03 July 2010

Tomodachi :)

today, i went to ilmi's ouz. wedding event! wee~! her sister. omg! i dont even remember how many siblings she has. dang! besfren hampeh ~ ahaha. we've lost our contact quite for a long time laa. eventho she is in uia nilai. n i am in pj. we are busy with our own life. so,im glad i came home this week. bcoz i got to meet her ! and thanx a zillion trillion to fatinah for making it happen. thnx kat kakak kau ah sbb xjadi kua then sebat keta dia. muahahaha (evil laugh).
oh oh and it was a surprise! i didnt tell her that we are comin. taw2 da tercegat depan tent. miahaha. lets the picture do the talking,shall we?


1 comment:

DiraDayah said...

ehh. shawl baru ah. comel aje kau. XD