03 March 2012

The Explore Race

Yesterday , we had an explorace with batch 101. We are batch 102.

It was raining back then . So , it turns out to be explorain :D hihihi. Still , we managed to finish it :)

Im in group 1 - Henshin, A name given by Sarah . and we wore Greeeeeen ! <3 . We are consists of Rahman (which kak mira purposely put me in this group :O) , Azim , Hazwan , Diyana , Fateen , (and supposedly kak karimah kak afeefah n dya . )

At first , i was about quite unconvinced with my group seeing the guys (hehe) , but then i was like , nehhhh , just Finish it STRONGGGG . :D ehehe. i cant remember how many checkpoint , but i just wanna highlight some of it. From a checkpoint to another , we need to solve a clue . but firsttttt challenge is to eat a plastic of bread . I wasnt one of the fan of food challenge. yet , i volunteered (demmitt). Its okay at the start but thennn , suddenly got sardineee ! my oh myyyy ! Im sorryyyyy . I just have to NOT EAT it , and started to make others eat them . Or better , put it in my pocket ! Yeahhhh , im playing TRICKS ! hihihihi. (plus , we almost get left by other groups, Dont wanna be the laaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast )


Moving on to the next checkpoint . The clue is several Fb's statuses . in i went 'ITD !' . So , we ran off to Adminn . But no one was there . Looked back at the clue and we found some alphabet is underlined . Goshhh ! we have to reassemble them n it was One Stop Centre ! Aaaaaaaaaa Wrong place !.

The osc's checkpoint is the fastest i must say . Then we have to go to library . Yeahh , i love this part the most! We have to find a book with "explorace" pink sticker . So , we searched every rack but none . It feels great , because people are looking at us , dazzled . hihihi. I likeeee. MAcam Running man je rase . hehhehhehe :D Somehow , diyana found it at the "new arrival" shelves -______________-"

Next , Allied's building . The balloonnns. I  like this checkpoint too becaussee we got perfect score! wuuuhuu ! ^0^ Moving on , the last check point is cafe. Oh , actually its the basketball court . Ohh , ofcourse , they were depending on me .Synonym la basket and maslin. hihihi. Sekali , all of us are " NO BALL" . so , kena dendaaaaa. .YEs , the last part but the best denda ! hihihihi/ We have to paint a moustache on each other faces , but brothers got the eyeliner and the lipstick . HHAAHAHAHAHAH .This is funn ! :D

Diam ah

And we came back to our first checlpoint , and guess what ? We were the winnerrrrrr ! :DDD. hihih.YEyyyy ! While waiting for other groups, Fuza kot , started the tepung fight . Ahaaaaaa, so i joined . Anyone who looks sooooo cleannnn , soooo  pure will be targeted to be attacked ! hahhahhahha . EVERYONE weh :D.

and its Picture timee ! while waiting for everyone to calm down. Suddenly... PAP ! i felt something on my head ! and when i looked down , they were egg shells ! OH MYGAWDDD! KA pecahkan telur atas kepala akuuuuuuuuuu ! HAAHAHAHAHAHAAH. Punk'd ! Serious serious kene balas balek . Telur yg da pecah atas jalan tu , aku lap guna tangan , and waiting for the right time..... he he he

Fuza and Wafy :)

Once KA leka , i ran offside....and attacked her from behindd !!!! Ratakan dan lumurkan kesemua telur itu di muka beliauuuuu ! HAHAHAHAHHAHHHHHAHAHAHA . One second i thought she was drowning . HAHAHHAHHAHAHAHAHa :D oppp oppp , revenge ehh :D Seri . 0-0 sekarangg hihihi 8)

And  the explorerace is ended happpily ever after . Hopefully there will be more programmes like this being held :) .

p/s : it has been a long time i didnt participate , just being an organizer . It feel great yey ! Memang rasa penat gila , tapi puasss :)

Pranking Una coz she's toooo cleaaaaannnn . hehe *told yah

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Kay Amira Zain said...

Hahahahaahahaha ! okay aku baru tahu telur dekat muka tue kau kutip dari jalan. That is so gross ! Eeuuuww nak mampus. Jerawat muka aku kau kenaaa :p