08 April 2012

Presss met Sciencess :)

Press ( cfs ) make a visit to here IIUM Kuantan 
for early exposure.
And its us , SCIENCESS to welcome them :)
Such a great day.
1- Sharing moment
2- le tour de UIAM

 This is Bella ! Warghh at last , i met youu !
 Welcome to Kuantan on month 9! :)

I just love this pics :)

At night , they are having bbq and invited us ! How sweeeet :')
And The Moon ! Subhanallah ! It is Allah who is The Mightiest and Greatest !


Already fulled with the bbq , someone ajak to go to Gelas Besar!
Waahaaa! Dah fulll gilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Nak meletop peroooooooot !
Btw , thanx Gafa sebab belanjaaaaa !
Take careee , makan asam bebanyak okeyy ? hihi

And thats the end of Meaningful Saturday :)

Alhamdulillah <3

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