13 December 2011

Weird and weirder


I have this some kind of phase in my life that i would call as a " weird" phase .

The signs are : I would be very very veryyyy sensitive , even the smallest things and feel like everybody is alienating me =______="

All of sudden !

YEahhhh , WEIRDDD righttt ? Hahahhhahah.

There are 3 reasons t guess whyyy i would feel like that :
1) Mytime of the month is cominggg
2) I hv lotsa free times . If im in busy states , i have nooo time to think about stuffs like that .
3) Im unhealthy . I have negative aura surrounding me .I need to exercise . Pronto !

Hehehee , so the fastest thing to do is to go home and left everything behind , enjoying myself till the end (of weekend duhh ?) Haha.

 YES , my family . The recharger :)


Its Ani 's birthdaaaaaaay ! :)

Did i ever tell you that i could rather die for them ? :')

Came back to Uia , and filled back my free sweet time with things that "Not make me feel being left alone ! " HAHA .

Nehh , its just my feelings je kot . No , u dont have to take it seriously . Every once in a while , people would have this NUMB feelings . I experienced that many times , back at my schoolhood. Hihi. I just thought that is a sign of Allah to tell me that ,"You have gone through so many things , but u do have to purify your heart . Come to me , as I will always be here " ... Yeah , like that . Hehe .

Well Then, people ! , Look at this :

The voting session is tomorrowwwww ! So , wish me luckk ! :) Heeeee.


sweetcherrypie said...

best of luck maslin =)

yana said...

KO mintak post for MPP ke?? NICE! all the best maslin!!
weyh.. ble nk blk kl.. nak main dgn kau lagi.. anyways.. u have a beautiful family..:)

Kay Amira Zain said...

I'll be rooting for you pretty :)