06 December 2010


since i was a kid, i always travel to many places for sports *cehh byik cm ape je pdhal skola2 laen je 
>.<*so bcoz of that, i know how to handle myself in others' places and can adapt to it very quickly.

Then,i was a boarding school student in Rawang, for 5 years, and i know i can adapt to it very fast. i dont even know what 'homescik' really means. and i always feel weird of my friends who constantly thinking about home while me enjoying whatever came into my way. new environment, new people,new things. they all are a new experience to me. so i was thinking why i have to think about home when everything was so exciting to be explored ? however , i felt the 'homesick' thingy when i only turned 16, form 4 and form 5. yeah, it surely so late i guess =,=. but i was happy knowing that at last i knew how that feeling was. okey i know. patehtic me:| 

in matriculation, of course ,i bring the attitude. cant really wait what experience i can grab.home is always the last thing pop into my mind. maybe becos it was only in petaling jaya. so , i can go home whenever i want. and NOT going home whenever i wont too. one half and a year. i do have a great time there with my friends.New and old. just felt kinda sad as im graduating earlier than most of them. but hey, life must go on right ?

Now, this is it. this is the time. i am going to further my degree at Kuantan. but you know what? the exciting-me-want-to-explore-everything self didnt appear this time. This is wayyyy too weird. hey, whats wrong ? what happened? i dont know. maybe the place is just too far than other places i've ever been. Didnt u notice ? HOME-RAWANG-PJ. they are not really far. but this time, it's different, in every angle. i cant go home whenever i want. i cant be careless anymore. i can be a  moviemaniac no more. i cant this. i cant that. there's too much 'i cant'.pfftt. i am a careless person. and i cant stand for the same outfit for 3 weeks. thats what make me want to put the whole closet in a i-wish-i-have-a-magic-bag-like-hermione luggage. and i actually is no pro in buss-ing and ticket-ing stuff. huhu. Oh my Lord. Please make everything is okay with me :}

then my brightside spoke:
maybe this is good. reclusing urself from crowd. maybe this can be a start of a new change. who knows?;) . Maturity is a journey isn it ? chill . be afraid but not too much. Let loose a bit. Any hurdles would always mean something for u dear ? cool cool :)

insyaAllah. okey O Allah. if this is what U want me go through,im gonna do it well. Not gonna let the same bad things happen twice. Cause thats not what orang beriman do ;)

Start afresh . Pray for me :) 


عمار حمزة said...

ur heading towards maturity.
thats good.

max'*bubble said...

arigato nehh
barakallahufiik :)