17 November 2011

Hectic days are coming.

Assalam people .

The hectic days are eventually here.

I am so sad for several things that happened these days. yeah , we plan , He decides . I know that. I am trying to see the silver lining . InsyaAllah . So im gonna lists them ;

Before :
Wednesday : Exam Microbe 2pm- 3,30pm
                    presentation Bm . 8pm - 10pm

Friday : Exam ungs .8pm-9pm.
            Go to Uia Gombak for Pingpong interkuliyyah Untill Sunday .

Tuesday nextweek : BioMalaysia 2011 at Pwtc, balek umah terus
Wednesday nextweek : Ayah Umi HOME !

p/s : I will miss Interbatch On Sunday .

But some adjustments have been done , that many of them have to be cancelled out .haha . Somes due to the cancellation of classes and addition .

After :
 Wed : Exam microbe , No PRESENTATION
Friday : Exam Ungs , NO UIA GOMBAK (because)
Sat :  Lecture for study circle (morning ) Presentation BM (night) 
Sun : Interbatch (YEY ! )
Tues : Chem Quiz , NO BIOMALAYSIA T.T

So , Wed , no HOME T__________T

Need to inform Yuni , Bro remy , Kak Min bout my Unprivilge to Uia Gombak :'(

I am feeling kinda upsett right now  But what to do, we cant expect to have everything , All we need to do , is prior the priority . But some people just dont get it , and like to make other people SUSAH !

So , now I am very worried bout my presentation . Takdak idea , Keringggg T,T

Fuzaaaaaaa Unaaaaaaaaaaa Imaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan ! T____T

 Now , i have to go prepare for my class on 11am , warghhh.
Wish me luck to survive then ! ;)


sweetcherrypie said...

better lar gk nk ready g kls at 11 am tuuu..haha compared to someone tuu..haha

Kedai Lalaland said...

U can do it gurl~