23 December 2010

my brother ' s

apparently, sadness filled my heart once again
not because something bad happened to me
not because something bad happened to my friends or my loved ones
but something bad happened to the world.

we are living in the darkness currently, overshadowed by Ignorance
ignoring the light
ignoring the signs
iignoring the messages
ignoring the wonderfully created world
ignoring Him

"up until to what point shall we live beneath this shadow?"
i frequently ask my heart
for my heart had once lived beneath it
living a life 
where my heart was led far away from Him
far away from the light
far away from the signs
far away from the messages
far away from Him

but thanks to Him
for His love
for His guidance
for His mercy
had took me out from darkness
and place me into the light

my eyes were opened
my heart discovered
my mind analyzed
how the world is still overshadowed by Ignorance

what's most appaling is
the people are smarter by the day
intelligence is everywhere
from the young to the old
everybody have such brilliant minds
brilliant thoughts
brilliant ideas
brilliant agendas

but it is such a sad case
that their intelligence 
only made Ignorance much more powerful than before
ignoring the light
ignoring the signs
ignoring the messages
ignoring Him
with creative reasons
with intelligent rebuttals
with intelectual denials
with what they claimed as 'solid excuse'

have they not seen the wonders of this world?
have they not seen the beauty of His creations?
have they not seen themselves?
have they not seen His words?

they have seen it all
but their
will always become their answer

they might put up excuses
"im not ready yet for this"
"i havent seen the light yet"
"He havent showed me the signs yet"
"seru tak sampai lagi"
"ahhh..leave me alone!"

the signs
the message
the light
the words

they are all right in front of them!

how could they be so blinded?
how could they not see?
how could they not listen to it?

is it

that IGNORANCE has triumphed in their hearts?
is that why they are blind?
is that why they are deaf?
is that why they are still refusing?
open your eyes
open your mind
open your heart
for He is everywhere
for His words are across the world
for His light, His signs, His messages
are right in front of our very own eyes

when the end is near
i pray
that the whole world 
will embrace His light
for our excuses
that we havent seen His light
we havent heard of His words
we havent been brought upon to His signs
will be totally denied by Him

and during that day,
He is the one that will become the judge
of our actions
of our words
of our thoughts
and of our Ignorance

and our
'intelligent excuses'
'intellectual denials'
'solid rebuttals'
towards His light, signs and messages
will be totally crushed
as how He made the world crumbled
before the day of judgment comes
my brothers
my sisters
who live by His words
it is time
we spread His words
show the world 
His light
His signs
His messages

we shall strike upon Ignorance
tear it down into pieces
we will uplift the true identity of this world
take it out from the shadows

we will reach the hearts of mankind
show them His way
show them His mercy and guidance

we will spread da'wah
to our beloved families
to our close friends
to our enemies
to our homeland.

-Say, "This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who follow me. And exalted is Allah ; and I am not of those who associate others with Him."- (12:108)

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