01 January 2012

1st January 2012

Assalamualaikummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! :)

Hihih , Happy New Yearrrr ! 

There are lotsa things happened the day before today . It kinda changes my mood . And it kinda made me realise , that how lucky i am to still be able to breathe on this Earth. So lets start :

1. Hanee asked me to join her HERE, and i dont have any idea WHY 

So , actually , its Zumba .
a senamrobik thinggy mixed up with the dancingss
Perghh , mmg terbaeklaa wa cakap luuu !
Aku dari :( teruss jadi :)
Thankyouu Hanee ! That really changed my mooood ! <3
Feels like alll the negative energy being dispelledddd from my body
Yeyyyyyy !
Me have a Positive vibes nowww ! :D
Its a great way to maintain our stamina too !
Since i was soo busy with study+work , and Jogging is soo boring ,
hence i think this thing is kinda Good for meeee *wink
Gotta join it next sem !

and kak shake brought me to breakfast at Jungle *first time* hehe :D

2.And at Night , met my lovely seniors at the mosque ! :)
sorry i cant keep my words for not publishing it heheeh :D

3. A friend said something that isnt appropriate as a Muslim on twitter, and i tegur her . 
And guess what ? She accepted it :') 
.Everything can be solved when we have strategies . InsyaAllah .

4. Someone just said that i have a different thinking than the most girls he met.
 and i m more rational :)
Thats a compliment i guess  (Y)
He is a brother -like.

5.  Received new year;s msg from AYAH ! <3
and sent to my most friends and got a reply too ^^

6. And the best part ?
One of my favourite artist followed me on Twitter !

Oh oh oh 
Thats it.
and my first mission to tidak terlajak Subuh alhamdulillahhhh :')
and it still onnn !
Thanx to my rumets ! :"D

Lets make 2012 another year to achieve something great as a Muslim and Humane )

Okay ,
Exam mode ON !



yana said...

best nyee hari kau.. :D
all the best for ur exams!
stay cheerful,strong and happy maslin! those are the best things about you! love ya! happy new year :)

max*bubble said...

Thankyou kak yana ! Loveyou moreeee :')
Looking forward to the days we will meet again :)