31 July 2010


recently, wedding issue is very hot . everybody is talking bout it. well some, doing it. when i say everyone, it means, friends newspapers family member and people. while those who are having it are my cousins and seniors. i am fine with this topic. but when the wedding happened in a young age, it involves many perspective. in a way, yes it is go0d. zero maksiat. at the other hand,
ages are matters. because wedding is not a playground where u can play around. and just abandon whenever u want. it's a big deal.

let' see,

my friends in uia kuantan said, during their taaruf week,almost everyday the facis told them that they are ENCOURAGEd to get married. as a reward,they will be given rm1000. mamamia !
how supportive they are! i am amazed with that statement.seems UIA didnt neglect the "I" they bring in order to avoid maksiat. nice one !

my senior.she is a year older than me. lets represent her as F. while my other senior which is 3 years older as Y. well u see,F has married Y's brother. subhanallah! kerja Tuhan memang tiada siapa yang tahu. at first, hearing rumors that F will be married really gives a kick.in my thought, 'that young?! sheez' . but then, come to think of it. she is saving herself. her pride. just turned 20 and she had already saved a part of her religion. i am not really sure. but i remember i read somewhere that Prophet Muhammad s.a.w said that if a woman married, a part of her religion is safe.

i adore her. to be honest,i personally think she is ready. because back in the days of school life, she was the person who was in charged in spiritual ritual.(badar). memang kagum dengan die. and and, her background and family also leads to this early marriage.they are supporting.i think how your family conduct your life affect this decision too.

in a perspective, Islam encouraged this-building masjid. it helps our ummah to spread. lagi lagi if the spouse really understand Islam by heart,and that can make dakwah spread among the community. the people spread along with the religion . i am NO expert, of course. references are here.

well pertaining to what happened in our country. there's so much divorce happened. and that is something No one would ever want ,for sure. marriage is like a glass. fragile and once broken considered sold.divorce is attached to that glass from the very beginning. a divorce that very rare in our culture once ,now has been planted like a seed and having a rapid growth. for that reason people will always think marriage is hardd menn. but not to those really get what it means.

my mum,she disagreed. yeah, like everybodu would think, it is wayyy to0 young for her. 20 tahun do. it doesnt guarantee u know evrything. stuffs like co0king,cleaning, take care of people or even maturity.yeah, MATURITY.matured teenagers nowadays are really hard to find. i think that's why. our generation is lack of Maturity . deal with it.

well, at the end, it depends on u how to judge this issue.sooner or later is not the matter. what matters the most is, how ready you are to travel into this another journey of your life. i read somewhere that, marriage is go0d way to enhance ourselves and should be in our mind since child. NOT to think of who we are going to marry. but of how much we have improved ourselves to be in that path like:

are our ibadah full enuff? has our recitation reaching perfectness yet? have we love our Allah,Prophet and our parents more than anyone else in this world? for men, have you enhance the leadership as a family leader in u? for women,have you learn all the things to be a housewife,or perhaps have u plan how to educate your children?

things like this make us mature fast. always thinking how to enhance our life on the way to get His love, by marrying. i may not someone who is in place to say this. but just sharing my thoughts.

yeah, something to think about, isn't it?

p/s: by loving and living with someone,it literally means to walk with them together on Allah's path on the way to Heaven. for that to happen, we married. any action that opposed Allah's obligation,cancel out the first intention. Forgive us all O Allah !


ms dr.nisa-to-be said...

sy tahu sape 'f' and 'y'..hehe :)

ciktina said...

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahh!! :)