02 December 2010


Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person that tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

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1. i dance :p

2.there are times when silence is the loudest voice i guess. talkative me ?think again, sy ney pendiam :D

langit itu cerah

3.oh, like umarul to0, i love moneyyyyy :D
u can do anything with it u knowwww. 

4.tapi, money cant buy friends.
hahaha !
okey, i LIED.
money CAN buy frens, just not the faithful ones.

sejukkk hati ku melihat :) ♥

5.ppl say my face most radiant when i wear red. 
ironically, i hv red attires the least !
my advice, baju cantek kene pakai jarang2, so bile pakai je, everytime ppl will say ,
dear u lo0k gojes in it !-eventho it was ur 100th time. hahah!
u  shud try it. i know :)

les fleurs pour toi ♥

6. i play basketball

wheres da glory starts~

7. people tired bcoz of running. but im running becos im tired ! :)

8. i may lo0k to like easy things when actually i read really heavy genre bo0ks.
i mean really heavy

9.Matang. my other half should be this type :">

Mine :) hee

10. BeAst + 4minute
as i was happened to dance, so , sharpness and synchronization  plus energy is really really  important 4 me :)
and they fulfill it <3 oh oh ~ *ceh poyo.

11. sy suke bg org hadiah :D and vice versa >.<

12. time is precious. dont let me wait. ouhhhh~

13. taman :)

14. faizal tahir <3
most talented entertainer alive !

15. multilanguage. mari bermaen bhs dgn sye ;)

special fr u

16.i can stand boredom. what cant i stand is annoying ness *ade ke word ney ? * :D


17. tidor mst bantal penoh !

18. antara tido dan makan? hoi tido la hoi ! gile ke hape.hahahhhaah :p

19.<3  high school musical do ! :D 
why? basketball, song , dance, cute zac e , adorable v= perfect combination ! <3 <3 <3

20. i blog XD and poetic. *wowow*

21. i dont date.

22. schoolhood was so memorable that it would always be an interesting to talk about.

23. movie maniac.

24. if u want something, u gotta hurry before time limits ur chance.

25. camwhore? oh no no no. thats a baaddd word. instead, why not 'cammod' for camera model? sounds better n niceee :D

26. sisterhood soothes me :')

27. i love surprises ! like damn much :D

28.i like any phrse that starts with "when...."

29. i'm not so much into handbag, i prefer my pocket. lalalala~

30. i like to break rules, be a lil different or just unlawful.

cant u see this tag has already reached 25, but i'm still typing ?
hahah XD. better stop now :)



xXxNaSyeRxXx said...

I love #11 :D

max'*bubble said...

ehh kak nasyer!!!!!!!!1
rinduu :'((((