22 January 2014

Mencari makna kehidupan .

Life has different meaning to everybody . So do I . I believe that no matter what kind of background that  we have, how do we look , what kind of food we eat or where are we from ; all of these tests , tribulations , hardships were meant to bring  us back to him . Those were designed to lead us to the way in searching Him . Then , let us alone to decide which path are we going to take . On track or side-tracked ? We get to choose   . And we are responsible for the choices we have made .

These couple of months , ive been dealing and struggling with what we call as uncertainties of life . The rejection , the pain , the hardships , the happiness , the depression , the awkwardness and everything in between . But what I am certain about , is it was Changes that we faced .

I Believe that we all have certain degrees of cheerfulness of facing this adventurous  world . However, is reduced little by little until it reach a certain level . A level  that would be just enough for us to face this life . Just enough to keep us sane . Just enough to enable us feel cheerful and grateful for all the Mercy that is given by Him despite all the sins we have commited . Just enough .

Have you ever sit alone by yourself and think : What have I done for all my life ? Have I been a good friend ? Have I been a good daughter / son  ? Have I done all my responsibilities as a student ? Have I done my role as a part of the society / ummah ? Have I done my BEST to please HIM ?

Have you ?

Is it necessary to compare different treatment of people towards you and others ? Is it necessary to take account of what people think about you ? Is it necessary to feel down when you think you don’t live up to expectation , fitting in with the society ? Is it necessary to reflect on those things I mentioned before ?

“ What people think bout you is not important . What matters is what HE thinks bout you “

“ People’s treatment towards you is the reflection of you “ – Justify this. Is it true ? Does this matters ? Does  this bothers you ? Then , how far ?

Suffocated . Drown . Don’t you feel the same as I am ?

Sometimes  I wonder how the atheists , or people who claims there are no God deal with these kind of situations . Because for all I know , it is because of HIM that I still can breathe in the midst of the suffocation . Pulling myself out of the equation  , gasping for air . Gasping for a room of improvements . Finding reasons - reason to stay alive .

Why do you travel  ? Why are you so eager to go those places you have listed ? Why are we being encouraged to travel ?
To show off ? To convince ourselves that we have achieved something ? To do what everybody is doing ? To experience the world ? To meet new people ? To learn new things ? To learn others cultures ? To compare your life with them and start being either ungrateful or grateful ?
So , WHY ?
Then , what ?
Months after that , you will be going back to your old habit , old thinking , old lifestyle . Same old same old.
Months after that  , you will live in your OWN culture that has nothing todo with other people cultures and you just sink in.
Month after that , all you can brag about is how awful those people compared to your country , how beautiful the sceneries are , how many friends you have made….. So what ?
If you say it’s the knowledge and experience . Then tell me , how many percentages of things that you have learnt from the kindergarten to universities you have applied in your life ? How many ? and you are saying going to all these places would give you a better reason to change being a good person , compared to the 22 years of living with culture, experience , knowledge in yr own place ?
Don’t get me wrong .
Listen to what I have to say.
Find your own meaning to everything that you do. Don’t just do something because everybody is doing it .  Don’t do things just to look NORMAL . Don’t do things without direction .
Do something because you know you will gain something from it . And you can use it for your own benefit and others  .Please .  Find your own meaning .

Do travel .To find yourself . To find your reason to keep  breathing .To give a meaning  to your life .
Then wouldnt it be sweeter to SHARE ?
Share the positive vibes you got . Inspire .
Because not everybody is as lucky as you . And sharing will never hurt , will they ?

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