07 May 2012


Peace be upon you ! :)

Wohh , What a Not so Positive Title we got there huh ? hahaha . Dont worry ,. Im not trying to poison you with all of negativity . InsyaAllah , this is Good one :)

#1 . We were having MAGENTA's FAMILY DAY Last week , at 28th April at Kempville Resort .

I have to say , its not that easy to work with people who have same age with you , especially closed one , and classmates /roomates. But this things we can mend it. What we need is adaptation and acceptance . Hardships doesnt mean its impossible . I admit it that , i am full of anger throughout the whole event , and there is where my ability to control emotions without affecting my duty , is tested . MasyaAllah what a Big hurdle , But Subhanallahh what a Great way to upgrade my softskill too ! :') . Yes , i learnt a lot from each one of them and hopefully , our batch's activity after this will be more and moreee merrier :D

#2 : UKHUWWAH DAY SCIENCESS a.k.s Family day ! Yeyy ! On 5th May at IIUM Stadium :)

Alhamdulillah , i heard from Gafa , we didnt reached our KPI . Sad. but what the heck. As long there are people who came and enjoyed it , Im waaaayy better than fine! 8) . Plus , 175 is a big number kott ! Hee, Prouddd :') . Thanks to all committeess . Gafa satisfied with them :') eventho most of them are new in this society thinggy :D A big applause to all of you from us ! :)

 However , the deepest disappoinment is when KA and me need to leave the event even before it ended :( Just because we were heading home and need to catch the bus T,T. Ohhhhh Only God knows how sad we were in the bus at that time . Aku pun sedeh gak sebab tak dapat tegakkan selipar dalam tujuselipar T,T
Wuwuuwwwu :'( . Pastu sibuk update kat semuaaaa orang pasal Penutup majlis . Hehehe , Alhamdulillahh CORAL winsss ! FTW ! Jyeahh !

Sekian. Wassalam :)

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