30 October 2012

What a bless !


Assalamualaikumm , Guess what ? I had a fever again , and it was on my very first day of midterm paper !

Aiyaakkk .

I was all lembik and blurry . Cant get my head straight. And i dont even finish my readings ! T_T

Then , as always , Allah The Hearer saved our day ! :')

The exam is canceled / postponed ! Subhnallahhh , Alhamdulilaaah! Thankyou ya Allahh . You saved us bigtime ! :')

Wuwuwu . The beauty of His plans <3 p="p">
So whatchu gonna do peeps ?

Yes , dont waste this chance then , do your best on the Real day !

Thankyou Ya Allahhhhhh...

Anddddddddddddd , Someone gave me a huge surpriseeeeeeee , and i really really really love it !

Freshhh from The concerrtt Aliveee Tourrrrr !!!! Woottt woott !!!

But i felt sorry for her , because i dont look like excited as always because of this fever . I just looked like, well , Feverish :D heee

This has also made my day !

Oh well , Iloveyou Kak Mira aka Blair :*

p/s : balik2 je dari clas , terus guling2 sebab sengugut .  Skipped evening classsss . Wuwuwuw . Im rolling in the painn T_T , Thankyou roomates , especially Raf for the panadol and Shai as she made me 'tungku' and peeled me the fruits . I feel loved ! Hee , yeah , i love you guys toooo :)))

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