


p/s : Tag kat twitter pun best gak hehehehee :D

15 June 2013

In need peace of my heart



Assalamualaikum people :)

Hai people . So long no updates aite ? Finals ended , and Heading to the Internship :)

So mari kita buat mindset untuk kehidupan 'baru' selama 3 bulan ini :D

1. Driving .
Alhamdulillah selama seminggu ni memang ayah kerjakan aku lah asik suh aku drive , which is GOOD actually . Omg da 22 tahun baru nak rasa kehidupan menyelusuri jalan2 di selangor :( Memang sesat barat . Na pi giant pun sesat . Nak balik dari Uia Gombak pun sesat ! Zzz  -.- . Mujurlaaaaa pusing2 dapat la balik sampai rumah dengan selamat . Wuwuwuw  . Memang lawak . Better late than never . Ada hikmah Intern kat shah alam :)

2. Shah Alam
Tempat intern . Wohh cuak gila sensorang . Hmmm . Kene prepare diri dengan recall balik semua benda yang da belajar hewhew . BArang tak packing lagi ni . Wawawawawa .

3. Rumah Ein.
 Nanti duk umah Ein . Kena la behave , Duk ng family orang . Ngeeee . Maybe this is a lesson kan ? Sampai bila nak duk dalam lingkungan zon selamat je ? Go outside there and challenge yourself ! Widen your perspective kids . Hihi. Ok ok papehal always show a good image , ringan tulang and jaga nama keluarga ye Maslin :) Hee.

4. Pengetahuan .
Of labs . Of cars . Of roads. Perhh perghh perghh . Haruslah persiapkan diri dengan pelbagai ilmu bila da besar ni . Tanggunggjawab da banyak kan ? Haaaa Hahahah . Of cooks ? Eh hehee

5. Mission.
Mari pakai stokin untuk intern ini heeeee insyaALlah , semoga Allah kuatkan .
Mari jaga solat hari2 . , Semoga Allah kuatkan .
Mari jaga muamalat antara ajnabi . Just be yourself . Be ordinary , but not typical .
Mari yakin dengan diri . Know that you always has something in you that can benefit people .
Mari jadi anak yang baik .  Ini lah masanya untuk praktis apa yang da dapat selama ' numb period' before cuti ritu hewhew . :)
Mari menangkan iman instead of jahiliyyah . Mari kawal diri dari dikawal syaitan . Mari jadi versi terbaik diri anda memandangkan Ramadhan dah nak dekat ni . Dont let this one go to waste ever again .

We gonna win this timeeee !! YA Allahh kuatkan kamiiii !!! Ameeen :)

Btw , Telekung miamikhail da sampai . Thankyou Alonk :))))

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