07 February 2014

Dear future self 1

Dear future self ,

1. Please try to understand the passion of yr children and allow em to explore it . Give em chance even if you dont understand.

2. Dont burden em with things that they dont hv to worry bout in their age . They deserve to enjoy the time of their life , in any stage .

3. Please let yr children explore the public tranport or drive or anything that road-related at teen age . Dont wait til they are 20  plus plus . You will be susah , itell you .

4. Please ask 1st before you accuse yr children on any mistakes

5. Please encourage two way of communications . Teach em to voice out their opinion confidently .

to be continued .... :)


sweetcherrypie said...

uuuuu..balik sini dulu kak >.<

nawarrah said...

wewitttttttttttt ni daaa tak lama lagi neh. kekekeke