16 July 2010

move on !


bila waktu waktu nak dekat exam ni. alahai. ni yang kecut perot mak aih neyy. hua3. semua yang dah belajar,rase cam melayang-layang je.ya Allah.tolong lah aku ya Allah. seriesly, this is not a first time. so, sekali lagi saya merasai perasaan ini. kadangkadang rase, eyh, asal selalu cm ni eh? da jadi tabiatkah? mengapakah ? macamana neyy! ohhh.

tahu tak. aku kene score mid exam ney. aku kene score before final. aku kene. aku kene.orang laen mesti pikir aku cam go hard on myself right now. but actually,they really dont know what i am struggling with,so just shut up that damn mouth ! selama 4 sem ni,this is the only sem that i work my ass out. i become a serious person. i recluse myself from any distractions. i dont want to regret this moment. it is now or never.

math is already over. pasrah. coming exam: physics and biology 2.


Dont question why i'm doing this.

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