15 July 2014

Half of Ramadhan !

Salam .

3 things to highlight .

1. Stop being useless to your parents . You can do it ! This is your fights too . Make them your priority eventho most of the time its harrrrrd , iknow . Ease them in any possible wayyy .

"Juz8 - was so powerful. Its about parents. When it comes to treatment of our parents, Allah has 1word: Ihsan (perfection,excellence,the very best)!"

2 . How is it suddenly that you are a product of low self-esteem ? How come ? When did this happened ? You really gonna check yourself out . Like seriously . Astaghfirullahalazim , Please cleanse our heart O Allah. But i think this is a great way to find the core problem, Where it was based ? Probably this . Learn how to say NO . Stop being so inconfident . Be yourself . And the world will fit in .

3. Principle of Hayaa'. So am i not normal now ? According to this , its not a natural thing to do for girl . And i am a girl Then how is normal ? Hmmmm . ----> TRY

So far how's your Ramadhan going ?

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Liyana Azmi said...

allah.. aku ada suka this guy. and i confessed to him. and skrg aku tgk link vid ni aku rse malu :(