06 December 2011

Random #1

We are just four strangers living in the same room #fact
 -and its not a bad thing at all .

Something weird happened to me today . Eh tonight . Hehe . I wanna do revision . But i cant do it in my OWN room . I just cant . I have this urging feelings to go to T6 and meet my biomed's friends. So ,the target  should be Syud's room :D .

Maybe its because , last weekend , i just stayed in the room With Mumu , and i had it enough . I mean , Well , you know that i am an active person. So , as we are heading to finals , my activities have been lessen to give me more time and space to do revision .(Plus we dont have lab anymore. Duduk bilik sampai Muntaaaaaaah !) But i know now , i would feel booringg without any plan that make my life hectic . I know now , im not the person who would study all the timeeeee , without involving myself with the people and the world . I KNOW NOW .

And back to the word " i had it enough" . Last weekend ,i just stayed in the room Purposeless . What i did is , reread a simple note *that almost killed me* , Have a fashion show awhile *hehe* , have a movie night . And thats just it . A full day in the room . Thank God i survived :D. On Sunday , at 2pm i have SAP meeting till evening . That saved me .

Yes , its a proof that im not a room-person-allthetime . Alhamdulillah , my friends at T6 did not rejected me (that would be pathetic wasnt it ? hihi ) , Thankyou deariessss :) . Alhamdulillah , i get to revise my Organic Chemistry tonight . Thankyou Allah :)

No , i am not sighing . Dont get me wrong . I was trying to tell you another thing i discover about myself. Ofcourse i loooooooove Freetimes ! Just need a way how to spend it ;) Hihi , Btw , Thankyou for reading :)

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