23 January 2012

5years ....

That day my mum  nagged on my kitchen-moment. but just laughed and teased her back ;)

If it was 5years ago , i wouldnt dare say a word, feeling so distressed, thinking of how lacking i am.The sensitiveness that somewhat kills .

Someone i just knew said "you dont look like a UIA student" ................ And i just smiled :)

If it was 5years ago , i would talked back to him , losing my marbles due to my sentap-ness .

My family is a lil abit open now , about our hangout curfews and the activities we wanna do.

If it was 5 years ago , i would be so afraid to tell anything about my holiday plan due to their strictness . Period

Im quite comfortable with my status right now . Im not in the position to be able to handle any instability of romantic feeling whatsoever  . Besides Theres no one in particular that had captured my heart yet justsoyouknow.

If it was 5 years ago , i'd probably being consumed by worriness , thinking  about how my lovelife might be .

I love my friends . and this is the real tough im-not-joking situations where we need to "cope with differences " .And i m not gonna run away this time . Face it like a real Muslim :)

If it was 5years ago , everything about friendship is about theories . And i had it enough. Its now to practice it dont you think ? :)

"5years from now , we are all our own doppleganger . 
The same faces but different inside "


"I have this one friend who i can relate to most of the time . But theres one thing im not comfortable with . Still , i'll let it pass . Thats what i'll consider as her weakness. If you think that thing would make me end this friendship , you are kinda insulting me then.
 Why ?  The idea of me befriended with you just because of your Good side ONLY is somewhat a disaster . Yes , Ive seen your bad ..SO what ? You are only a Human , and so Am i. We do good things , we feel happy , we make mistakes  , we cry our heart out , we failed , we hurt , we step up , we fight , we were apart , we misunderstood things , we offended each other.....and the list goes on and on. Perfectness is bullshit . So what im saying is , the road wont be gonna easy all the time -Theres ups and downs. And I wanna you to know : Like love , friendship is also a two-way relationship . You cant just take everything without give in alittle something . and vice versa. Lets potray this together :)...and FYI friend ,of course, i will always have your back no matter what happen....and Yes, I believe, that you would do the same to me <3 " .


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