15 June 2011

A death that strikes all

i was so down yesterday . Some of it because  feeling issues . but i dont know why it has to happen now . it distract my concentration. This kind of distraction is the hardest of all if i cannot control. so i guess i have to do something. i feel mad too. mad at myself and mad at that person who cause all of this vulnerability. He shouldnt call me in the first place. He is confusing me and leaving me hanging , cluelessly. Darn it.

Then , this morning , i saw this was posted in Fb :

Mendapat berita junior Kulliyyah of Science yang komited, Bro Adha Amer Udinlemas di Sg Lembing. Off to HTAA to confirm. Doakan beliau.
4 hours ago ·  · 

i was dumbfounded. at first i thought i dont even know that person. but after a little thought and viewing the page , it is confirmed that He was one of the commitees in my taarufweek back in kuantan. I just talked to him for seconds but i remembered him. He was a senior of mine. Biotech at 2nd year. Sad :'(.

Clearly , death doesnt care in what year and university u are . Or even what is your age. When Allah has set the time for you to go ,you have to go. Innalillahiwainnailaihirajiuun. From Allah we came , and to Him shall we go back.

I just devastated. It reminds me of how weak i am infront of Allah in this world. And why i should bother all of those crappy feelings when i must do what i have to do? I must appreciate every single minutes and seconds. who knows i might not be able to participate in Masum , nauzubillah God-forbidden. But yes , we dont have much time in this world . So we have to do our very best everyday , be nice to people and forgive them. We dont know when will our turn come. i Want to be remembered as a person who do everything whole-heartedly  till the last sip of breathe.

Amazingly , i dont know him that well , but his death strikes me as well as his other friends. Thats the power of ukhuwwah i guess. Every muslim is bonded as brother-hadis. and what i know , and what i got , i have to do my best in this world , in any thing . Even the bekalan to barzakh.

i am sad. Really. yet i will not make that as an excuse to dim my performance at the court today. but a booster to do the best like theres no tomorrow!

Salam takziah to his family and friends.



Anonymous said...

menanti di barzakh- far east....hmm..bile dgr lagu ini jadi mcm muhasabah pula...tambah2 dgr berita2 kematian mengejut sekarang ni...hmm...

max'*bubble said...

yepp, zikrulmaut :)