28 December 2011

Who would thought ..

Who would ever thought ...

That its almost 2012 ! While me , still feels that 2011 is just yesterday.

That im gonna be 21 .... Soon !

That im holding one of the big part in Sciencess next sem ! :S

That im still Single  HAHAHAHAHAH =.="

That my younger sistah will have a blog ! Awwwhhhh :')

That i would have many wonderful friends after ALL the ups and downs when 2011 ends :') 

That..... to be continued..... heheh :)


nawarrah said...

younger sistah have blog??
saya ke??hahah

max*bubble said...

Hahaha ,
hg pun boleh jugak laaaa bdk kecikk! hihihi :p

nawarrah said...

haha,saya da besar la :D

asyraf ahmad said...

happy 21

Ur blog should be in my bwalking list 2012?check it out at ACAPSUUR